If you’ve read all of my RaptorBlog Draft Profiles so far, you know this script by now. Highly regarded potential 2011 Draft pick fails to live up to the hype, stays in school, fails to impress again in 2011-2012 season and has now seen his stock drop substantially.

This time, I’m talking about Perry Jones III.

Perry Jones III – 6’11, 234 lbs.


Much like Terrence Jones (though even more naturally gifted than Terrence), Perry Jones III can pretty much do it all on a basketball court. He can run, jump and bang with the best of the 2012 NBA prospects. He’s a versatile near seven-footer that can score, can rebound and can certainly defend.

Unfortunately, more often than not, Jones leaves us with much to be desired. He’s far too passive for my liking, especially considering how dominant he can be on both ends of the floor with his size and skill set. He put up over 13 points and seven rebounds per game at Baylor, which is fine, but not for a guy who was supposed to be in the mix for the No. 1 overall spot.

Despite what he says, he seems content with merely being a guy instead of being the guy.

The catch is that this is okay, as long as you’re not expecting Perry to be a franchise-turning acquisition. Given what he’s been blessed with, I won’t be shocked at all to see him in an NBA All Star game one day, but he’s the type of player that will probably never be appreciated for what he is, and instead will be criticized for what he can be. In many ways, the comparison to Lamar Odom fits Jones perfectly.

On talent alone, Perry Jones III could be a top-two pick in the 2012 class, but his virtually non-existent motor makes him too much of a gamble for teams near the top of Draft to go all in on.

I think a team in the late lottery or mid-first round should definitely consider him, because a talent like this doesn’t come along too often, but I’ve nearly given up hope that he is worth a top-10 pick.