The NBA Draft Lottery process can be confusing to many, but Toronto Raptors Community Manager Jay Satur (who you should follow on Twitter) has made this helpful video to explain the various possibilities for the Raptors on May 30. I like that he took the time to write everything out in marker on a whiteboard. I’m such a diva that I would have insisted on doing this in a spreadsheet and projecting it on to a screen from my laptop, but that’s partially because my handwriting is so terribad.

In a nutshell, the Raptors have a 12.3 percent chance of landing one of the top three picks and a 3.5 percent chance of winning the Anthony Davis lottery. So… you’re telling me there’s a chance.

Comments (9)

  1. If you stay at 8, swing for the fences with PJ3, Raptors.

  2. I agree with Sean, get in PJ3

  3. I like pretending the lottery isnt fixed. It makes it funner.

  4. Another Tas dobbleganger?

  5. PJ3 is overrated. Lots of talent but no heart or IQ.

  6. At 8 you will have 2 or the following 3 available. Lamb, Barnes and Jones.

    I think Barnes is gone so it comes down to Lamb and Jones.

    Waiters and Marshall are the picks if the Raptors fall to 10 or 11.

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