Terrence Ross

To almost everyone’s surprise, the Raptors selected 21-year-old shooting guard Terrence Ross from the University of Washington. Here is Joseph Casciaro’s scouting report on Ross from earlier this month.

I’m not terribly familiar with Ross’ game, but he strikes me as a fairly well-rounded player with good athleticism and impressive shooting range. At six-foot-seven, 197 pounds, he needs to bulk up quite a bit, but assuming the Raptors plan on keeping him, how long until he’s breathing down DeMar DeRozan’s neck for the starting two-guard role?

Since Joseph marked Ross as a “mid-to-late first round steal” in his post, I imagine there is some wailing and gnashing of teeth among Raptors fans right now. Anyone in the comments want to talk them off the ledge? Or will you all join hands and jump?

Update No. 1: The Toronto Raptors’ official Twitter account re-tweeted and then promptly deleted this tweet. Yeah, not such a great way to get fans fired up about this pick.

Update No. 2: Here’s video of the Ross selection, viewable in Canada only.

Update No. 3: The Raptors took another 21-year-old, six-foot-seven player with their 37th overall pick — forward Quincy Acy from Baylor. I don’t know anything about him, but Joseph Casciaro tweeted this about him: “If you like workhorses…you will LOVE Quincy Acy. Perfect bench-type player. High energy, great motor”.

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  1. Im ready to take the leap who wants to join me

  2. I like the pick personally. He seems to have a big enough frame that he can grow into. I think he could play SF for us before too long.

  3. I’m really disapointed in that pick… I would had take Lamb or River over him no question with that.

    But what really hurt me much is how close we almost got Barne who fell to the 7th pick.. Because of a single win, a stupid flip, we couldnt put a hand on him. it sux -_-

    • Rivers and Lamb don’t shoot the ball that well, compared to Ross. He’s exactly what Toronto needs

  4. Safe pick. will be a contributor, but Raps fans wanted a bigtime boom or bust type gamble.

    • WTF are you talking about Safe Pick?! Are you lost?! There is nothing safe about making a 10-15 spot stretch on a player who can’t create his own shot! He’s a jump shooter with poor shot selection! Faaaaaaaantastic!

  5. But time will tell us. Maybe they saw something into him that was lacking in the others SG still avalaible when it was their turn.

  6. I HATE that he let Drummond pass. I think he will regret that, for sure.

    But with respect to Terrence Ross, I think he’s going to be a good pro. It’s an alright pick, and he could start with Demar.

    But, they still should have rolled the dice with Drummond.

  7. We sat through all of that for Terrence Ross.


    • By All of That, you must mean this waste of a season.

      We tanked for T-Ross.

      green font/

      Well done BC

      /green font

  8. i’m not gonna lie, i’m disappointed with this pick. ross seems like a good rotation player, but like you guys said, he needs to seriously bulk up. i guess we have no choice but to give him a shot if the raps decide to keep him.

  9. one flipping coin toss and we lost harrison barnes. that makes me sad.
    i hope that raptors can atleast trade for kyle lowry

    • There’s no way that’s going to happen. The chances of that went out the window after drafting Terrance Ross. In theory, if they really wanted to grab Lowry they would have traded a decent player and their pick, for him, and one of their picks later in the middle section of the draft (which ironically, would have probably netted them the same player they drafted at the 8 spot).

      • drummond/davis/bayliss and/or calderon to houston for lowry but as you pointed out gone

        i think is silly nash thing again because he is right colour versus lowry

    • We got Lowry, actually

  10. Whatever thinking motivated this pick is the reason the Raptors consistently suck, despite sucking enough to get good picks.

  11. While I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out better than Barnes, Lamb, or Rivers, I don’t understand why they couldn’t trade down to get him. Don’t think he has the size to play the 3 but looks like he can shoot, play D, and he’s really athletic. More than I can say for DD.

  12. Can someone fire Colangelo already? Please? In what world is it acceptable to draft a player who is considered to not even be a top 15 calibre player at the 8 spot? Now I understand that Cleveland may have thrown a wrench into the Raps plans, but in all honesty there is no excuse for their choice, especially when the likes of Drummond, Henson, Rivers and Lamb are still on the board. Even if he was the pick that Toronto wanted, why not trade down for a later pick and a decent player? I just don’t get it. Personally, I think that Colangelo has relegated Toronto to the role of league laughing stock yet again, and furthermore, after tonight I believe that there is no way that I see the likes of Nash (or any decent player for that matter) wanting to come to Toronto to play with a band of subpar players with limited potential and losing attitudes.

    • Time will heal all wounds …. Last year we were jumping off the CN Tower when BC drafted Val now we can’t wait to see him suit up for Raps.

      I fell off the couch when his name was called although, I have faith in Ed Stafansky and BC.

      As for Nash my fingers are crossed and my credit card is ready for some season tickets if he comes.

      • Not to be disrespectful, but how do you have faith in a management team that drafted the likes of Bargnani at number 1, and sold the farm (which included the likes of Roy Hibbert) for a busted Jermaine O’neal? I understand that IF ( and that’s a serious if) they do end up acquiring Nash, this pick isn’t that bad. They have a spot on perimeter shooter that Nash can dish it out to. But I think that this whole ordeal puts way too many eggs in one basket for the Raps. A. Who’s to say he’s even going to end up coming here. (He’s on the verge of becoming a hall-of-famer, and putting a ring on top of his long list of accolades would definitely solidify his induction) B. Even if he does come, he’s nearing retirement meaning that we’re going to need another quality point guard in the near future, thus, making this endeavour pointless.

        • I get your point about those other moves but at the end of the day I think both of those moves we’re made to give Bosh a side kick in the front court … It didn’t turn out that way …. It sucks but it’s time to get over it and move on.

          For whatevervreason I do think Nash is coming to town.

        • Chris Bosh. I don’t need to say anything more.

      • why – nash is not going to do anything more here in toronto than he did in phonix who had better players last year than raptors will next year

        whole nash thing is nothing but marketing which puts sales of tshirts before product on court

    • totally agree..poor preparation on part of raptors as no way that ross was their first pick when you consider that he would have been on board at 12 where houston was picking

      so why not do the smart thing and trade with houston who were obviously in the mood

      they were probably holding out for shot at barnes/lilard/waiters but was pretty clear on all mock boards that they were going to be gone

      and to top it all off you just told demar derozan he is expendable

    • On point.
      seriously…quincy acy?

    • I would have hated to take John Henson, especially that early. I would much rather have gambled Andre Drummond or Jared Sullinger instead.

  13. the problem in toronto is management , we r bush league and doomed to be losers as this pick shows i used to have 4 seats at centre court . i let two of them lapse, this is the last year i throw good money after bad,byby raptors i have now lost complete interest. the only thing that surprised me is that we didnt trade number 8 for a has been like hakim or jermaine, but there still is time, toronto trying to fill seats haha i hope team moves to kansas city. raptors suck the big one

  14. This reeks of mediocrity.

    • Mediocrity is the upside.

      This is the type of pick a franchise in this position should be avoiding but when the GM is fighting for his job, this is what you’re going to get.

  15. What are they waiting to trade their 2nd round pick in order to draft Jones III ??

    He really worth the chance taking with him! I would have been happier with Jones III than Ross so..

  16. Bah too late the Thunder just got their hands on him! What a steal at the 28th rank wow!

  17. Wow i cant believe the Raps let drummond slip by especially considering aaron gray was our starting centre last year. This is a major “high risk, high reward” pick for Colangelo and I hope it works out or this will be the nail that seals his coffin as the Raps’ GM.

    • Good Point.
      There is absolutley a need for another center on this team. Maybe if we are lucky he will also be big, white, and ill suited for the 5 spot. We should have traded that pick for Byron Mullins and a back of Doritos.

  18. Let me see if I understand this right:

    1) Lots of rumours earlier that Raps were going to trade down or out to try and get a proven SF to help lure Nash.

    2) Reporters like Wolstat and Eric Smith are saying Ross was picked, partly, because he would fit with Nash. Right, because there’s no difference between Terrence Ross and Rudy Gay? Of course Ross can’t play SF anyway. So what happened to the SF hunt?

    There must be other moves coming right? They just took Acy in the 2nd round, because we’re clearly short on PFs? Why would Nash want to play for this team when there’s not a top 10 player at any position (not even close in most cases), unless he only cares about money and/or really wants to play in Canada?

  19. San Francisco taking Barnes one pick before us that they won on a coin toss just feels like genuine Toronto Raptors to me. This wouldn’t be the franchise I know and love if Barnes fell to us and we got him.

  20. going to interesting to see career comparison of lame at 42 versus ross at 8

    i have suspicion they won’t be far off when all said and done

  21. lamb sorry – 8th pick was lame !

  22. nash is coming to toronto and chris bosh will re-sign with raptors …lol

  23. May be its the expectations of the pick, but I’m more excited about Acy than I am about Ross. I think Acy can be a Reggie Evans with hops back up big.

  24. I just don’t get it. Your chance to roll the dice and get an impact player…and you get a role player who has the upside to be an average/below average starter. I wasn’t that big on Drummond but atleast he has potential, not to mention Lamb, Rivers, etc.

    The worst part is we could have just traded down a bit and got something in return.

  25. i was not even angry about the pick until i seen what the raps tweeted why draft someone you know will never be a game changer.

    o my god do you know how popular Austin rivers would been in ringing free agents and he’s winning attitude even Jeremy lamb wow i hate the raps most of all hate Bryan collangelo

  26. Ross is a sf not a 2 guard this is a classic case of positional need not best player available . He’s a good knock down shooter and can be an eddie jones type player. It would have been better to get Drummond then trade but hey nothing can b done now

  27. Anybody else feel that the Raps might have been able to trade down, maybe grab an extra second rounder, and still get Ross? Nice that there is no worry defensively about him, but it seems like Colangelo is getting LAZY on draft day with this move.
    Big mistake not trading up for Waiters, he will be the biggest star of this draft.
    Big mistake not droppping down, getting a second pick, and adding Wroten, and we could amnesty Calderon, giving the team to Bayless.
    Big Mistake not grabbing PJ3, but everyone else screwed up there.

    Bottom Line is we are no closer to an 8th seed. Hopefully we can grab up one or two of the undraftededs (Jones, Machado), maybe make up for that Quincy Acy mistake…..

    I once remember Tom Gugliotta being drafted and being called a poor man’s Larry Bird. Considering Googs overall impact; what is the point of drafting a poor man’s Reggie Evans?

    and also… 3 guys for Zellar?? they know thats not Cody, right?

    • Dion Waiters’ stock rose because of constant comparisons to Dwyane Wade, that’s a big red flag.

      I used to see Tony Wroten Jr. as a sleeper, but he is atrocious at shooting (worse than several Raptor shooters), plays too much of a flashy game instead of the smart, more productive game, and can very well be uncoachable. Now I’m glad we don’t have him.

      Two problem’s with amnestying Jose Calderon to start Bayless full time:

      1. Exercising the Amnesty clause on Calderon would be an absolute waste of an asset. He’s in the final year of his contract, meaning he can be a good salary dump. What should the Raptors do instead? Trade him for a late-first or a second-round pick or two, give up Tomislav Zubčić and/or Andrea Bargnani in the deal if they have to.

      2. Jerryd Bayless is not a starting point guard. He lacks the basketball IQ and court vision to be a floor general and has poor shot selection to be a starting shooting guard (again, going back to low IQ). There’s a reason why Calderon is still starting after having his starting job put on the line against TJ Ford, Jarrett Jack, and Jerryd himself. Scott Machado should have been our pick at #37 even though I love Quincy Acy’s attitude and intangibles.

      Pretty much everybody available at #8 was a middling if not highly-risky option. In fact, I’d argue that Dion Waiters was way overhyped in less than a month and Harrison Barnes too was both middling and highly-risky.

  28. So exactly what makes everyone in here a draft guru, despite not having even a fraction of the scouting resources that the Raptors have?

    I absolutely hate when fans (ESPECIALLY in this city) act like they know more than the people paid to make these decisions. No one knows how these picks are going to turn out until they step onto an NBA court. Please, just stop.

    • right……..drafting resources shall never be second guessed……unless you are the clippers, or the bobcats, or the wolves, or the raptors, or the blazers. Pistons were right to pick Darko and Sam Bowie is better than Jordan.

      Go back to watching the Leafs Bobdigi. No seond guessing that organization right?

      Please, just stop.

      • There’s no issue with anyone having an opinion, but stop spouting off as if your opinion is gospel. If you had all the answers you’d be a GM somewhere instead of being nothing more than another armchair warrior. If you’re so sure you have all the answers, go buy a freakin lottery ticket.

    • Exactly what Missing Weems said. I’m guessing bobdigi08 is also one of those who never questioned Rob Babcook when he made those brilliant picks while he’s in charge.

    • When the people paid to make those dections surprise those who run multiple mock drafts and are paid to anaylze future NBA prospects it is natural to question the Raptors.

      • Since Sullinger was pegged by those who run mock drafts to be much higher, will you also be naturally questioning those that run the mock drafts?

  29. Valancunis anyone?

  30. Ross is a good solid pick. Just imagine being a Cleveland fan. They pass on Valanciunas last year and pick Waiters this year. They pass on Robinson or Barnes for a back-up 2-guard.

  31. Ok, sure, we may not have the resources of Colangelo, but that just makes it worse: it’s a friggin logic-based decision! We could have gotten Ross later, and everyone but BC and you seem to understand this. It’s not an issue of flushing out talent, it’s pure logic.

  32. I’m really disappointed to see so many Raptors complainers on this blog. Before you guys whine like babies, you guys should do your research to find out who TRoss is. He is a great pick! I’ve been following him the last 2 years. He showed his stuff at the workouts and was liked by many BB teams b/c he was considered one of the most athletic players there. He was one of the highest measurements compare to all. He’s a shooter, defender, and can create his own shot. He runs the floor; and oh he loves doing his dunks from a lob. He’s humble. He’s a great wing player. Give TRoss a chance to show you guys his talent, rather than trashing the Raptors. Don’t rely on mock drafts b/c that is all a guessing game. They don’t have the real inside scoop on how well BB players do at the workouts and how they fit into a team. TRoss shoots better than A. Rivers based on the percentage and Raptors assessment. So can you guys do your research and get to know TRoss. You’ll find yourself eating your hats later. Welcome TRoss to Toronto and cheer your team on!

  33. I wasn’t thrilled with taking Terrence Ross either. I expected Jeremy Lamb or Austin Rivers instead (key word: expected). I thought that Jared Sullinger had the most talent available, but was in danger of washing out of the league because of less athleticism and recent health concerns with his back. I was scared of taking Jones III. Sure he, Lamb, Rivers, and Drummond have the potential to become stars in this league, but I relate that hope to that which came along with Michael Beasley, OJ Mayo, and DeMar DeRozan.

    Better yet, how could you be against drafting this player if star potential is what you wanted?


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