Terrence Ross

To almost everyone’s surprise, the Raptors selected 21-year-old shooting guard Terrence Ross from the University of Washington. Here is Joseph Casciaro’s scouting report on Ross from earlier this month.

I’m not terribly familiar with Ross’ game, but he strikes me as a fairly well-rounded player with good athleticism and impressive shooting range. At six-foot-seven, 197 pounds, he needs to bulk up quite a bit, but assuming the Raptors plan on keeping him, how long until he’s breathing down DeMar DeRozan’s neck for the starting two-guard role?

Since Joseph marked Ross as a “mid-to-late first round steal” in his post, I imagine there is some wailing and gnashing of teeth among Raptors fans right now. Anyone in the comments want to talk them off the ledge? Or will you all join hands and jump?

Update No. 1: The Toronto Raptors’ official Twitter account re-tweeted and then promptly deleted this tweet. Yeah, not such a great way to get fans fired up about this pick.

Update No. 2: Here’s video of the Ross selection, viewable in Canada only.

Update No. 3: The Raptors took another 21-year-old, six-foot-seven player with their 37th overall pick — forward Quincy Acy from Baylor. I don’t know anything about him, but Joseph Casciaro tweeted this about him: “If you like workhorses…you will LOVE Quincy Acy. Perfect bench-type player. High energy, great motor”.