Sam Smith is an NBA writer in Chicago, and his work can be found on He often writes about all NBA-related news and notes though, and on Monday, he wrote something that might send Raptors followers into the sports fan’s equivalent of an orgasm, given that we’ve already dealt with Jonas Valanciunas’ birthday, David Aldridge praising us and DeMar DeRozan being included on the U.S. select team all within the last day-and-a-half.

Towards the bottom of his latest column, Smith notes that Steve Nash is expected to move on after the Suns make a “limited offer.” Where it gets insanely interesting for us in Canada is:

Many believe Nash instead of chasing a title with a contender for a lesser salary will go back to Canada and the Raptors for a three-year deal and help bring their young players along.

(Shout out to @CanBallReport for making me aware of this via my twitter timeline)

I have no idea how connected Sam Smith is, how much of this is opinion, how much of this is insider knowledge or who exactly comprises this “many” that he alludes to. And of course, it’s one paragraph in one column written by one writer, but he’s a writer within’s branch of websites, and he specifically threw out “three years,” which is intriguing.

It’s 1:30 in the morning right now, so I’ll come back to break down my thoughts on whether this would actually be a good move basketball wise sometime later on Tuesday. Hopefully by then, we’ll have seen a little more about this report and will know how legit it is.

Until then, enjoy your Canadian wet dreams.

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  1. Absolutely no basis to this, whatsoever. Hate to burst your bubble. But Nash is looking for a ring, he’s already made that clear himself. He said less than a month ago that he “would love to come back to Phoenix” but that he’s “not coming back to the Suns if there isn’t improvement.”

    This isn’t about going somewhere where he is comfortable or happy. He does love Phoenix. And he loves helping younger players, but nobody without a ring makes that their main goal for the final 3 years of their career. Just think about that, and realize how moronic it even sounds.

    Nash was second this year in assists and can absolutely be the starting PG on a championship team. That’s what he’ll look to do. Sorry, Toronto.

    • *upset much?

      though yes, this is a whole lot of speculation and not a whole lot of logic

    • We are nowhere near knowing how legit this report is, and I stressed that in the post, but saying there is “absolutely no basis to this” is overkill. Smith may be the first writer to come out and say Nash will sign/is expected to sign with the Raptors, but he’s not the first to bring up the Raptors as a potential landing spot.
      Am I convinced he’ll be a Raptor? Of course not. Do I find this report intriguing and worth sharing with Raptors fans? Who wouldn’t?

      • Oh, I had no problem sharing it, I was just weighing in and saying it’s not going to happen. I’ve got sources close to the situation, as well, and Nash hasn’t even begun to rule any team out and of course he LOVES Canada, but his desire is to play for a contender, and he’s said both publicly and privately that he doesn’t plan on playing for a team that doesn’t have a chance to contend.

  2. is this the same Steve Nash who wouldnt play for the National team because it didnt have the right pieces in place to succeed? Great post Joseph, but youre wasting your time. He isnt coming here. You would have been wiser to choose sleep over posting this at 1am.

    • I thought the reason Nash quit the national team was because they fired Triano and he was mad over that?

    • Nash put in plenty of years with the National Team, even past when he really should have. I don’t think anyone should complain about him not playing.


    I love Nash as a player but its too late. If he wanted to help he should have signed here the last time he was a free agent. Knowing the raptors they will give him max money.

    If its a cheap contract then that would be fine but PLEASE not for max money

  4. The Raptors need a guard who will play a full season. When was the last time they had that. When was the last time Steve Nash played a full season or close to it? Unfortunately this might happen because the Raptors get players who can’t help them in the long run. It will be another dumb move if they get Steve Nash.

  5. they can get draft pick compensation at the end of his contract, right?

  6. I don’t see it happening. I don’t get it from either Nash’s perspective or BC’s (apart from the business rationale). For Nash, why would he want to play for a team with no chance to contend at this stage of his career? He’s going to work for the National Team, he doesn’t have to play for TO. I doubt he would sign in TO just because he might get offered a bit more cash or one extra season. That guy is not all about the money, is he?

    For BC, why would he want to tie up that much money in a near 40-year old when his team is still in a rebuilding phase? Nash isn’t putting them over the hump. The mentoring thing doesn’t make sense because Jose is still here and can play some semblance of that role. MLSE might love it but I can’t see BC pursuing it.

    Only way I see it happening is if Nash doesn’t have a good opportunity with the contenders. Maybe Dallas signs Deron (if they don’t, doesn’t Nash make perfect sense?), the Knicks roll with Lin, and it just doesn’t work with Miami or maybe the Lakers. Maybe Phoenix decides they’d like Jose’s expiring contract because they’re blowing it up anyway, so some kind of S+T deal is worked out, and the Raps still have some cap flex left over to target the SF position, especially if they use the amnesty.

    I don’t see it…

    • Since the Raptors are a business, the business rationale shouldn’t be discounted.

      Nash’s impact here would be HUGE, arguably greater than it would be anywhere else in the NBA. He would fill the ACC every night.

      Joining an already-contending team to get a ring might not be as satisfying to Nash as being central to making the Raptors a contender. Lots of players get rings, many by circumstance or by riding the coattails of others – it’s not necessarily that great an achievement. Nash’s opportunity here includes joining the team’s front office after he has finished playing and being at the centre of basketball in Canada. The timing for him – and for the Raptors – is perfect! These are factors he will have to consider if and when BC comes calling. (Jose would probably be quite happy playing with Pau and Kobe in L.A.)

      I (like many) can see it …

    • I agree. But MLSE has the final decision over BC. If they want it, they’ll go after him even if BC doesn’t want to.

  7. I know a lot of Raptors fans would love to see it, but I really don’t see the point (no pun intended). They already have a good, pass first PG who is 8 years younger than Nash. Nash is really past the stage where he’s is automatically going to make the team competitive, and all he’ll do is take time away from those that need it to develop.

    I think the idea of Nash joining the Raptors is better than the reality of it.

  8. Nash to Toronto does make a lot of sense from a business perspective. Jersey sales, TV ratings, more season ticket holders, higher ticket prices, etc. Regardless of what BC wants, MLSE might want it purely from the huge $$ he would bring in to the team.

    However, it’s just a terrible idea purely from a basketball perspective.

    I don’t expect it to happen, nor should it. Nash is at the point in his career where he probably wants to win more so than he wants to retire playing for Toronto. That’s the sole reason he is “considering” leaving Phoenix at this point. He knows they don’t have what it takes to win, and he wants to go somewhere that does. That isn’t going to be Toronto.

  9. As a Steve Nash and Raptors fan, i honestly hope he goes somewhere else. The Raptors would love to have him but i just hope he wins a much deserved ring

  10. Why the fuck would we want Nash? He can still play at a decent level although he is aging but what benefits will he do for us? Colangelo is retarded and I can’t wait until he leaves. And i hear we are eyeing on Lin. Why? No question off the court it will be a success. But he’s just a one hit wonder. Construct a solid good young team and you don’t need to worry about off the court success because if your team wins you will have a good fan base especially in Toronto.

    -They need to keep their draft pick, draft whatever player falls at 8th. There is a really small chance that we go up. From there we decide who we need.

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