In case you weren’t already aware, there might be some serious movement in the top half of the first round of the Draft. Between the speculation of trades and the uncertainty of most prospects in this Draft outside of the top-five or six, this is shaping up to be one of the more intriguing and talked about Draft weeks the NBA has seen in a while.

As I wrote yesterday, there will be plenty of options for the Raptors alone, regardless of whether they keep the pick or not.

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  1. I really, really hope they trade up into the top 5. If they can get out of the draft with, say, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, I’ll be happy.

    Charlotte is looking to trade down and apparently is looking for 3 point shooting. Maybe the Raptors can make a deal and send a three point shooter their way. Maybe a three point shooting big man….

    • Bargnani and 8th for the 2nd… well I wish that had a chance of happening.

      • Bargnani, the 8th pick and Tim W. for MKG?
        I’ll be happy, too!

        • Keep Bargnani trade JJ/Ed, 8th pick, Calderon for MKG…..
          you sign nash and bayless……

          Then you have a line up of:



          MKG/Klieza/(Batum possibly)



          • Isn’t it time that the Raptors moved away from trying to use fatally flawed players in hopes that they can be “hidden”? Besides, you’ve got three players in your starting lineup who are below average defensive players, I don’t see that working.

  2. I hope the raptor keep the pick

  3. I would like us to keep the pick and see how things shake out if Lillard and Rivers are still on the board I would like us to keep the pick but if we cannot find “the guy” then I am all for shipping the pick to make something happen.

    Bargs played with a real chip on his shoulder up until the All-Star Break, I say let him play it out till then and if he comes out flat we can package him with possibly Calderon (would be sad to see him go) and get the wing player we need.

    BC isn’t afraid to mix it up so I have no clue what he will do come tomorrow.

    • So you want to wait even LONGER for Bargnani? Hasn’t 6 years been long enough? And even when he did play “with a chip on his shoulder” (for 13 games) he was still below average defensively and horrible on the boards. I can understand holding onto Bargnani if his upside was higher, but at best he’s a borderline All-Star who hurts the team half the time he’s on the court. That doesn’t seem very smart.

      • Bargs is still one of the best players on the team whether you like it or not.
        I just feel like giving away a high draft pick and him just to recieve a pick back from charlotte would not be in our best interest. I also don’t really have any interest in any of charlottes assets aside from that pick.
        Bargs isn’t completely bad.. but lets not go into that…. I also dont have to tell you his strengths. I just think that he obviously wants to prove himself this upcoming year. He is letting his injury heal.

        I also am not in favor of getting rid of Ed Davis. I am curious to see how he does in the Vegas summer league.

        I get the frustrations surrounding Bargs but giving him away for a less than equal return isn’t something that I am in favor for. If you want the team to get better that isn’t the way.

        • The argument that Bargnani is the “best” player on a bad team is meaningless. More importantly would be that he would never be the best, or even second best player on good team. THAT, however, speaks volumes.

          8th Pick and Bargnani for #2 is an absolute steal for the Raptors. It would obviously take a miracle for that to happen. But if it did, Raptors fans should be esctatic about a move like that, not reluctant to give up Bargnani.

          I would even give up 8th Pick, DeRozan, and Bargnani to get #2.

          • Just wondering who you think you’d pick at 2 to make this an absolute ‘steal’ of a deal.

            PS, Scott, what is with your man love for Rivers? No way in H should he be going as high as 8th.

        • @ TrueTorontoFan

          I’ve never said that Bargnani is bad, but the fact that he’s the team’s best player (and that’s arguable) says more about the Raptors than it does about him. You don’t keep him because of that.

          • @TimW

            You really cannot deny that he is atleast in our top 3 players on this roster. Yeah we have only had a small sample size of him this past year playing well. With that being the point that I was trying to make is that if you want to trade him you should be getting equal value back not cents on the dollar. If you want to trade him then do a straight up trade for the #2 pick or #4 pick for him. Then you are truely starting from scratch with three young rookies. This can allow you to draft either a PF or a SF at the #2 draft pick spot… at the same time this allows you to draft someone like Austin Rivers or…. if he happens to fall into our laps Damian Lillard…. In any case I just don’t feel like giving him and a pick away is really a fair trade… Although it would mean that we would have potentially a really strong defensive team. I would also like to make the case that if the #2 pick is really worth that much why not give this years 8th pick and next years 1st pick (lottery protected).

          • @ TrueTorontoFan

            No one’s saying that Bargnani isn’t one of the Raptors best players. It’s just that being the best, or one of the best players on a bad team is nothing special.

            And you’re value of Bargnani is shockingly high to me, because no one would trade the #2 pick for #8 and next year’s lottery protected pick.

            And no one would trade the #2 pick straight up for Bargnani.

            At the very LEAST, you would have to do Bargnani and 8th for #2. And even that’s a stretch because Toronto still gets a steal out of that.

    • Up until the All-Star break he was borderline All-Star, ok. But what about after that?

      If he wasn’t motivated to play his hardest, that’s an even bigger reason to trade him. If he was still hurt, he shouldn’t have been playing.

      If Bargnani plays good for 20/82 games next year, do we still say “let’s wait one more year”? I hope not…

      • Who would you take at #2 MKG? Tons of potential but still to raw to have a serious impact and the Raptors have already said they want an “established” wing player. Robinson? He would be dropped into an already jammed front court even if Bargs was included in a deal to get the #2 spot.

        • MKG most likely, yes. But you would also have to give Beal a hard look as well, given that DD might be included in the trade for #2, which opens up the SG position.

          As far as wanting an “established” wing player, that’s because the Raptors are just trying to make the playoffs. What the Raptors are doing and what they should be doing is way off.

          They are taking shortcuts in order to get to the playoffs sooner rather than later. Which is most likely the key for Colangelo getting his extension as the GM, but is also going to hurt the future of the team.

          What they should be doing is to not only continue to develop their players but to actually play them too. Which is something that Casey didn’t do enough of last year, and one of the only negatives I have about Casey this year, which is likely the cause of over-achieving and getting 8th pick instead of top-5 like many believed they would.

          At this point, BC is doing more harm to the future of the team than good on his current all-in move just to see the playoffs as an 8th seed.

          • I agree with a re-build of the team focusing on developing our young talent.

            If anything we should trade some of our older assets to get more late 1st round picks as mentioned by Dribbles.

  4. I’m not a Bargs fan but no way in hell I trade 8 and Bargs for #2 only. I think he has more value in this league than that. I just don’t see a lot of obvious separation between picks 2 and 8, and even guys taken in the teens and later on are going to wind up better than some players taken in the top 10.

    I’d rather trade down if we could get a good, proven piece that’s still young enough to grow with the team.

    • I think there’s a massive difference between 2 (Kidd-Gilchrist, Beal) and 8 (Rivers, Lamb). 2 will get you a possible All-Star. 8 will get you a flawed player who might not even become a starter in the league.

      • #8 is Lillard/Waiters.

        #11 is Rivers/Lamb

        Just so we’re clear :)

        • Draft Express has both Lillard and Waiters gone by the 8th pick. Even still, I’m not big fans of either of them, so it doesn’t make much difference to me. The fact is that Beal/Kidd-Gilchrist is much better than Lillard/Waiters, in my book.

  5. I Fully agree with Dribbles. And remember something BP, draft is an unaccurate science. Getting the #2 pick is not a 100% garantee of picking a great player.

    I watched NBA draft back yesterday at nba tv channel and it succeed to scare me. For exemple, Most rookies that got drafted top 10 of 2001 and 2002 were just a huge failure or at best average player such as Chandler(#2) or Battier (#6).

    So suggesting ro trade AB and 8th for two would be a huge mistake and addind DD as you even dared to say would crippled the team bad! MKG is way too raw to be sure he’ll become a star or to be even as good as DD (even if not same position). At least, DD proved to have high offensive potential and AB we know what he can give us. Raps lack of offensive firepower so dont trade away the only few weapons we have !

    • No, of course drafting high isn’t a gaurantee of a great player. Not even a #1 pick is a gaurantee. But your chances of finding franchise talent at #2 are much, much higher than finding it at 8th.

      Also, defense over offense any day of the week. I would rather see the Raptors become the best defensive team, rather than the best offensive team in the league. I don’t see how anyone could argue against that, other than for entertainment value, I guess?

      I think the Raptors would be much better off with a defensive starting lineup of:


      Rather than the current offensive lineup of:

      Calderon(or Nash)

      • Well, I agree with you that we better get our defensive up than offense at first. But this season proved that it is actually up even if we had Derozan and Bargnani in the line up. Casey will keep focusing on defense next season and we will see again improvement with Valanciunas on the court.

        But this season also showed that we badly lack of offense and I dont think we can afford to trade away our 2 best offensive players when we would have nothing to replace them and their points scored.

        I think Derozan is still very young and have the same weakness as many young players that will be draft high tomorrow. He lacks of consistancy alot! It will get huge improvement in the next 2 years and I’m sure he’ll reach 18 ppg when he’ll fix it.

        Bargnani can have a 22 ppg season if he remains healthy. Just surround him with strong defensive players and we’ll be fine. A Camby/Chandler type of guy on the same line up than Andrea would ”fix” the weakness AD brings to the court.

        For now, with the 8th pick, my choice would go with Jeremy Lamb for his high offensive skills or Jones III even if he got a bad season. I think he worth the risk with all those highlights he showed us in the past.

        Liliard is too similar to Bayless. I say give a true chance to Bayless and we’ll get our point guard of the future.

  6. You still need offence. It has to be a balance. The name of the game is to score more than the opposition.

    Having the best D in the league can be great, but without enough O, you’ll still be losing the games. Not sure why you have Waiters and DD on your O team DD is NOT a SF.

    Try Bayless, Val, Bargs, Waiters, JJ.

    When more O is needed, insert Nash, Amir, Bargs, DD, Ilyasova.

    • Waiters and DD are on my “O” team because it’s under the assumption that they would draft Waiters at 8th and move DD to play SF. I don’t see why he couldn’t play SF.

      As far as not having enough offense, the easiest points come off of good defense.. (steals, tipped passes, rebounds, blocked shots, etc)

  7. while the draft may be an inaccurate science… so is everything Andrea Bargnani. Is he any more unreliable than a draft pick?

    After all 6 years later we are STILL waiting to see ‘who he is’. And who he is changes from week to week, month to month, season to season.

    Bargnani + the 8 for the 2 is a steal (we’d have to take a contract to – Tyrus Thomas?), bargnani + 8 for the 3 (likely a contract to – Blatche?) still a steal.

    Amazes me how people would want to wait around still for Bargnani but don’t want to wait for a top player in one of the best drafts in a decade.

  8. If you have a chance to grab Lilliard “the best point guard in the draft” with the eighth pick I say keep it and roll the dice.

    Having a young pg learn the ropes next year from a professional like Calderon would not be a bad thing.

    As for AB I think people need to lay off him a little bit. Bigs take a long time to develop and we don’t have a player on the roster to step in and be a starting PF.

    The key to improving this year is spending the available cap space on a productive wing and back up centre.

    Just mt two cents

    Enjoy the draft guys

    • Exactly my thought.

      Andrea, should not be a franchise player. Everyone who waits for that will be disapointed to him. But in a team where he would be the 3rd best players surrounded with an excellent center in defense will be a valuable asset for that team.

      Hopefully, Vanlanciunas wil become that center and if we can add a strong SF to the starting 5 and an explosive PG to take over where Calderon will leave, the Raptors will be heading to the good direction to become a competitive team.

      If you want to get the #2, I would rather offer the 8th pick, Calderon if wanted, the first round pick of next year (it’s risky but eh) and maybe Ed Davis. But I would not even do it because 8th is very good choice in that year draft imo.

  9. I just think this is a much better idea. I think you need to manage the team (trades and drafts) in a smart way not a knee jerk reaction way. If you do that you will fully regret it. In addition to that we might actually beable to get a higher trade value for Bargs if we wait or…. he might actually play a full season and surprise you.

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