A full evacuation fire alarm here at theScore headquarters threw a wrench into our plans for another podcast, but here are some media clips from Friday for your viewing pleasure:

Terrence Ross discusses what he could read from the Raptors after his pre-Draft workout for the team.

Quincy Acy, who I think can become a fan-favourite in Toronto (though I’m disappointed that he was selected over Baylor teammate Quincy Miller), explains his selection of jersey No. 4, and how it relates to the previous Raptor to wear the number, you know, the Raptors’ franchise leader in most categories?

Lastly, Bryan Colangelo reminds us that it’s impossible to judge a Draft the day after it happened, instead of letting the players settle the debate.

The only question I have left: What, no Zubcic?

In case you missed it, the Raptors have extended qualifying offers to Jerryd Bayless and Sonny Weems (remember him), which really only means that the Raps have the chance to match any offer either player receives. I can still see J-Bay back in Toronto next season. Weems, not so much.

Also, Eric Koreen shot down the random internet report that stated Colangelo had announced he was going to amnesty Calderon. If the Raptors end up signing Steve Nash, this is obviously a legitimate possibility, but I’d still like to see what Calderon’s solid season and expiring contract could fetch on the trade market.

Have a great Canada Day weekend, Forza Azzurri on Sunday, and remember to check back with us throughout the weekend to keep abreast of any Raptors-related news that may leak through.

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  1. He’s obviously hearing all the criticism. He’s in defensive mode. I don’t think he’ll ever regret making the Ross pick (Ross is a solid SG who will probably end up being better than DeRozan- possibly immediately), it’s what he didn’t do that I think will haunt the team for the foreseeable future. He didn’t try and trade up for a guy like Beal or Gilchrist, who have higher ceilings than Ross.

    I do think he’ll regret not taking a chance on a player with more upside with the second round pick.

    • Glad you’re able to fill us in on what the GM was “trying” to do before the draft. Keep us posted, will you?

    • What makes you think they weren’t trying? I’m sure a lot of teams were trying to move into the top five. I’m sure any potential deal would have began with Valanciunas and trading him for anyone other than Davis would have been the biggest mistake they could have made. You talk as if there were all these deals on the table for the taking and that BC just decided to pass but since no deals were made with anyone, it makes me doubt that there were any realistic options for Toronto to move up

      • I think BC’s whole mindset is around keeping the “core” of his team in tact for next season, try and prove what “great” picks he made, and eventually get an extension.

        Let’s not forget Sean, if they REALLY wanted to, they could have traded Bargnani and Calderon at the deadline which would have given them an extra first rounder or two. BC has maintained cap flexibility as one of his top priorities, which tells me they weren’t willing to take on more salary at the trade deadline even if it meant more picks.

    • Agreed. I like Ross, he’s much better player to have at SG than Lamb or Rivers. And I do think he is going to be a better all around player than DeRozan, if he isn’t already.

      Yep, a massive fail by Colangelo IMO. Building for right now, and even worse, around Steve Nash in order to make the playoffs next season and get an extension.

      Dollars before championships in Toronto… got to love our GM and owners.

      • Is having someone who can run the floor with Steve Nash the worst idea. We could potentially package Demar and Jose and a 1st rounder and maybe Ed Davis for Pau Gasol.

        • I’ve already said Ross isn’t a bad pick. The strategy of picking a SG specifically for Nash, and doing so by passing up the possible second best player to due so is a huge mistake, HUGE.

          Also, signing a 38 year old Nash is already bad enough for the Raptors.

          Packaging DeRozan, Calderon, Davis, and a 1st Rounder for Pau Gasol is an even worse mistake.

          • I hear you. I have to say I actually agree. I really only like the Nash idea from an marketing standpoint.

    • although i do agree getting mkg would be the best way to end the draft, i dont think beal is a better prospect than ross. quite the opposite, in fact, as beal strikes me as a more accomplished player whose further development will be hampered by a lack of size. terrence, on the other hand has all the room to grow. he stands at 6’7”, is a smooth athlete and has great lateral quickness. wait till he gets stronger, develops his handles and polishes his shot a little.

  2. I like Acy’s beard, very Harden like.

  3. fix your media player man, cant watch anything! keeps saying loading and im in canada

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