On Tuesday, with Sam Smith of Bulls.com’s statement that “Many believe Nash instead of chasing a title with a contender for a lesser salary will go back to Canada and the Raptors for a three-year deal and help bring their young players along” setting the blogosphere on fire,we thought why not go right to the source of the frenzy and talk to Mr. Sam Smith himself.

With Scott and Drew absent, Oliver Macklem joined me for a special rapid reaction edition of RaptorBlog Radio, with Smith. As always, Ryan Eligh kept things under control from behind the glass.

So without further ado, here’s our quick chat with Sam Smith regarding his Nash to the Raptors report:

A couple of the interesting tidbits for Raptors fans are Smith saying his report can be called “informed speculation,” and his answer to our question about whether anyone from within the NBA circle thinks Toronto is where Nash will end up.

For the most part, it was a solid Nash-related chat.