My new favourite sports media personality. He should be yours, too.

David Aldridge, as I’m sure most basketball fans know, is kind of a big deal.

He’s a veteran sports reporter/columnist/TV personality. He’s one of the more recognizable names and faces in the world of NBA news. He has over 126,000 followers.

In other words, most of his time is spent covering good basketball teams, or at the very least relevant basketball teams. And as we are all painfully aware, the Toronto Raptors haven’t fallen under one of those categories in at least a couple of years, if not much longer.

So imagine my surprise then, and any NBA fan’s surprise, to find the Raptors front and centre in Aldridge’s latest column for

The basis of the post is Aldridge discussing “10 up-in-the-air situations” he wishes he could control. No. 1, at the top of that list, is this: “I hope the Raptors win the Lottery and get Anthony Davis.”

After comparing the Raptors to a fat ex-girlfriend you can’t help feeling sorry for, Aldridge talks about how with DeMar DeRozan, Andrea Bargnani (who isn’t a bust, according to David), Jonas Valanciunas and the excellent defensive coaching of Dwane Casey, the Raptors “are positioned to be relevant again in the Eastern Conference.”

A potentially bright future beginning as early as next season is something us Raps fans are cautiously optimistic about, but also something we don’t expect non-Raptors fans to recognize yet, so the fact that someone like Aldridge has his eye on Toronto’s situation is a confidence boost for us, if nothing else.

For good measure, and to ensure that he receives a standing ovation (believe me, I’ll start it if I have to) the next time he’s at the Air Canada Centre, Aldridge finishes with this: “Most importantly, Toronto’s a great city, with great basketball fans. I miss going there for meaningful games.”

Stop it, Mr. Aldridge, you’re making us blush. We didn’t know it until just now, but Toronto misses you too.

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  1. the Raptors rarely get any attention in his Morning Tip columns, save for an occassional ‘team of the weak.’ I can’t remember him ever featuring a Raptor for his “Mr. Fifteen” interviews. this brought a big smile.

  2. God, I hope the Raptors win the lottery, too. Have there been as loyal a fan base that has had to put up with as much as they have in the franchise’s entire existence than Raptor fans? Yes, other teams have faired worse, but even during the worst of times Raptor fans have been loyal and given the team decent attendance.

    I’ve been as big a critic of Bargnani as anyone, and from the very beginning. but I don’t understand how anyone can argue he’s a bust. Whether you think he can contribute to a winning team is another argument altogether, but definitely not a bust.

  3. David Aldridge is a respectable journalist with a common sense perspective that I can’t help but respect. As a Raps fan it does feel good to hear someone as credible as Mr. Aldridge mention the team in a positive light.

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