I started the week with a look at an enigma in the 2012 Draft class, Terrence Jones, and we continue today with another questionable prospect, Jeremy Lamb.

Jeremy Lamb – SG – 6’5, 179 lbs.


Like Jones, Lamb is an undeniable talent, but his focus, work ethic and consistency on the court makes him a bit of a gamble.

The Connecticut product has some serious offensive potential. At 20-years-old, he’s already a very good shooter with a smooth jumper, as Lamb shot over 47 per cent from the field in both of his seasons at UCONN. While his three-point shot lacks consistency, he does have good range on that jumper and can pretty much score from anywhere on the court.

Lamb’s also been blessed with a crazy long wingspan (about seven feet) for his size and position to go with natural athleticism. Blend that length and athleticism together and you have a guy who can be very disruptive on the defensive end and a prospect who has a high defensive upside. Lamb can also be a solid rebounder for a guard, as he grabbed over four rebounds per game in his college career.

If he wants to be that impressive rebounder and potential lock down defender though, Lamb is going to need to add some strength.

Other than adding muscle and strength, Lamb has to display a serious commitment to staying focused on the court. Too often at UCONN, he seemed to coast through games and was generally too passive out there.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Lamb was pulled out of his Toronto workout after rolling his ankle.

Outside of what sounds like a minor injury and concerning inconsistent effort, though, lies an offensive talent with defensive ability that doesn’t come around every day. Much like I wrote about Terrence Jones yesterday, if a team believes they can get the best out of Jeremy Lamb, you can’t fault them for selecting him in the bottom half of the lottery or the middle of the first round, especially considering how jumbled this draft class is outside of the top-five or six.

Most mock drafts have Lamb in the Raptors’ range, with many having him land with Toronto at No. 8. I, personally like others in my group of 10 ahead of him, but don’t be surprised if this is the name you hear called by the Raptors on June 28.