Earlier this week, Alex Kennedy of Hoops World wrote about how Rudy Gay might be on the trade market this off-season and that the Raptors would be one of the teams interested in the forward’s services.

Since Lottery night, we’ve heard rumblings about how the Raptors’ No. 8 pick could be in play in order to acquire an an already established player.

On Wednesday night, ESPN’s Marc Stein and Chad Ford wrote a more Raptors-specific story that intertwines the two, and then some.

The ESPN report states that “the Raptors have already made it known to rival teams that their lottery pick on June 28 — No. 8 overall — is available to a trade partner that can provide the elite small forward they seek, according to sources close to the situation. ”

The report also states that according to sources who told ESPN.com, Rudy Gay and Andre Iguodala are known trade targets for the Raptors.

Take a second to digest all of that.

Now, as I wrote on Monday in my Rudy Gay post, you can probably expect a lot more of these types of rumours and reports to include the Raptors over the next little while, as Bryan Colangelo and his team will likely leave no stone unturned in this intriguing and important off-season for Toronto. As always, even reports from extremely plugged in sources like Stein and Ford may turn out to be just that, reports, and nothing more.

Nonetheless, reputable names publishing these reports make them quite believable and are worthy of debates among fans.

For example, is either of Gay or Iguodala even worth giving up the No. 8 pick plus assets for (the report names Jose Calderon and Ed Davis as potential pieces to package with the pick)? Is either of Gay or Iguodala worth anywhere near what they’re going to be paid over the next few years? Lastly, who would you trade for if you had to pick between the two wing players?

For the record, Gay is owed a whopping $53 million plus over the next three seasons. He’ll turn 26-years-old in August.

Iguodala is owed roughly $14.7 million next season and has a $15.9 million player option for 2013-2014. He’ll turn 29 in January.

While I think Gay has the higher upside given that he’s two-and-a-half years younger and could still get a little better, if I had to pick, I’d take Iggy based on the fact that they are virtually identical players right now and Iguodala won’t be nearly as financially crippling if the deal ends up being a flop.

Last season, Gay’s Player Efficiency Rating was just 0.2 higher than Iguodala’s. Gay shot 0.1 per cent better from the field. Iguodala shot much better from three-point range. Neither player got to the free throw line as much as they should have.  Their rebounding numbers per 36 minutes were identical (6.2) and Iguodala is probably the better passer and defender right now.

In terms of durability, both have been pretty dependent, with Iguodala having the edge. Iggy has played 82 games five times in his eight-year NBA career. He’s missed a total of just 25 games over those eight seasons. Gay has never played a full 82 games and has missed 39 regular season games over a six-year career.

Their production on the court might not differ much, and Gay probably still has a higher ceiling, but if the Raptors want to take a big swing this summer without totally hampering their recently created financial flexibility, a deal for Iguodala seems like the better decision, and I feel as though it wouldn’t take as much to get him either.

Having said that, there could be a plethora of trade targets available at the small forward position that we’re not yet aware of, and this debate would then get a whole lot more complicated.

As I’ve said about 383 times over the last month or so, this off-season is going to be interesting, to say the least.

By the way, the same ESPN report also reiterates Toronto’s plan to chase Steve Nash this summer and lists Dion Waiters, Jeremy Lamb and Damian Lillard as their potential draft targets should they keep the No. 8 pick.

We’ll have a lot more on potential Raptors draft targets over the next few weeks. Until then, a few more eyebrow raising reports will probably come out mentioning Toronto.

Cheers to off-season relevance…I think.

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  1. want an athletic wing…wait a couple years, tank, then draft Andrew Wiggins

    problem solved

    • Right… let’s wait another few years!

      • build a team around mediocre players and hope we can turn out like the Pistons, or give our selves a chance at the next best thing since LeBron James and finally have ourselves a superstar that actually wants to play for Toronto and not jump ship

        • Yes, because “tanking” for two more years and purposely playing no relevant basketball games until 2015 in order to get no better than a 25% chance at Wiggins is a pretty safe bet…come one man…seriously?

    • Seriously prizby you wanna keep tanking? fuck that. Colangelo needs to pull off what the Celtics did a couple of years ago when they were shitty like the Raps and landed the big 3 and proceeded to win a title and are still going strong.

      • if you really think nba stars are lining up to come to Toronto, how come Toronto has never signed a “big name” free agent…EVER

        if tanking for another 2 years, brought in a star that actually WANTS to be in Toronto and someone who can give this franchise stability for 15 years, wouldn’t you take it?

      • What the Boston Celtics did was risky, but a lot of things went right for them at the time (Kevin Garnett planning to leave Minnesota and Seattle deciding to blow their team up and rebuild). Did I mention that they finished second last and were bumped to fifth by the draft lottery that year?

  2. Another interesting rumour has the Hornets looking to dump both Okafor and Ariza and using the 10th overall pick to do it.

    I’d rather see the Raptors pursue a trade like that which maintains some of their flexibility rather than just trying to trade for one big piece. Okafor and Ariza only have two years left on their current deals and I remember BC seemed to be very interested in Ariza in the summer of 2009.

  3. Take Melo, please.

  4. Joseph, I definitely agree with you in getting Iggy over Gay. But, would the Sixers be willing to ship him to a team that’s in the same division as them?

    But, I think giving up 8th pick, Calderon and Davis is too much for either player anyways. Unless the Raptors would be getting the Sixers’ 15th pick out of it. I’d be disappointed to see Ed Davis go though, I think he has a fairly high ceiling, but just needs a chance to prove it. I think he would do really well as the new full-time starting PF in Philly under Collins.

    • Yeah, I also wondered the same thing re: would Philly trade Iggy within their own division. As for the package, I’m one of the few guys who is high on Ed Davis, and I definitely think there is some serious untapped potential there. Getting a first round pick back if we are forced to give up our No. 8 pick would make it easier.

  5. first off player efficiency rating offers 0 statistical value. None. When you said “Gay’s Player Efficiency Rating was just 0.2 higher than Iguodala’s” what you actually said was Gay is some meaningless number higher than Igoudala.

    There are so many available statistics that offer useful information and value. Spend a couple minutes, understand them and start using them.

    Secondly, trading the pick is ridiculous. Toronto should be rebuilding, not aiming for mediocrity. Why does BC feel he needs to spend money while giving up valuable assets? God would somebody fire this guy already.

    • Who better is available to take his place? Better yet, would you give Rob Babcock a second chance?

    • PER is an aggregate of some of those ‘available statistics’ so you don’t need to trash it. But it might help some people if the PER formula was posted from time to time.

      I agree about rebuilding. Don’t trade the pick. If Philly wants to move Iggy to Toronto, then offer DD and Jose. That is a lot of friggin cap relief in the second year, and some in the first as well. Or Amir and Kleiza. Same diff to me. Do not take on bad contracts unless you are shipping out your own bad contracts at the same time BC!

      KEEP THE DRAFT PICK. Ask for Philly’s #10 as well.

      If we had 8, 10 and Iggy joining the team next year, we could be picking Lamb/Waiters and Lillard. That would be some pretty good potential in my books.

      • PER is not an aggregate of available statistics… where in the world did you get that from? Its an aggregate of basic box score values. However some of those box score values are rather arbitrarirly given. There is reasoning behind them, but they are still guesses. The PER formula is easily found.

        adjusted +/-, WP and Win Score all offer much better accuracy and usefulness

  6. Trading for Gay would be a good move. He is only 26 and the no. 8 could be a bust.

  7. Igoudala please! Better contract, knows how to handle the ball in half court sets/fast breaks, can play off play, seems to know his limitations at this point of his career, durability, All-Star, and the DEFENSE.

    Wouldn’t be upset if Raps landed Gay, though. Him and Bargs could be an interesting scoring duo. His contract wouldn’t be as big of an issue if the Raps started to win and contend.

  8. Really?!?!? All you people are ready to give into mediocrity at the chance of getting back into the playoffs? Getting a guy like Iguodala or even Gay is the absolute LAST thing the Raptors should do. A team like Toronto can’t take a shortcut to a contender. Impatience has killed 95% of teams’ title hopes and if we’ve learned one thing from 18 years of Raptors history it’s that you can’t build a contender without an elite player, and you can’t build a contender by going out and trading for veterans.

    Imagine if Oklahoma had tried to take a shortcut after drafting Durant, by trading their picks for veterans?

    Yes, sometimes draft picks don’t work out, but if your whole strategy is to play it safe you will never, ever be anything more than a mediocre team.

    • The Celtics went out and traded for veterans and that worked out.

      • Boston spent years collecting draft picks and used those to trade for 2 hall of famers while being able to keep one on their team…..

        … not even close to what BC is looking to do

      • Horrible comparison. The Celtics had a 30 year old Paul Pierce and traded for 31 year old Kevin Garnett and 32 year old Ray Allen. Had the Celtics not had Paul Pierce, the Celtics would have been only a little better team than the one Garnett left.

        Bargnani is DEFINITELY not Paul Pierce and neither Rudy Gay or Andre Iguodala are anything close to Kevin Garnett.

        What this does is create a mediocre team with a pretty limited ceiling. It’s a quick fix to try and make the team competitive but ultimately kills any chance of actually building a contender.

        This is the move of a desperate GM simply wanting to save his job.

        • At this point it’s about collecting talent and getting deeper.

          I’m all for getting Rudy Gay, Iggy, Ariza or whichever veteran small forward that’s athletic, can defend and hit occasional 3s.

          It’s a MUST

        • Actually Paul Pierce wasn’t quite the Truth that he became until he got Garnet and Allen and Rondo.
          He had the same credentials as many a Raptors, consistantly led his team to the lottery.

          • By the time Boston traded for Garnett and Allen, Pierce was a 5 time All-Star, had made the All- NBA 3rd Team twice, had averaged at least 25 ppg five times, had lead his team to the playoffs four times, past the first round twice and to the Conference Finals once.

            I stand by my assertion that Bargnani is not even in the same galaxy as Pierce was when Boston traded for Garnett.

        • so the raps keep there 8th overall pick and draft another mediocre player? i dont know if you watch to much basketball bro but rudy gay and igoudala are raptor killers they scorch us every time we play their respective teams trading for one of those players finally gives us a closer and a player to knock down that game winning shot we have been lacking since 2005, acquiring one of those players are going to make us competitive right off the bat could you imagine gay/iggy and derozen on the wings,

          • Trading for players that have killed the Raptors didn’t work with guys like Marco Belinelli and Juan Dixon, did it?

            Have you bothered to check how those two guys generally do in clutch situations, or are you basing your entire judgement on a couple of games against the Raptors?

            And I’m not worried about making the Raptors competitive. I’m worried about making them more than just competitive.

          • how can you put bellinelli and dixon in the same category of iggy and gay theyt are completly different players and are way more valuable to their teams…bellinelli is decent from the neck down and nothing else and dixon was a good college player at best..how do you expect the raps to learn and grow when they dont even know how to win games there to young and immature thats why BC wants to get a VETERAN winger and possibly another VETERAN through free agency..now i have no problem with him keeping the pick but if the right offers comes for that pick than hes gotta take it cause BC himself doesnt have very many years to watch this team rebuild hes on the clock and hes gotta make something happen

          • My point is that you don’t look at a few games, especially against one team, and judge a player. Iguodala actually has poor clutch stats and Gay is okay. And neither performed well in the past playoffs.

            I’d rather the Raptors move up in the draft. Rebuilding teams that trade out of the draft usually end up regretting it.

        • Make KG an offer instead. He is a free agent this summer. Or S&T for him in exchange for Andrea.

          • You know Garnett is 36, right? Trying to take “temporary solution” to a whole new level?

            If the Raptors sign him AND Nash, they can possibly make it to the second round for a season or two before crashing back into the lottery again. Great strategy.

      • Read my earlier reply to you.

    • If BC pulls off a combination of Gay/ Iguodala and brings Nash on board, by basically given up an iffy # 8, an iffy Ed Davis and an expiring Jose Calderon, quite frankly, shut up.
      Listen to yourself.

      • And after a few years of first/second round exits and Nash retires it’s back to the lottery for the Toronto Craptors. Can’t wait!

        • These two moves would immediately improve the team. While giving up two big if’s and an expiring deal. Check the previous 10 drafts. You gonna do better than Rudy Gay at 8?
          Cannot predict the future but your response seems to think that the GM would not prepare for the 2 or 3 years to replace Nash, or make further manoeuvres to improve as a club.

          Lot of rumours where we seem to always be involved, Count me in on this one.

      • Uh, I have listened to myself and I make a lot of sense. And I’m not going to shut up, thank you very much.

        A lineup of Valanciunas, Bargnani, Gay/Iguodala, DeRozan and Nash is not going to ever make it out of the first round. You’ve got three guys who can’t play defense, a guy at the end of his career, and as Brasky mentioned, what happens when Nash retires?

        You’re so desperate for mediocrity, you don’t care that it will hurt the long term chances of the team.

        • Yet a number 8 pick(please check previous drafts) will benefit us more?
          Please explain?

          • I’m not suggesting keeping the 8th, pick, either. And since you posted a comment on my blog post where I came up with multiple suggestions to trade up, I’m pretty sure you know that.

  9. I feel shopping the 8th pick is a good idea. If trading for one of the proven superstars means giving up the pick then go for it. At least try and acquire a pick back, the draft is loaded at just about all positions. You can get just about the same talent with a later pick as the 8th. Financially, the contracts are a burden, but if you can acquire gay/iggy, possibly a pick and FA while jonas is coming over.. I don’t see why the raptors still need to rebuild.

    • If the Raptors would be able to get a proven superstar, that would be fantastic. Unfortunately, neither Gay or Iguodala fit that description.

      • well lets keep tanking and banking on an at best 20% chance for one.

        • They never tanked in the first place, did they? Otherwise they wouldn’t be drafting 8th.

          And, by the way, 20% is much higher than 0%.

          • but not high enough to gamble on

          • and you know what, in all honesty I think BC did everything he could to tank.
            Just there were less talented teams out there. And there still are

      • superstar how about trying to get an allstar first bro the only way were getting a super star is to develop one, no point of trading our whole team for one super star and no one to surround him with just doesnt make sense..

        • Iguodala has made All-Star game and Gay has never made one. And neither are going to be any better than they are right now.

          I’m also not suggesting trading the team for a superstar. I also think that would be a bad idea.

          I’m just suggesting not to mortgage the team’s future for the sake of a short cut to the playoffs.

          • Morgaging the future – giving up on Davis and the # 8 while getting back a talented 26 year old?

            Listen I don’t know what deal will get done but the Rudy Gay proposal should not be dismissed.

          • I agree with Tim completely, it not that the raps are giving a lot for a talented player in return, it is a good trade its just the fact it will only make us a 7th or 6th seed at best for the next 5 or 6 years. It’s difficult to watch your team make the playoffs and get eliminated in the first round, it’s also annoying that teams like miami cannot be beated with a team that the raps could trade for. They need draft picks and young prospects not good players that will make them a 7th seed for years with no chance at a ring.

          • we gotta start somewhere though you think were gonna finish last in our division and than the next year make its to the eastern conference finals??..what the hell is wrong with finishing in 6th or 7th shit id be happy with 8th for god sakes this team is young and would only learn and get better from that experience..if colangelo doesnt get this team to the playoffs in a year or 2 than hes going to loose his job so please understand why he is taking calls for that 8th pick and wants to be active this offseason

          • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with finishing 6th or 7th as long as that’s not your ceiling. By trying to do a short cut deal by trading a lottery pick for an Iguodala or Gay means that the Raptors ceiling is, at absolute best, the Atlanta Hawks, and more likely a perennial first round team.

            People seem to think we expect a team to go from the lottery to the Finals, and that’s nowhere near the truth. I just don’t want them to lower the ceiling in order to raise the floor. If you trade for a veteran or two in order to force you way into the playoffs, with an elite player on the team, you’ve got no chance of actually doing any damage in the playoffs once you get there, let alone actually contending.

    • I thought the the whole idea was to eventually compete for a championship, not become the new Atlanta Hawks and boost ticket revenues in the short run.

  10. Trading the pick for a guy who uses up our valuable cap space is stupid. We need to rebuild through the draft (i.e. use that cap space to acquire draft picks)… Rudy gay might get us in the playoffs (MIGHT!!) but the raptors are really bad and we need way more thaan one piece. If Colagelo knew how to fing draft then he wouldnt be so willing to trade this pick in a draft class where you can get some pretty damn good players at n.8 (Perry Jones, Suliinger, Lamb) to name a few…these guys were all top five picks last year if they came out. If he trades this pick I am going to lose my shit. I will officially give up on the raptors forever… It was bad enough when we passed on Brandon Jennings (who fell in to our freaking lap) and selected Derozan (who’s not that bad but anyone with half a brain could see jennings was legit). Get your shit together Colangelo.

    • We had Calderon and BC was looking to get the team back in the playoffs. That said, I’d rather have Lawson or Holiday instead.

  11. Iguodala is definitely the better player. Better shooter, passer, and defender than gay.

  12. The OKC route is unfortunately not an option for the Raps. We’ve been out of the playoffs for too long and we don’t have any legit, upper tier young talent. I don’t see any core worth building around. Our shining hope hasn’t played an NBA game yet. I love what OKC has done but either Presti is a genius or they lucked out a fair bit with Westbrook, Harden and Ibaka (Durant was a sure thing). That model could take 5 years to work with the Raps, or 10 years, or never. Most teams don’t draft absolute gems in consecutive years like that.

    I don’t mind trading the 8th pick for an established wing. There’s just too much uncertainty in the draft and we can probably get a pick in the 20s anyway. We need some actual talent on this team. I would prefer it if BC was more willing to get rid of guys who haven’t proven anything after multiple chances (DD, Bargs), but then we’re looking at blowing up the team where we could have 4 or 5 new starters…ok by me, probably not the brass.

    Between Iggy and Gay, I’d have to go with Iggy. Better overall player and better contract. Sadly I think Gay is a more realistic target.

    Nash (or Dragic or Lin)/ Bayless
    DD / Bayless / ?
    Gay / JJ and/or Kleiza
    Bargs / Amir and/or Ed
    JV / Gray

    It’s probably a playoff team in the East. BC will hope that Bargs and DD can take the next step and we’ll have a real core of 2nd tier talent. Eternal optimist, that guy…

    • The Thunder were very fortunate, but Sam Presti committed fully to a long term rebuild. He dealt Allen to the Celtics for the #5 pick and CHOSE not to match the 6-year max offer he got from Orlando (after he opted out). He knew that the team would be bad for years. He also made cheap signings and used cap space to get a late first round pick, which he used to draft Serge Ibalka.

      I would take 10 years of losing with Buford and Presti over 2 years of playoffs or anything Bryan Colangelo has to offer.

      • “and CHOSE not to match the 6-year max offer he got from Orlando (after he opted out).”

        The “he” would obviously refer to Rashard Lewis.

      • thats exactly it. Presti committed to a long term rebuild. Timing allowed that to take place quickly.

        BC never committed to a rebuild. He committed to collecting a couple draft picks.

  13. I like both guys. Iggy reminds me a poor man’s Lebron James (which isn’t bad) and Gay is quite explosive. although it would be nice to get either play of that caliber…you have to know many teams would look to get them too. i know that the lakers were trying to get a trade for Iggy last year but Philly didnt like what they’d get in return. the Knicks are always looking…and Boston is going to be shopping hard this off season with their Big 3 getting old and out of contracts. Unfortunately Toronto isn’t a NBA hot spot. we would need a situation like what OKC is going through having kids who love playing ball and don’t need the spotlight. who can win. For developing toronto’s future, i’d take Iggy since he is an awesome team player who can get those triple doubles. but if i was him i’d want to go to a contender before i got too old.

  14. “Rebuild through the draft” is as bad an error as trading your way to mediocrity. There is no shortage of teams in the NBA who follow either path and get nowhere. The truth is teams need to be smart and they need to get lucky.

    Either Gay or Iguodala would be terrible as No. 1 options. But as No. 3 options, both are quite excellent. If BC is convinced Jonas is going to be a star, then aiming for a good swing man (like Gay or Iggy), signing Nash, and trying to turn Bargnani into a No. 2 option could make for a very good team. But at some point, you need to take a chance.

    You can’t always be hoping for the long run. After all, in the really long run, we are all dead.

  15. The Jermain O’Neal Trade – Part II

  16. i cant believe we gave away roy hibbert

  17. I just find it funny that this is supposed to be a “DEFENSIVE” minded team, yet the Raptors are trying to field a team of:


    With exception to Iguodala/Gay, there isn’t anyone capable of being an above average defender right now.

    After a total failure of a rebuild, screwing himself out of a top-5 pick this season, he also now seems to be going back to his old ways of putting together a team that can’t defend. It’s more clear than ever BC can’t seem to stick to anything and see it through.

    As Tim said, this is a total desperation move by Bryan Colangelo.

    Ya.. while I would rather have Iggy over Gay, (if I had to pick)… this isn’t going to go too well.

  18. Take a look at Colangelos off season aquisitions, non of them foreseen, non of them predicted. Wont be Gay wont be iggy, a trade you don’t expect, a player you wouldn’t think would be traded, no Nash no Lin.

  19. Raptors should sign Goran Dragic this offseason. And trade calderon. They don’t need Nash. Houston has no interest in holding onto both Lowry and Dragic. Look at his numbers when he was a starter when Lowry was injured.

  20. Quick question why is everyone so against obtaining Gay? I really don’t get it at all. Gay is better than anyone on our roster overall. I have to say imaging a starting line up of
    C….Valenchunas …(I know i butchered his name but i’m multitasking)
    The point I’m tryingto say is that that king of line up brings an explosive brand of basketball that includes scoring fire power and a defencive presence on both the perimeter and inside the paint.

    I agree it would be nice to draft the next Lebron, but we already have the #2 pick from this years draft (Jonas). I think that raptors fans are just getting greedy. We have a good team going forward especially if we are able to obtain Gay. I also feel like we should get Gay but not at the cost of Demar…. or JJ. As much as I like Ed Davis I think it will have to be him the number 8 pick and maybe even the second round pick from this year in exchange for Gay and there 25th pick. If its absolutely necessary you can throw in Calderon (again i am a big fan of his so it would pain me to see him go) which will allow us to either go after Lowry or quite possibly Nash in tandem with Bayless. I would even go so far as to say if you have to throw JJ away at the cost of keeping Klieza for the soul purposes of having a “welcoming party” then so be it but I’d still rather not give away Demar.

    So yeah please someone explain this reasoning of wanting to give up Demar to me?

    PS I finally just moved to Toronto from BC and I have to say I love it here!

    • That lineup you’ve got there is mediocre, at best. You’ve got two below average defenders, and that lineup would also give up a LOT of rebounds.

      And the fact of the matter is that if you want to build a contender you NEED an elite player. It doesn’t have to be LeBron, but if Gay is your best player, you’re a team that will be fighting for a playoff spot every year, if you’re lucky, and will never, ever, ever make it to the Conference Finals.

  21. What the Raps need to do is take a chance with draft picks this year. If it doesn’t work, at least they will get a nice high pick next season.

    If it was possible I’d love to land picks 7, 8, and 9 and draft Lamb, Lillard and PJIII. Keep Val, and let everyone else go if necessary.

    OF COURSE, BC would never do a proper rebuild in one of his contract years, so … who will have the best career of the three? Lillard is a great shooter, but undersized for his position. Will look the best of the 3 for the first couple of years though. Lamb is right sized for a SG, is a pretty good shooter, definitely not a chucker, so should be good. PJIII, if a SF, best case is Paul George. That is pretty darn good for a 6’10.25″ player. He has one of the lowest body fat counts at the draft combine. If he could ever put some meat on those bones, he might have a chance to be a great player.

    All three have nice upside. More than the other 3 (Barnes, Waiters, Marshall) that will be available when we draft.

    Seriously BC, you have the cap space, so take on a bunch of crap contracts to land the 7 and 9 picks and then grab all three of these players. And you have to start our 4 rookies all year so that they gain valuable experience and keep one more year of the tank alive. Then we will be all set for a bright future. A competitive future. Not a mediocre treadmill future.

    I’d much rather get behind these rookies now and cheer them as they grow for a few years, then see you mortgage the future with some dumb ass Iggy deal. Seems like a Nash Gay Val Bargs DD team is what you want, what you would prefer, but I just think we’d be better off long term if you traded away DD, Bargs and Jose and started over. Keep the young pieces. Bayless and JJ.

    I’m sure Detroit would love it if you took Prince and the 9th for cap space. That is about a $21M hit. If they really want to screw you over, they could make you take Gordon and his $25M over 2 years with the 9th for cap space.

    Golden State would surely love to dump Beans or RJ and their $18M and $21M two year deals with the 7th pick.

    If you want to blow $40-$50 Million over the next couple of years, why not get 3 good young players for your troubles (probably 4 with next year’s draft pick) to go along with JV?

    • Maybe I need sleep, but the more I think about it, the more this seems to make sense.

      Ship Bargs to GS for the 7th, or Portland for the 6th, Ship DD to Detroit for Gordon and the 9th or to GS for Andris Biedrins and the 7th.

      Draft Lillard, Lamb and PJIII.

      Resign Bayless.

      PG: Bayless, Lillard
      SG: Lamb, Gordon, Forbes
      C: Val, Biedrins, Amir
      PF: Ed Davis, Amir, PJIII, Kleiza
      SF: JJ, PJIII, Kleiza

      That is a very young team that will almost surely have limited success next year. Get one more good draft pick, and some seasoning on the 4 rookies and suddenly we are building a future Championship Pistons like team.

      Two years later, (after Beans and Gordon’s contracts expire), we have loads of cap space, a seasoned young team, and with a few UFA pickups, we are suddenly deeep and talented. And more importantly, a threat for the next half dozen years to compete for the Eastern Conference championship.

      If you need to amnesty Jose, do it. If you can trade him for a late first (Chicago?), do it.

      THAT is what I want to see you do THIS SUMMER BC.

  22. Actually, Bargs to GS or Portland don’t make sense for either team. However, Bargs and DD to Sacramento for the 5th and Reke makes a TON of sense for both teams.

    Bargs and Cousins together? Wow. That is a great fit. If they want to send Cousins our way for Val, I’d consider it right now.

    DD and Reke? Meh, both teams are sick of their own players. Both troubled. I just see Reke as a better fit with Casey. He is kinda useless with the ball out of his hands, but he CAN play defense better than DD.

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