We’re just over a month into an off-season that follows a 23-43 season, but if the rumours and reports that have emerged over the last few weeks have any shred of truth to them, this summer could be one of the most interesting and active NBA off-seasons Toronto has seen in a long while.

Heck, the Raptors have been linked to Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin already, and we’re still three-and-a-half weeks away from the Draft, let alone free agency. However, as most already know, trades can take place between two teams as soon as the teams involved have seen their seasons come to an end.

Which is where this latest Raptors-related rumour gets interesting.

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World wrote the following on Monday afternoon, regarding the possibility of the Grizzlies making Rudy Gay available:

If Gay does become available this summer, there would be no shortage of teams interested in the 25-year-old. The Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic are among the teams who would attempt to trade for Gay, according to sources close to the situation.

Obviously, we shouldn’t jump the gun and assume the Raptors are in play for Gay based on one “sources close to the situation” report, but having said that, Kennedy is a reputable NBA reporter whose reports deserve attention and monitoring.

Based on the fact that the Raps have seemingly been linked with every potential free agent/trade target in the NBA in May and early June so far, I think it’s safe to assume there will probably be many more reports like these over the next couple of months that involve Toronto. Heck, at this point, NBA inside sources may simply be saying “Raptors” out of the assumption that Bryan Colangelo is going to kick the tires on anything and everything this summer. Who knows?

But I will say this. While an acquisition of Nash has some minor risk because of his age and bidding large on Jeremy Lin has its obvious risks since Lin has yet to prove his staying power, a scenario that lands the Raptors Rudy Gay is awfully hard to find faults with right now from Toronto’s perspective.

We’re talking about an exciting and explosive player who can be a force on both ends of the floor, a player who is only a tier or two below the game’s most elite talents and a player who will still be just 26-years-old when the 2012-2013 season tips off. Yes, he’s owed $53 million over the next three seasons, but part of the benefit of creating maximum cap flexibility, as Bryan Colangelo has done of late, is to put yourself in a position where you can take on big money players without it being crippling to your overall situation.

If, indeed, Gay does become available this off-season, then I would hope the Raptors offer up literally anyone on this roster (not including Jonas Valanciunas) that the Grizzlies are interested in, assuming Memphis would be interested in any package the Raptors can piece together.

And if you don’t quite understand why I worded the title the way I did, then may I present to you arguably the greatest fan reaction in Raptors history:

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  1. I don’t know why the Grizzlies would want to trade him seeing how well they did this season. Mayo is probably the more likely to go of the two. But I definitely think getting Rudy Gay would be a good addition at SF for the Raptors.

    But the problem is, what would it cost them? The 8th pick and…?

    Maybe if the Grizzlies are looking to pair Calderon and Gasol, the Raptors could even get Conley out if it.

  2. Rudy would be a fantastic addition. I just wonder how a trade could happen straight-up, maybe in a multi-teams deal.

  3. he’s young and under contract…this is the type of deal that would get the Raptors closer to the playoffs.

  4. Bargnani for Gay? Dare we dream? Then we could start next season with:
    PG – Nash
    SG – Lamb
    SF – Gay
    PF – Amir
    C – JV
    With DeRozan, Bayless, and Davis coming off the bench. I think that could be a playoff team, no? At least it has some potential to be interesting, imho.

    • But why would you want to trade Bargnani for Gay? Bargnani’s a guy we should continue to build around, and second off, we’d have no scoring whatsoever inside. I doubt that would benefit us in any way. Not to mention you have jeremy lamb.. we don’t even know whether or not he’s proven yet or will be a successful player..

    • are you stuoid demar coming of the BENCH and to get gay raptors are going to trade their draft pick on that day and also they need more of a good package which includes draft pick and ed shit davis with james dodo johnson , ANDREA TO MEMPHIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN caz memphis has 2 guys in the paint already

  5. Yes they should go after Gay and i would give the 8th pick. You know what your getting with Rudy but the pick you have no idea. We need a starting SF badly, then JJ can come off the bench and be an excellent 6th man.

  6. I am not really sure why people think the Raptors need to sell the house every time there is a need to get a player. Gay is good, but his contract is a lemon. Add the rule on the “soft but the facto hard cap” and you won’t have many team able to give the Memphis a package, let alone a nice one. A Calderon (expiring) + one between Davis / DD/ Amir will do give ‘em the second rounder. They get cap releif and a more than decent player on a rookye scale. It would be always a pleasure to make a deal with you guys…..

  7. I do not think Rudy Gay would be a good player for the Raptors.

    “Scorers are common and overpaid. I’d flip scorers (goodbye AI and Melo) for picks, picks and more picks and undervalued ball handlers and bigs (hello Billups, Camby and Gasol) see the previous point on draft picks. To clarify, as Man of Steele points out in the comments for rev 1: ” ….trade the overrated scorer for an above average (but underrated) player at the same position and a draft pick or two. For example, the Spurs would trade Parker for Steve Blake and a draft pick. This kind of move would create salary cap room, stockpile picks, and your starting lineup would be no different. Or say you were charge of the Nuggets for instance. You might trade Carmelo for Luol Deng and two or three draft picks. There’s not a GM in the league that wouldn’t take that deal, and your lineup would be no different.” Let call this one the Nugget Corollary.”

    “Hate overpriced free agents but love minimum salary level players. We know that the talent identification algorithm for NBA teams is broken. That means good talent must be available out there and I’d spend money to find it. So I’d buy one (or possibly two) D-league teams to stash, test and develop talent. I’d look into buying a Euroleague team as well. I’d also be the the king of 10 day contracts and call ups (and closed door game simulations). Roster spots 10 and up would be used at least 75% of the time for auditions and talent evaluation. This is Pop/Presti principle #3.”

    (See: http://arturogalletti.wordpress.com/2010/09/25/build-me-a-winner-rev-2/)

  8. You don’t spend max type money on second tier players.

    Gay is a good player but that contract will eliminate Toronto’s flexibility and will keep us in mediocrity for years. I think that making this kind of deal only makes sense if the Raptors were a player or two away from contention but clearly that is not the case.

    Use the Thunder template… draft well, start fresh and use cap space to facilitate trades and acquire picks and young cheap talent. Free agency won’t work and neither does taking on other team’s contract mistakes.

    • Moving Calderon, Bargnani, Kleiza, or even Amir in any combination would soften the blow of lost flexibility. Worst case, one of these players would have to get bought out or amnestied.

    • And taking on other teams’ contract mistakes can be a method of using cap space to facilitate trades and acquire picks and young cheap talent.

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