Well, it’s official. The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery came and went tonight, and your Toronto Raptors landed exactly where they were slotted to land, with the No. 8 selection in the upcoming Draft.

While I was trying to remain calm and without any expectations, I won’t lie, I was feeling the nerves as Adam Silver revealed the No. 8 selection, knowing that if the Raptors logo wasn’t in the envelope, a top-three pick was guaranteed.

Nonetheless, this is what we all should have expected, and now the focus shifts to which young prospects will both be available at No. 8 and will fit into what Bryan Colangelo, Dwane Casey and company are building in Toronto.

After Anthony Davis goes No. 1 to the Hornets, you would have to assume that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bradley Beal, Thomas Robinson and Andre Drummond will be off the board as well. The big question for me is will Harrison Barnes or Perry Jones III still be available when the Raptors are on the clock? While both have had somewhat disappointing and uninspiring college careers, both still have tremendous potential and upside, so it would be tough to pass either of them up in the No. 8 spot.

After that, players like Damian Lillard, Dion Waiters, Jeremy Lamb, Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones, Austin Rivers and Kendall Marshall all come into play for Toronto, among others.

Though perhaps the real question to ask right now is whether it would be worth it to trade down in the Draft in order to obtain a proven (yet still younger) NBA player and a later first round pick. Depending on the type of players available (Kyle Lowry has been rumoured in recent days), that may actually be the best course of action.

We’ll have an entire month between now and the Draft (June 28) to have all of these questions answered.

In the mean time, RaptorBlog will keep you covered with draft previews, prospect profiles and whatever other Raptors-related news and topics pop up between now and then.

Lastly, for the conspiracy theorists out there, remember that the Hornets had much better odds to win the Lottery than the Raptors did, so it actually would have been a lot “fishier” if Toronto had landed the No. 1 selection. Plus, the Raptors had less of a chance in 2006 (the year they won the Lottery) than the Hornets did tonight, so while I won’t pretend there isn’t a good conspiracy narrative this year, I also won’t stoop to that low. I feel like “fixing” the sweepstakes for the league-owned franchise is just too obvious to even attempt.

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  1. I feel that going after Nicolas Batum would be a better option. and use the pick to get Kyle Lowry. i don’t mind getting rid of Calderon.

  2. Fuck Dwayne Casey.

    Hope he’s happy with the “culture change” he was able to engineer by winning those 2-3 extra games.

    • Mediocrity, ftw!

    • Ahem… UMADBRO?

    • Because Casey and the rest of the Raptors organization should have known that they’d win the lottery if they finished tied for exactly the third-worst record and then lost the tiebreaker coin toss, right?

      • Sorry, it just hit me that after all that, we’re picking 8th.

        I’m ready to move on now and would be happy with Waiters, Jones III or Marshall but if you heard BC’s post lottery interview, it sounded like he wanted to deal it. Not sure how much you can get back for #8 overall in this draft, though.

        • Colangelo always talks about flipping his pick. If I were to guess, in a draft this deep he would need a good player and pick(s) in return to consider a trade. I, for one, am already riding the PJ3 bandwagon so hard.

        • 8th is a real kick in the teeth, no doubt.

          It’s not looking like we’ll get a star from this year’s lotto, so I think this solidifies that thought that the best long-term course of action would be to keep the pick, take someone with some good upside, sign no large contracts this off-season, and play out next season for another lotto pick. The we ride into next season with only $25 mil in salaries and one more lotto pick.

  3. Well, at 8th it looks like we’re either picking one of:

    Kendall Marshall
    Perry Jones
    Dion Waiters

    Or trading that pick and Calderon the the Rockets for Lowry.

    • Yes to PJ3, Waiters, Lamb, but not sold on Marshall at 8.

      No to trading the pick for Lowry. Keep it and just buy Dragic instead and not have to give up anything.

      We do NOT want to be trading a 5 year minimum player on a rookie scale salary for a PG that might want to leave after a year. A PG with a worse injury history than either of our current PGs and a PG that has had problems with his coach.

      Lowry? Love him, but no thanks on this team with only a two year contract. Sign Bayless and try to buy Dragic or Nash.

  4. “I feel like “fixing” the sweepstakes for the league-owned franchise is just too obvious to even attempt.”

    And that’s why they did it. And another registered pundit has fallen for it. Poor Charlotte.

    • The entire NBA lottery process is ridiculous if you ask me, and I’m not naive enough to think manipulation is out of the question. But I’m simply pointing out that this season, the “fix” team actually had a solid chance to win it, and a much better chance than the Raptors did, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to believe the Hornets just got lucky. Plus, I’m fine with New Orleans winning the lottery since they, like the Raptors, actually showed some pride and played out their schedule instead of mailing it in and blatantly tanking (except for their last game). I’m glad obvious late season tankers like the Nets, Cavs and Warriors weren’t rewarded with a top-three pick or higher.

      • I think we went over this in one of Joseph’s older posts. Historically, isn’t the 4th spot (where the Hornets were projected) usually the most likely to get #1 pick anyways?

  5. Its so very simple!

    We have another sub-par year. Ownership “gives up’” on the Raps and threatens to move them. A “savior” buyer is found. He cuts the same “First Pick or Else”deal with the NBA.


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