On Thursday night we unveiled Vince Carter as the No. 1 Raptor (surprise, surprise) in the finale of our Ultimate Raptors Rankings.

What I didn’t mention in that post is that Scott and I actually had a chance to talk to Vince a couple of weeks ago, during the final week of the regular season.

Vince was great to chat with, took a good amount of time to answer our questions and was honest with his answers when we got to the tougher questions about the John Thompson interview. It was kind of interesting to hear him surprisingly say “oh, wow” when we explained that the reason we wanted to interview him was because we were naming him the best Raptor in franchise history for our Raptors-related blog. He sounded genuinely surprised and flattered, which kind of caught me off guard. Perhaps he was just surprised that fan frustration over his departure hasn’t clouded their judgement of his peak performance, or perhaps Carter is humbler than people give him credit for.

Either way, as a lifelong Raptors fan, it was fascinating to get a few minutes with Vince Carter for RaptorBlog and to get some answers to questions Scott and I have always had, as I’m sure you have, too.

Here’s the interview, transcribed in its entirety:


RaptorBlog(Joseph): What’s it like to be the new guy on a team that’s won a championship, where they’re trying to defend their title and repeat, but you haven’t won with these guys and you’re still looking for your ring?

Vince: It’s kind of weird because when I was traded to New Jersey they had just left the Finals. When I was traded to Orlando they had just left the Finals. And now coming to Dallas they were just in the Finals. I just missed them all by a year or so. But it’s great to be a part of this team. To actually see them with the ring ceremony, actually see them with the trophy, in person, really just ignited the hunger for a ring even more than every other year. You want that opportunity. To see the reaction, to see the actual ring. Man, this is what I’ve been wanting since day one and now to get the opportunity to play on a team that’s a contender and just won it, so they all know what it’s like and they want it again. The guys who won it before, want it again, so it just makes it a great mesh.

RaptorBlog(Scott): There’s a lot of speculation from fans and media about your plans beyond this season. The next two years of your contract are only partially guaranteed, so do you think you’d consider re-entering the free agent market again if the Mavs don’t pick up the next two years, or have you given some consideration to retirement?

Vince: I’m definitely not looking into retirement right now. I’m just going to see how it plays out first and foremost and see where it goes from there. I haven’t really looked that far ahead. I just want to complete this season. I feel like if good things happen with the team and I play well, and do what needs to be done and do what’s asked of me, then you know, it will take care of itself.

RaptorBlog(Scott): One of the reasons a lot of Raptors fans might be interested in your possible free agency plans is that a lot of fans hold on to the hope that you’ll finish your career in a Toronto Raptors uniform. Assuming the Raptors submitted an appealing offer in that situation, is that something you would consider?

Vince: Of course it’s something that I would definitely consider. And it’s something in the free agency this year, once everything was worked out with Phoenix and I was a free agent, that was a question I was asked by my family and by my agent. He’s like ‘what if?’ and I was like, ‘hey, definitely, we’ll hear what they have to say.’ So I never rule it out.

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Vince, the reason we actually wanted to talk to you is because we’re doing something for RaptorBlog called the Ultimate Raptors Rankings. We’re ranking the top-30 Raptors of all time, and the reason we’re talking to you is because in the next couple of weeks, we’re going to unveil you as the top Raptor of all time…

Vince: Oh, wow…

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Yeah. And obviously what most of our readers want to hear you talk about is the Toronto Raptors and your time as a Raptor. And there were a lot of good times. Looking back now, we’re eight years removed from the situation. If someone asked you to sum up your time in Toronto, as a Raptor, what would you say?

Vince: It’s where it all started for me, my opportunity. Glen Grunwald, Butch Carter gave me the opportunity. I remember day one, Butch Carter comes to me and says ‘Vince, we’re gonna show the world what you’re made of, who you are and what you’re about.’ Day two, Charles Oakley puts his arm around me and says ‘Hey, I’m gonna show you the ropes.’ And from there I felt comfortable. It was a young kid coming to a new city, just growing up in front of millions of people. It was just an unbelievable experience. You’re going to go through ups and downs in your life, in your career, that we all go through. That’s understood. But they were all worth it, because it adds character. It was just phenomenal. You can learn. Eight years removed from it, you’ve seen so many things happen to other players, and you can kind of really enlighten them if ever asked. It’s been a wonderful ride. It’s just hard to believe it’s been 14 years now, and I’m still playing the game I love.

RaptorBlog(Scott): I wanted to get your take on the Dwight Howard situation in Orlando. You played with Dwight, so you’ve seen first hand how important he is to that team, but his public image has taken a serious hit this season with the way he’s appeared to lead the team on with his future plans, and his falling out with Stan Van Gundy. Since you had a similar experience with how things ended between you and the Raptors in 2004, what advice would you give Dwight about how he should handle the situation going forward?

Vince: It’s a tough situation either way you look at it. He wants to make the best decision for him and that’s fine. I think right now, I think too many people have their hand in to the situation, and I think that’s where the problem lies. And I think Dwight should just take a step back now that he’s out of this season, to really think about what he wants to do. It shouldn’t be friends and the other bodies or representatives. He should sit down with the organization and they should just talk it out. And talk it out meaning say what you have to say, they say what they have to say. And a decision can be made from that. Because I feel like when you get other people involved, words get twisted. And that’s where things tend to go left, if you understand what I’m saying. So if they’re both sitting there, all of the outside speculation doesn’t really matter, because you’ve said it to the player or to the organization, and pretty much cleared the air. So I think that’s what needs to happen.

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Vince, you had a major role in putting the Raptors on the map in the NBA. I’ll never forget as a kid in Toronto, growing up watching the NBA on NBC, that Sunday when the Raptors were going to be on NBC. Hearing that music hit and knowing it was the Raptors who were going to be on, it was surreal to me. And I’m sure it was a big deal to Toronto basketball fans and fans around Canada. In the years since you’ve left, even through some successful seasons, the Raptors have never really grabbed the NBA spotlight like they had when you were here. And there’s this perceived notion out there that Toronto’s like this little team on an island, and even if players have great seasons here, they still can’t get recognition. As someone who never seemed to have a problem getting that recognition while you were here, what are your thoughts on that perception?

Vince: Toronto is one of the best kept secrets, and that was one of the tough things about convincing other players to come play for the Raptors at the time is that they didn’t know. And that was one of the things I was trying to push at the time with the NBA, along with the fans and the organization, help Toronto gain recognition and put us on the map. Let the world see who we are and what we’re about and what the city of Toronto is about. I can speak on behalf of some of my friends, basketball fans, when they come to Toronto, they fall in love with it. They say ‘Oh man, I love Toronto, I love Toronto.’ It’s just that on a national level, it wasn’t known and it didn’t gain that recognition. We had some pretty good teams, but we had to get into the playoffs to be recognized. And it was just tough. And that was one of the things I talked about when people said ‘your team is underrated.’ I used to say ‘hey, give us a shot. Let us put Toronto and Canada on the map. Let us be seen.’ It’s unfortunate. It has happened, but it just hasn’t happened consistently. And I still think the younger players in the league now have no idea how great Canada is.

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Well no one in Canada forgets what you did for the franchise, or your role in the most successful period in franchise history, but there’s still a lot of bitterness from the fans over how things ended, and you still hear the boos when you come here. There is that perception that you could have given more, because of the John Thompson interview. Do you see why some fans see it that way, based on the interview?

Vince: I don’t see it, because the interview was definitely taken out of context. For those people that were sitting in that interview room that day, they’ll tell you the same. I just find it hard to believe that people say I didn’t play hard for the franchise. I loved being there, they gave me my opportunity. That was how my career started. I was able to become Rookie of the Year, I was able to help that franchise win and make it to the playoffs, along with everybody else. I got into the All Star Game, which also helped gain recognition for Toronto, and that’s all I wanted. And that’s everything I put forth to do each and every night, just play the game that I love. So it was unfortunate that the interview turned out like it did. You only saw one side of the story and it was unfortunate that the other side didn’t really come out. People just hear what they hear on the interview and it’s unfortunate, like I said. You know, you just take the hit, and you just keep moving. I know deep down that people really know who I am and what I’m about and my love for the game. And if I didn’t have that love for the game, I wouldn’t be in it this long.

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Do you think if Raptors fans could have seen the interview from your side, the way you intended it to be seen, do you think the reaction would have been a lot different?

Vince: Sure, but you know that’s just the way it goes. I mean even now, some interviews that you do that don’t come off like that, you still say ‘hey, I wanted them to say this or why did they edit out some of this, I thought that was a good line that I said,’ so on and so forth, but you know that’s just editing, that’s just the way it goes. And it was edited that way. And it’s just really nothing I can do. I just hope people forgive and forget and move on. Like I said, of course it’s unfortunate that it happened that way.

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Do you think there will be a time, either when you come back as an opposing player or maybe in retirement, years down the road, where you step out on to that Air Canada Centre floor, and you get an ovation? Do you see Vince Carter ever receiving that in Toronto? Do you even hope for it?

Vince: Yeah, of course you hope for it. You know, that’s where I started. I have so many memories. Like with the questions you’ve asked, it’s brought chills because you just think back to where it started. I was able to play in a time in this city where it was, it wasn’t known, it wasn’t a popular place to be. But at the same time, there was love. When we were able to beat the Knicks for that first playoff win, I recalled making the first basket in the Air Canada Centre. That’s something that I’ll never ever forget. So I do hope for it because every time I walk in there now and I look up there, I just say, ‘Hey man, I made history here.’ You know? I won Rookie of the Year here. I won the slam dunk contest representing Toronto. That’s never been done. I have plenty of memories and you definitely hope for it.

RaptorBlog(Scott): Alright Vince, that was fantastic. Joseph and I both really appreciate you giving us your time.

Vince: Yeah, no problem.

RaptorBlog(Scott): As I said, you’re still a significant figure here, and I think deep down inside, all of us hope that there’s that sort of full reconciliation and that maybe your jersey will be hanging from the rafters of the Air Canada Centre one day.

Vince: Hey, I hope so.

RaptorBlog(Joseph): Thanks a lot, Vince

Vince: Thanks guys. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Wow, that was a great piece. I count myself with the haters because of how he left and a lot of people felt betrayed by the person who was supposed to take the team to the next level. I think that is why most people hate him. His accomplishments are undeniable. I remember seeing rap videos from the US with people (both guys and girls) rocking his jersey and I thought that was insane as a kid. Toronto has a history with ugly divorces from it’s star athletes because there is so few of them and they get tired and want to win a championship. It is a shame but it is what it is. If his jersey gets raised to the rafters, honoured or retired, I will clap for him and enjoy watching replies of his amazing dunks.

    • bosh is far worse

      • That’s rather debatable. While Vince immautrely approached his wish to leave and killed his trade value in the process, he was under contract and everybody knew he wanted out, or at least sensed that something was wrong.

        Chris Bosh kept quiet and didn’t say much until free agency when he started to tease us fans, but at least didn’t coast and complain when the last season was ongoing, he wanted to make the playoffs.

        • Bosh got injured and Colangelo said he was fit to come back but he didn’t. No disrespect to Bosh’s time, but Carter did put the Raptors on the map. He brought exposure to the city and may be a reason why Raptors are still here and Grizzlies are in Memphis.

          Carter at least fought for the Raptors in wanting a contending team… but when you have the G.M. Babcock say his goals are for the Raptors to make the playoffs a few years down the road…. if you’re at the peak of your career and had tasted some success, of course you’d be frustrated. His biggest mistake was attacking the corporate owners and upper management at the time– Richard Peddie and co.

    • So please fire amir johnson ASAP who ruins Vince’s #15 Jersey !!!

  2. Nice piece!

    Today was the first time that I even heard of that Thompson interview. Never realized that it had such an impact on fans being against him??

    • the interview seemed to reinforce what alot of fans already believed. It may have been taken ‘out of context’, but then again I’m not sure Vince has ever given the ‘context’ it was supposed to be in either.

      Regardless anyone who watched Vince for his last year and a half in Toronto saw a totally different player, and anyone who saw Vince in NJ right after the trade saw ‘old Vince’ return (for a bit).

      “when I was traded to New Jersey they had just left the Finals. When I was traded to Orlando they had just left the Finals. And now coming to Dallas they were just in the Finals”

      I’ll add when he was traded to Phoenix they had just left the Western Conference finals. Anyone else see a pattern their?

      • It wasn’t Carter’s last year and a half in Toronto.. just those games before he was traded but anyone recall how Sam Mitchell would bench Vince as well… who does that to your star player?

        As for previous teams making it to the conferences/nba finals?
        1)Suns had Shawn Marion.. gone
        2)Mavs and JJ Bar, Chandler, and a few other key players
        3)Nets had Kenyon Martin (no Lebron, Wade, or big 3 in Boston just yet), and when Carter joined the Nets, Nets were significantly out of the playoff picture.
        4) Magic had a great run with hate to say it but a MVP performance by Turk.

        Some teams Carter lost to in the finals?
        Eventual champs in Wade and Shaq
        Lebron’s cavs who made it to the finals
        Celtics and the big three
        And most recently, Kevin Durant’s Thunder who eliminated the Lakers.

        So again, the teams Carter joined, were drastically different looking teams..

  3. After reading this, I kinda feel like an asshole……….

    I still believe he quit on us tho……

  4. He still quit on us. and forced his way out of Toronto.
    VC will never win a championship, and has never been a winning player.

    Keep him away from a Raptors roster

    • I think Vince and Bosh could have used each other, even for a short moment. Vince had franchise talent, Bosh had the energy, heart, and work ethic that franchise players need but Vince didn’t have. Imagine if the raptors traded McGrady to Boston for Pierce. Anyway, I’d argue that Vince should have been traded in 2003.

    • Has never been a winning player? LOL. He won an Olympic gold medal you idiot.

  5. Greatest Raptor…of all time!

    I can’t get mad at anyone who brought me so much happiness as a fan.

  6. “It’s unfortunate. It has happened, but it just hasn’t happened consistently. And I still think the younger players in the league now have no idea how great Canada is.”

    Gee, how magnanimous of you, Vince. Perhaps if you didn’t bail on the city and set the franchise back a decade…

    • “Gee, how magnanimous of you, Vince. Perhaps if you didn’t bail on the city and set the franchise back a decade…”

      You mean the way that Glen Grunwald sold the future for instant, but short-term success and wasn’t able to cover the problem in subsequent drafts?

      Or how Rob Babcock was too inexperienced and too much of a yes man to do what was best for the team regardless of the bad company he was surrounded with?

      Or how Bryan Colangelo is somewhat too full of himself to identify real issues and make moves for long term benefit?

      Vince’s big problem was how he acted up until his trade, not wanting to be traded itself.

      • Yes, that’s it.

      • Glen Grunwald’s one of the better NBA executives in the league, but you’re saying he sold away Toronto’s future? Hardly.

        Hakeem? That deal gave Houston Bostjan Nachbar (2002.15th pick).
        JYD for first rounder? JYD was a big part of Raptors run and was an immediate fan favorite in Toronto and still is.
        Camby for Charles Oakley? Oaks’ veteran leadership was key for Carter, Mcgrady, and the other young players.

        Other than that, most of grunwald’s drafts and deals were solid.

        —–drafted McGrady (McGrady as a free agent like Bosh left in a sign and trade)

        ——Got Vince Carter on draft day
        ——Traded Jonathan Bender for Antonio Davis

        ——Drafted Mo Pete (longest serving Raptor)

        —-Drafted Chris Bosh

  7. this is an awesome article, i dunno about anyone else, but vince is still one of my favourite players, even after the circumstances under which he left. to me hell always be one of the all time great raptors, and one of the best dunkers weve ever seen, would love to see him back in TO, but i know not everybody thinks the sam way i do.

  8. Great job guys. He’ll always be the guy that put our franchise on the map – for better or worse.

  9. The truth has been spoken of Vince Carter himself…well done!

  10. Wow, now I see Vince Carter in a new light. he’s not as much as a douche bag that I thought he was and in all honesty with they direction that the franchise was going at the time, you could not blame him for wanting out. What makes me mad was the trade they did for him getting virtually nothing in return.

    • 1.) Agree, the team slipped too far and needed to start over

      2.) We would have gotten more in return if Rob Babcock were to use the 2005 first on Danny Granger instead of Joey Graham and Bryan Colangelo had used the 2006 first on Rajon Rondo instead of trading it away to move Jalen Rose’s expensive contract for cap relief.

      3.) Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0L-JkFV4gY

      • I think for #2, hindsite is 20/20.

        Wayne Embry made that trade with Jalen Rose’s contract and even then Rondo probably wasn’t a consideration since we traded for Ford a day after the draft.

        Granger’s knees had everyone worried in 2005, I think that the other major consideration for that pick was Gerald Green, since he had been projected to go 8-12 and was still available.

      • Hindsight is 20/20.

  11. Let’s see if Vince Carter will finish his NBA career in a Raptors uniform!

  12. He quit on the team for sure. Do I still care all these years later? Not really. I saw him a few years ago when Phoenix came to town and once the Raps were down like 15 points it just became the Vince show. He started dunking everything. It was actually awesome and by the end people had stopped booing him and started cheering. It was very crazy.

    I’m not going to lie and say he didn’t do anything wrong – but that shit is ancient history now. He could fill a role on the team – and a reconciliation would be great for the franchise – because he’s without a doubt the best we’ve ever had.

    I’m ready for some good will!

  13. It doesn’t really change my opinion about VC.

    He quit on his team, he quit on Toronto, and he quit on the franchise. I can’t support anyone who makes it as obvious as he did, no matter how long ago it was.

    Definitely my favourite Raptor of all time, but I don’t think the city should honour him when he retires. Retiring a jersey is a sign of respect, and I don’t think he had any for the Raptors in his final seasons in Toronto. Had he handled the situation more maturely, and privately requested a trade in the off season, it’d be a totally different story.

    As for him returning as a free agent? No thanks.

    • hey idiot, vince was the best thing to ever happen to toronto..you wanna know why the raptors still have an NBA team? because of vince carter..yeah he left us so what..he tried desperately to get stars to come here and couldnt because nobody wanted to be in toronto..are you stupid? did you ever watch him? his jersey better be retired and if thats the case, the raps wont ever retire a jersey, your an absolute idiot and know nothing about basketball..vince MADE the toronto raptors and was the pride and joy of this city dont you tell me that you didnt enjoy watchin raps games your a fool and not a raps fan at all if thats the case. retire his jersey twice in the ACC the man was the first person to ever score there show some respect.

      • You feel the need to call me an idiot because I have the same opinion as many others who posted here? Ok, great.

        Ya, I actually agree that without Vince, Toronto may not have an NBA team. I’ve actually said that many times before. It still doesn’t excuse how he left Toronto. Like I said, he handled the situation way too immaturely.

        Have I ever watched him? Yup. I watched him since he was drafted. You clearly haven’t, because he was a totally different player in the years leading up to the trade than he was in his first few seasons.

        And, as far as the “Don’t you tell me that you didn’t enjoy watchin raps games your a fool and not a raps fan at all if thats the case”. How about you actually try reading my post again, because I clearly said Vince was my favourite Raptor player of all time.

        There is honestly so much fail in your post, I can’t tell if your the idiot, or just a troll.

        • I’d argue that the Raptors were safe in Toronto the moment they got purchased by MLSE (they needed to in order to get the Air Canada Centre plans modified to accommodate hockey).

      • He also advocated the Hakeem Olajuwon signing. What the Raptors needed at the time were more young talent to help and grow with him, instead of the many aging quick-fixes that Glen Grunwald brought in. It was all made worse by the trading of the team’s many draft picks. And uniform retirement is a serious honour that not anyone can be privileged to. Just because a player was the best a franchise has ever had doesn’t mean that it should retire his uniform without question. There’s being the best on the team, and then there’s true greatness. The former with Vince Carter is rather undebatable, the latter isn’t. How many more uniforms should the Clippers, Warriors, Wizards, Hawks, Bucks, and Nets retire according to your logic?

        • What future Raptor draft picks you talking about?
          -Hakeem? mid-late 1st rounder?
          -for JYD? future considerations?

          Even Shaq thought the Hakeem signing would bring Raps over the hump when he visited Toronto for Caribana.

    • Can’t argue about your feelings, and I believe that the organization needs to take a lot of thought if/when they ever consider uniform retirement.

  14. Iverson ve Carter – best time to be a Raptor fan.

    I think what made the parting so much worse was what we got back from Jersey

  15. I mean this in the nicest most possible way, VC can go F himself!

  16. Gee maybe we could get Tracey Mcgrady to come back too then they could set the team back a decade

  17. As far as Vince giving the context to the Thompson interview…

    I remember reading one article years ago where he revealed the question was about working out hard in the summer and he was answering that. Not about playing 100%.

    Heck, Thompson even came out after the interview aired and said that it was taken out of context.

    But the fans and media seem dead set on knowing who Vince is. And they’ve created this version of him that simply isn’t true.

    • http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/c/cartevi01.html

      I’d take a look at his numbers for his first 5 years with Toronto, and then the last two. His final part season especially was especially attrocious. Andrea Bargnani level effort.

      • Maybe so, but he had asked to be traded way back in the summer. They should have traded him before the season started.

        • that hardly justifies not trying.

          Max claimed “(fans) created this version of him that simply isn’t true.”

          When in fact it is very much true. Vince can say all he wants about the interview being ‘out of context’ or not true or whatever he wants. But the actual on court evidence was right there. Both on TV and in print.

          • Carter was still putting up the same points/minute even in his last season with Toronto.

            The last fews years with T.O. he had injuries problems with the jumper’s knee, but again pts/min never dropped.

            And none of his teamates including Alvin Williams talked bad about Carter but that he did everything expected of him. Jalen Rose in Carter’s first return back to Toronto, said Carter’s jersey should be honoured in the rafters.


  19. Greatest Raptor ever. Fans need to let go of the past.

  20. I still watch this man’s dunk highlights and my jaw drops. People think Blake can dunk? EFF THAT. He dunked over a car. VC invented that bounce pass-between the legs-tomahawk on the spot. He was the first to ever do the “hanging elbow” dunk. He was unreal. The original Vinsanity.
    I really don’t blame Carter for the demise of the Raps as much as TMac. Vince left horribly (sure, and I dislike him a lot for that) but Michael Jordan said it first back in the day; with VC and TMac on the team, the Raps had no where to go but to the top. Then Tracy bailed out essentially because Vince was getting the glory and started the failure of the team in the long haul.
    Personally, I’d love to see VC’s jersey retired one day. Maybe if he came back to TO, he could prove why.

  21. Great interview. Vince will always be the number one raptor and as the years have passed my dislike for him has waned. I would not want to see him return as a free agent ever. I just don’t see that being a good thing if BC was ever pondering it.

  22. Seriously, I don’t hate him anymore. I’ve spent too much effort hating LeBron James, I got no more hate left in me.

  23. I am a HUGE VC fan.
    IMO, I blame both sides of the fence… VC 100% quit on the Raptors. Or became “disinterested”… And why? IF he continues to play at a SUPERSTAR level, there is NO WAY a GM in the NBA would let him go. He played his was to the BENCH, and GM Babcock aka “RAPTOR KILLER” made a trade that STILL HAUNTS the Raptors today!

    If Dr. J had been GM, none of this foolishness would have happened.
    Not to mention… they go deep in the playoffs, and they BREAK UP THE TEAM right after?

    Everyone is mad cuz we had ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN HIS PRIME, in TO, and the WORLD WAS ENVIOUS OF US, and then he LEFT US! :p

    • Rob Babcock’s general management career was over before he was introduced at his initial press conference. His supporting cast was awful, including Jack McCloskey, who wanted Rafael Araujo because he reminded him of Bill Laimbeer. I could go into detail, but I think you should read about the Bad Boy Pistons and the architect behind it for a better understanding of all of this.

      “If Dr. J had been GM, none of this foolishness would have happened.”

      It’s possible, but wouldn’t Michael Jordan have been as good a choice?
      The Raptors did sign Hakeem Olajuwon under his wishes.

      “Not to mention… they go deep in the playoffs, and they BREAK UP THE TEAM right after?”

      Glen Grunwald traded away a lot of draft picks for 30+ year old veterans, extended several of them to bad contracts, signed Michael Stewart to a hideous contract, dealt away a future first-round pick (Jared Dudley, 2007 – think about what the Raptors needed that offseason) in a quick fix to get rid of that mistakeful contract three years later and get a no-so-good 30+ year old, and didn’t draft well outside of Bosh and Jamison who he flipped for Carter. It was a matter of time before the team fell apart as there was nothing set to help VC long term.

      “Everyone is mad cuz we had ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN HIS PRIME, in TO, and the WORLD WAS ENVIOUS OF US, and then he LEFT US!”

      I was upset, I don’t remember harboring as much hate for him as other people have. But then again, I did not know much about what goes into operating professional sports teams like I do now. The team back then was in such bad shape it needed a fresh start.

      “and GM Babcock aka “RAPTOR KILLER” made a trade that STILL HAUNTS the Raptors today!”

      Read my reply earlier to JT’s Hoops Blog.

  24. I was a a hater for a while like everyone else. Then I saw the video where VC says how he quits. Sportsnet (or whatever media host it was) edited the whole interview. He never said he quit. It was completely taken out of context. I actually like VC a ot over the years. He’s a class act, if you disagree with me than look at recent interviews with him. He has no hate for T.O. and I wholeley believe that he never gave up. So what..he wasn’t on all the time. Bosh wasn’t either. But Carter was hella athletic and before he left us here e\veryone loved him.
    Haters gonna hate but VC is cool.

  25. i have a hard time believing most of what you guys have quoted him saying, I’d like to hear the audio version of this interview…

    • HA! You honestly think they would lead thescore.com with a made-up interview??? Everyone involved would be instantly fired because this would get back to the Mavs.

      You are clearly have never held a job in any sort of company

    • This was intended to be part of an episode of our RaptorBlog Radio podcast but the audio quality of Vince talking on his phone was so poor that it was unusable for that purpose. I now see that this was a blessing in disguise because a lot more people will consume this in text format.

      Anyway, everything Vince is quoted as saying here is most definitely real. Joseph is the one who transcribed this interview and he would be ruining his journalistic integrity if he altered Vince’s words

      • shouldn’t have doubted you guys in the first place, now that I look back V.C was always pretty well spoken even in his early days in T.O , thanks for the reply

  26. With or without the Thompson interview, VC did quit on us in his last year and a half here. His joking, couldn’t care-less faces on the bench toward the end with the team is something that I will never forget (absolutely disgusting). I remember Bosh was pissed too at his attitude.
    So, as I won’t forget his early glory Mr Air Canada days here, at the same time, I will not allow myself to forget how big a Jerk he was.
    Some may change their opinion or ‘forgive’ him over time or with this interview….I won’t and I certainly do NOT want his jersey hanging up in the ACC ever.

    • Bosh wasn’t pissed at Carter especially given that we saw Carter actually give encouragement to Bosh in his rookie and sophomore years.

  27. No surprise to me that you guys named Vince Carter the best Raptor ever. Would’ve been seriously messed up to name anyone else, imo. When Vince ruled here – and rule, he did – there was NO athlete, certainly in my mind, who was so loved. The clustered mess that dragged out at the end, finishing with losing him for so insultingly little in return, hurt on a personal level for many of us, me included. I might welcome the opportunity to say thanks to him with a standing O one day but … I don’t think I’d be in favor of hanging his jersey. During his time, I revered him like no other athlete I’d known and while some of that will always remain, there was too much damage done at the messy end — some of which was probably not his fault, I realize … but still, there was enough that he could’ve controlled better or at least, apologized for — to really want to see his jersey up in the rafters for all of time. But I do wish him nothing but the best. He was spectacular. He was great.

  28. VC is the old hot GF you use to date.

    There were some stellar years and for awhile, you were the talk of the town.

    Then she slept with a bunch of other guys and bragged about it. Broke your heart and humiliated you.

    Sure, 10 years later she seems to have her old charm back, but it only reminds you of the hurt.

    Erase her number, her FB, her email and her face from your life. Move on.

  29. I forgive you Vince. After watching the last 5 years of garbage, I now realize how special you were.

  30. How do people say he quit on the raptors in his last season his playing time was almost cut in half under the new coaching and he still averaged 15.9 ppg in just above 20 mins per game. If anything the coaching anf management quit on vc. What organization plays there star 20 mins a game? It would be good for the raps if he came back he could start at the 3 and at 35 would probably lead the team in scoring lol

  31. rumor has it glen grunwald was offered dirk nowizki and steve nash for vince carter but he turned it down..

    • Wow! No one wanted Dirk! First Minny trades him for Tractor Trailer and the the Raps blow him off to keep Wince.

      Guess he showed everybody! Disco Dirk FTW!!!

    • In 2001 or so at the height of Vinsanity? Nash became a late bloomer with the Suns especially after his Canadian Olympics performance. Dirk too was a late bloomer and enjoyed a great respectful relationship with a steady upper management and coaching.

  32. Vince is a fooumps

  33. Yeah, I don’t think he can talk about his time here with a clean consciousness, but all said and done I’m a little bit over that whole VC-Raptors rivalry thing.

    There was still no better time to be a raptors fan than the vince prime years … I’ll think that will be my lasting memory.

  34. you can’t deny that Vince will be a great player and a person as well. Raptors people really hate him and feel for them, but can’t they count the blessing he gave to the Toronto People? how many less unfortunate youngster he helped? how many teens he inspired to be successful?

    Hope Raptors fans will open their hearts once again and stand for their Greatest Player in their entire Franchise…

  35. Neither Carter or Bosh are to blame for the Raptors situation. MLSE which most of the Raptors fans are brainwashed are the real reason why Toronto is the biggest laughing stock in sports.

    • I’m sure no one likes MLSE’s nonchalant attitude toward just about everything non-business. After all, it’s much easier to hope for the best with what you’ve got. Why do you think not everybody has given up on guys like Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan or why a lot of people hated Leandro Barbosa being traded?

  36. All I remember from Carter’s days in Toronto:
    1999 Big time Leafs fan
    2000-2004 Big time Leafs fan and Raptors fan
    2012: Big time NBA fan and hopeful Raptors fan and less optimistic Leafs fan.

  37. Vince Carter put Toronto on the map when he was here. Richard Peddie & Rob Babcock forced Vince to leave the Raptors. What happens? Babcock traded away Vince for nothing.

    Bosh played his heart out for Toronto. Bryan Colangelo was too focus on Andrea Bargnani and his Euro experiment. The final year Bosh was in his final contract, Colangelo knew he would leave because he ignored Bosh to keep Bargnani…a waste of a first overall draft pick. Bosh would have stayed but thanks to BC would lied about Bosh selling out on his team and proved that BC himself didn’t handle the Bosh departure professionally but lied to everyone. Bosh got his ring and that all that matter to Chris was winning. And as long as MLSE is running the Raptors along with Colangelo, & Andrea Bargnani around, that would be the end of the Raptors.

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