Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be profiling 10 NBA Draft prospects from the class of 2012 that could be realistic targets for the Raptors at No. 8.

Earlier this week I wrote about St. John’s forward Moe Harkless. Up next is UNC point guard Kendall Marshall.

Kendall Marshall – PG – 6’4, 198 lbs.

North Carolina

Kendall Marshall is sure to be one of the more debated prospects in the 2012 NBA Draft class.

On one hand, Marshall is the quintessential team-player, pass-first point guard who makes his teammates better. He played two seasons of college ball for a top flight program at UNC. He has the resume of a guy who should become a successful NBA point guard.

In addition to his precise passing and his high basketball IQ, Marshall possesses great size and strength for the point guard position.

Hopefully the 20-year-old can use that size to his advantage in the NBA though, because while his size and strength are impressive, his lateral quickness and explosiveness, or rather his lack of those attributes, has some wondering how he’ll handle the increasing number of super quick point-men in the Association.

If he can continue to improve his shooting, which came along nicely in his sophomore season, to compliment his great passing, which always translates well, Marshall shouldn’t have a problem carving out a role on an NBA bench.

But can he be a quality starter in the NBA? To be honest, I’m not convinced, and that’s why I’m hoping the Raptors look elsewhere, but if you listened to our last episode of RaptorBlog Radio with Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, you’ll remember that Givony actually said he thinks Marshall will be the best NBA player out of a group of guards I listed.

When someone as plugged in on NBA prospects makes a comment like that, you have to at least take notice.