By now, you’ve probably read Scott’s immediate reaction to the Raptors’ surprising selection of Terrence Ross at No. 8. I’ll have my thoughts on the pick, and the Raptors’ Draft overall, some time on Friday morning.

In addition, we’ll have a much more in-depth podcast featuring a guest for your listening pleasure over the weekend.

But on this late Thursday night/early Friday morning, Scott, Oliver Macklem and I got together for a conversation a lot of Raptors fans are probably having.

Without further ado, here’s our Draft night podcast:

Download the mp3 here.

We’ll talk again soon.

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  1. Where can I find the screen cap of the retweet?

  2. good podcast guys

    dunno if ross is already ‘a better offensive player than derozan’, a guy that just averaged almost 17ppg last year. but, it is tough to have a guy in the SG spot who can’t hit the three.

    someone was saying (I think Oliver) that ross lacks shooting mechanics- just from the highlight reels and workouts and youtube stuff, i’m not really seeing it- I like the shot. In that sense, he is better than Derozan from day one… but other than that, I don’t think that we go out and trade Derozan tomorrow for little return just because we have Ross in the ranks….

    glad they didn’t draft rivers, or lamb, or henson, etc. Too bad lillard or barnes didn’t fall to us, or we couldn’t trade up to draft kidd-gilchrist… but i agree with the dire need for shooters (in actual shooting positions not bargnanis), who can defend, so, ive got no arguments with the pick…

    • The release itself is good, but he has a tendency to fade away on a lot of his shots, landing on one foot. The best shooters always go straight up and down. It is something that should be easily corrected and should improve his %’s.

      Nice to hear today that Demar is bulking up so he can guard SF’s. These two have the potential to complement each other nicely if Derozan starts to use his body and crash the glass. I think he is more of a natural 3 and this will move will help his production.

      Agree with you on MKG. Who knows what the price was, but I hope BC made that phonecall to Charlotte

  3. I wouldn’t say rivers can create for others. He averaged more turnovers than assists last season in Duke. He needs the ball can play without it and freezes it to much. I would have take lamb over him but was praying that barnes would have dropped to 8 in which he almost did.

  4. Raps should have trade their 8th pick to houston for their 12 and 18 if they wanted ross

  5. I find it a bit weird that comments on the Score are mostly negative and on Youtube mostly positive – what’s different between these 2 communities?

    I know very little of the guy. But after hearing coach Casey talk about him and seeing his Toronto workout – I’m pretty much excited! Offensive skills look solid, able to create room for himself, good drive to the hoop and good air, stable long range shot. He’ll have to prove himself but again – intrigued. Looking forward to the next season.

    • … Youtube commenters are the pond scum of western civilization, Score commenters aren’t?

      Just a guess.

      • Would think the same way, but so far you can see more wailing and gnashing of teeth here than on youtube, especially personally on Ross and BC. Anyway, peace to everyone, hope to hear more on all the picks by you guys.

  6. Great and informative podcast by the way!

  7. Come on people he can’t be worse than Rasual Butler! This is a step up really!

  8. Missing out on Green by just two picks HURTS. The guy is going to be a superb sixth man – plays three positions, good passing skills for his size, great competitor. I’m more mad about that than the 1st rounder, since Ross is basically comparable to any other 2-guard that was waiting around.

    I assume there’s not much interest out there for Ed Davis, because otherwise trading David and landing Drummond would’ve made sense.

    • Agree on Green (not sure he plays more than 2 positions though) but somehow I doubt the Raps would have taken him.

  9. Great commentary guys!

  10. Rivers will be a bust.. How can he be a point guard when he never passes… Lol

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