After profiles of Moe Harkless, Kendall Marshall and Austin Rivers earlier in the week, we continue our look at potential Raptors draft targets with Washington swingman Terrence Ross.

Terrence Ross – SG – 6’7, 197 lbs.


In a jumble of guards and small forwards vying for draft spots in the top-half to middle of the first round, Terrence Ross is one of the intriguing prospects there. He didn’t get the same attention as other NBA-bound swingmen from bigger programs, but Ross looks to be in the mix as a potential lottery pick.

The 21-year-old saw his minutes and points per game double in his sophomore season at Washington. He shoots the ball well and has deep range on his shot, converting at a 37 per cent clip from behind the arc this past season. He’s also explosive and possesses a quick first step, allowing him to inflict damage driving to the basket as well, though Ross doesn’t take advantage of his ability to drive the net as often as some would like.

His explosive leap means Ross can compliment his scoring with some solid rebounding numbers for a two-guard (averaged 6.4 per game last season), and most seem to think he has some pretty intriguing defensive upside, too.

He needs to get stronger, which we can say for almost any young player entering the NBA, and also needs to improve his ball handling (which is the real reason he doesn’t attack the basket enough), but Ross’ positives (shooting, rebounding, defence) should translate well enough to see him stick around in the Association.

He has the makings of a mid-to-late first round steal (most mock drafts have him in the 15-20 range), but the question is does he entice teams enough to be in the conversation in the top-10, say like at No. 8?

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  1. Guys, I just wanted to let you know that I completed a trade with some Rockets fans on one of their message boards:

    Lowry + Scola for #8 + Calderon + Amir

    • Well, that’s an interesting trade, but I do really believe the rockets will ship Lowry and Scola to the Lakers for Gasol. They already wanted to do that at the beginning of last season.

  2. not on a single ross somment. wth

  3. Ummm…Pardon me…This kid is amazing..accouple things I would like to address…FIRST Have you seen his stroke….are you kidding me. this kid just leans back and slings it. Just such a sweet stroke, you can tell he is an organic shooter. It is part of the style of basketball that he plays. SECOND Heit seems as if he can create his own shots and he was confident in taking them which a lot of NBA players still struggle with. I believe this is because he knows what his game is and executes it consistently throughout the game. Watch the video again and look at his shots. he has like 5 or 6 spots that he can get hot in. The fact that he can use this to shut down teams shows how much potential he has to be an established player in the NBA. Which leads me to THIRD This guy was shutting down team single handedly with threes, mid range jumpers and the occasional drive in. FOURTH This kid can get up man he can dunk and alley hoop…he is very athletic. He just needs to get big and work on his handle and it will be all good.

    I honestly believe Raptors made a good pick. And yo this guy is 6’7 he could play small forward as well. I am excited to see how he fits on the team. He will come off of the bench a lot.

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