On Tuesday, with Sam Smith of Bulls.com’s statement that “Many believe Nash instead of chasing a title with a contender for a lesser salary will go back to Canada and the Raptors for a three-year deal and help bring their young players along” setting the blogosphere on fire,we thought why not go right to the source of the frenzy and talk to Mr. Sam Smith himself.

With Scott and Drew absent, Oliver Macklem joined me for a special rapid reaction edition of RaptorBlog Radio, with Smith. As always, Ryan Eligh kept things under control from behind the glass.

So without further ado, here’s our quick chat with Sam Smith regarding his Nash to the Raptors report:

A couple of the interesting tidbits for Raptors fans are Smith saying his report can be called “informed speculation,” and his answer to our question about whether anyone from within the NBA circle thinks Toronto is where Nash will end up.

For the most part, it was a solid Nash-related chat.

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  1. Man, I’m loving all this content over the last few days.

    I thought it’d be a dead period for those of us who are Raptors fanatics and aren’t too interested in watching another Lakers/Spurs/Celtics playoff yawnfest.


    • The Nash stuff definitely gave us something worth writing, and we’re always trying to brainstorm ideas for posts, especially during the dead period you mentioned. We’ll keep them coming. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Agreeing with PBI, great writing, great radio.

    Winning the lottery will be the icing on the nash-cake.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback. Winning the lottery, with a player like Davis as the prize, really could be and should be franchise altering. But even just moving into the top-three would I think be a massive development.

  3. Nash in toronto is like getting herpes from Scarlett Johanson. Is it worth it? Ya

    • This is a Hall of Fame comment.

      • I’m not fully sold on Nash being a great fit for Toronto but this comment has made me re-think my opinions

    • I spent about 5 minutes trying to equate what the herpes would be in any scenario the Raptors sign Steve Nash in but then decided to just enjoy that comment.

  4. I think Oliver brought up a good point here. I really wonder if Nash would really fit in with what the Raptors and Casey are trying to do. Nash isn’t really a whole lot better defensively than Calderon is, and it would be total opposite for the direction of the team.

    The Raptors already have enough below average defenders. If you bring in Steve Nash, I think you HAVE to get rid of the other liabilities defensively like Calderon and Bargnani for it to work.

  5. What’s with all the Calderon hate? C’mon man. I wouldn’t compare Nash to Calderon but that doesn’t mean he’s bottom 3rd in the league. The guy is top 5 in assists and always has a solid assist-turnover ratio – way more than you can say for most PGs. He plays on a shit team and doesn’t complain. If he was on a contender he’d get way more appreciation. It’s ironic that we shit on guys that agree to play here but cry even harder when they want to play for a team that’s better and gets more exposure.

    • Calderon’s assist-turnover ratio has been a red herring for years, that has led Raptor fans to over-value him. The reason his assist-turnover ratio is so strong, is because he never takes any risks with the passes he throws. They are usually kick-outs or swing passes to guys on the perimeter. When was the last time you saw Jose throw a nice bounce-pass for a layup the way Chris Paul does? Never, because he never takes those chances.

      His assist totals have been consistently high because Toronto has had very few ball-handlers and very few good one-on-one players during his tenure as PG. On this raptors squad, Jose and Bayless are the only two guys who could create for others.

      The combination of Jose having to create the majority of the offence, with his overly safe passing, leads to another major criticism of Jose which we hear frequently: he pounds the rock too much. This is partly out of necessity, but it would be nice to see him make some quicker more aggressive decisions.

      And really my entire point (thanks BP) was that defence is 50% of the game and Jose is definitely in the bottom 5, if we rank PG’s solely on defence. In my mind that makes it impossible to compete in the playoffs with Jose as your starter.

  6. What we have to consider is that with Jonas Valančiūnas coming to Toronto for the 2012-2013 season, we are pretty much covered in terms of defence. What we need is a more offensive standpoint, and that is where Nash fits in. Pieces of the puzzle man.

  7. Actually with Dwane Casey at the helm, the Raptors actually went from one of the worst defensive teams in the league, to almost 12th I believe. That’s a big jump. Steve Nash is a liability defensively as he will get crossed/blown by any PG in the league, however his impact on offense more than makes up for it.
    Calderon is a good PG, except he does nothing, he takes like 7 and a half seconds to take the ball up the court, he’s slows the game down incredibly.
    Steve Nash, DeRozan, Kleiza, Bargnani, Jonas would be a good starting lineup

  8. The last thing you want for the youthful frontcourt of Jonas and Bargs, is to constantly have them in foul trouble because point guards are penetrating the lane at will.

    The only way Nash can be a starting point guard on a playoff contender is if he is surrounded by good help defenders (miami). The only good help defender on Toronto (assuming James Johnson is gone) will be Jonas. And to ask Jonas to step in as a rookie and make up for the deficiencies of his point guard, is unfair and could hinder his development.

  9. “And really my entire point (thanks BP) was that defence is 50% of the game and Jose is definitely in the bottom 5, if we rank PG’s solely on defence. In my mind that makes it impossible to compete in the playoffs with Jose as your starter.”

    Nash has never exactly been all-world on the defensive end.

    • That’s the whole point being made really. Nash and Calderon are both below average defenders.

      Defense at the point guard position has been a huge weak spot for the Raptors this season, and it doesn’t get any better with the addition of a guy like Nash. Compensating for sub-par defense with a little more offense is usually not the way to go.

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