With the NBA Draft Lottery the topic of choice right now among NBA fans, including Raptors fans, Scott, Oliver and I caught up with draft guru Jonathan Givony of Draft Express.

Jonathan spoke to us about Toronto’s options with the No. 8 selection, the players that will likely be off the board well before the Raptors make their selection, and even spent a couple of minutes discussing everyone’s favourite Lithuanian, Jonas Valanciunas, at the request of yours truly.

After the interview, Scott, Oliver and I continued the Raptors-related Draft talk for a few minutes.

Download the mp3 here or have a listen on the player below.

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  1. Thanks for another good podcast.

    I don’t think it’s possible that the Bobcats pass on Kidd-Gilchrist for Thomas Robinson, as Jonathan projects. Jordan’s has too much at stake, I don’t think he would give up what most people project to be the second best player. If anything, I’d say he rolls the dice with Drummond, and even that’s a slim chance.

    Agree on Lowry though. I think he would be good player to add at point if it costs the 8th pick and someone like Calderon. But as Joseph says, I think that’s the type of deal where you wait until you’re about to pick so that you know who will be available.

    You guys also seem to like Lillard, but he’s one of the players I would want to avoid in this year’s draft.

  2. Chad Ford’s mock currently has the raptors taking Dion Waiters. I know Chad Ford knows very little about the raptors but Dwane Casey said he wanted more offense and I think Waiters would fulfill that need. He is always attacking the basket and brings intensity on the court which the raptors fans rarely get to see from our current squad. The only downside is his height but I’m eager to see the workout measurements.

    • I worry about guys that only begin to make a name for themselves in pre-draft workouts. And I also question how Waiters was not able to take away more playing time from the likes of Brandon Triche, Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine at Syracuse. He seemed to give inconsistent efforts, which is probably why Boeheim made him a bench player

      • I think it was a move that actually gave Syracuse an advantage by having a guy like Waiters come in off the bench. I think they were much better off as a team having instant offense like Waiters off the bench instead of Triche.

        Jardine was also the only real point guard in the rotation, as Triche is more of a 2-guard.

        • Triche was definitely a 2-guard in stature but his passing ability allowed him to run the point and potentially run a 2nd unit. I’m just hesitant to believe the GM quoted by Chad Ford as saying Waiters had a little Dwyane Wade in him, because if that was the case, he would have found his way into the starting lineup. Waiters became less productive as the NCAA tournament progressed, the complete opposite of Wade

          • Waiters’ ability to score and get to the line off the bench gave Syracuse a much bigger advantage than if he were a starter and Triche was the 6th man.

            Triche and Jardine were able split time at the point for the second unit.

            Think of Waiters and the Orange like James Harden and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Harden is much more effective being the 6th man than he is as a starter, and the same goes for Waiters and the Orange. Having the best 6th man gave Syracuse a HUGE advantage against most teams.

  3. LOL, who was the guy that called Val “a quality NBA starter at this point” when we’re still waiting for him to make his debut?

    • Have you seen him play in the euros and block dirk, marc gasol and serge ibaka? kid can play. You might wanna watch some footage.

    • This is the guy who said “Val” is at this point, a quality NBA starter. As stated, you have clearly never seen the kid play against NBA and NCAA competition, where he more than held his own as a teenager. Watch some of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv6nIQN2gVw. And then watch some of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYUVBuUcwHI. And for good measure, watch this one too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suPDsYh2KHU. And for the future, please educate yourself before referring to players with nicknames, as if you were childhood friends

    • yeah – I snickered at that too. By definition, you can’t be a “quality NBA stater” when you’ve never started in an NBA game…

      • Outrageous that he forgot to say “projects as a”!!! This is one of the most blasphemous slip ups i’ve ever heard on any podcast!

        • He’s definitely got the potential to be one but he’s probably a few years away from that.

          Just the way Joseph/Oliver look at this team made me smiles, the entire “this team has two holes” point when they are one of the worst teams in the NBA. Thank God Scott was there but wish Oliver was on more for his comedy stylings.

          • “A few years away” suggests to me that you have either never seen any footage of Jonas play, as suggested above, or you are a prototypical contrarian trolling for reactions.

            Bargnani has absolutely not reached his peak and so I’m not sure why you consider 20 ppg and 6 rpg “a hole”? DD is 3 years into his career and is definitely still improving on his 16 ppg, which as I wrote below was done with most defences making him their primary focus. Under Casey’s tutelage these two should improve their defence dramatically, which would make them both above average starters and thus leave Toronto with 2 holes in their starting lineup. Glad to provide you with these comedy stylings!

          • “Bargnani has absolutely not reached his peak and so I’m not sure why you consider 20 ppg and 6 rpg “a hole”? DD is 3 years into his career and is definitely still improving on his 16 ppg, which as I wrote below was done with most defences making him their primary focus. Under Casey’s tutelage these two should improve their defence dramatically, which would make them both above average starters and thus leave Toronto with 2 holes in their starting lineup. Glad to provide you with these comedy stylings!”

            Analysis about two players on a barren offensive team cemented by PPG numbers, amazing.

            Don’t change, Oliver.

          • Considering these are the two primary offensive weapons on this team, ppg is a relevant stat. Their career true shooting %’s don’t hurt my argument either.

            Glad to see you provided a intelligent counter-argument as opposed to just re-posting my entire comment. That brought a “smiles” to my face!

          • What counter argument do I need to provide? I wasn’t aware that we were debating anything.

            I just wanted to point out that your comment about the Raptors only having two holes in the starting line-up (when they are 4 years deep in the lottery, are built around players with incredibly limited ceilings and are one of the least talented teams in the entire league) is one that I really enjoyed. That’s all.

            If you want to insult me or play spell/grammar check with my posts, that’s fine but I had to tell you how much I enjoyed that comment on the podcast.

  4. Is this podcast on iTunes I can’t find it does the podcast have a rss feed? thanks

    • We’re not on iTunes yet, but if this podcast continues to grow in popularity, hopefully we’ll get to do this once a week during the next season and get a proper iTunes and RSS feed going.

  5. i would have to disagree i think the rockets would do that trade in a heart beat, derozen and the 8th pick for the 16th pick and kyle lowry a playerwho does not want to be apart of that franchise anymore, now that leaves the raptors with 3 point gaurds and no wing players to surround lowery with. im not saying derozen is gonna be a superstar or the face of this franchise but whos to say hes not a top 30 player in the league 2 years from now, his shots only going to get better his handles are only gonna get better hes gonna get bigger and stronger, the kid hasn’t even hit his prime yet so why would we trade away our most exciting player and one of our best prospects, give him a couple more seasons under coach casey and his defense will improve. also with barnani out most of the seasons teams focused on derozen and doubled team him, he was our best player this year and teams noticed that, if we can add more skill around him he would make a great 2nd, 3rd, 4th scoring option on this team…

    • Well said. Derozan’s “lack of progress” and “inefficiency” this year were a direct result of him being the focus of the defences for the majority of the season. I too would not be a fan of a trade that sent DD with the 8th pick for Lowry and the 16th. Derozan has proven that he has the work ethic to improve, which means there is still no real telling as to what his ceiling is

  6. It is always great hearing what Givony has to say. I had the chance to get drinks with him and hang out a bit a few months ago. I really liked his approach to basketball and blogging and all the draft craziness. He seems like one of the smarter and saner guys out there.

  7. Personally, I would not like to see DD get traded for Lowry (and trade down picks). In my opinion DD has much more ‘untapped’ potential over Lowry. However, any other player (except Bargnani too) i would happily trade.

    That being said, I agree that if Barnes is still available at 8, this is the dream scenario.

  8. Why no talk about trading up? Why is the trade talk about trading down or out?

    Package Bargnani/Demar/Ed whatever (aside from Jonas) and the pick and move up.

    Also disappointed about all the PG talk. The Raps have one of the best passers in the NBA running the point. This teams holes aren’t at the 1 and 3.. they are at the 2 and 4.

    • Jose may be one of the most efficient passers in the NBA, but he’s also one of the worst defensive point guards in the league. In that case, of course you have to look into upgrading the PG position. The holes for this team are clearly 1 and 4 defensively, so that should be the main focus. Forget the offensive holes, that can be looked at when you finally have a starting lineup that can defend well.

      This isn’t the old “run and gun” team that Colangelo failed miserably at trying to duplicate from Phoenix. This is a changed team that actually looks to play defense (well at least Casey tries to with Bryan Colangelo’s messed up roster).

      • Holes are, if we’re being honest with ourselves, at the 1-2-3-4-5.

        How many of the players on this roster have a legitimate shot at making the all-star or all-NBA teams in the next 1-3 years?

        • Haha, ya, that’s true lakonomy.

          But you know what I meant. As long as the team has Calderon and Bargnani as starters, the BIGGEST holes for the team will be the 4, and most importantly the 1.

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