Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll have plenty of time to either dissect the Raptors’ acquisition of Steve Nash, or debate why exactly Toronto couldn’t seal the deal.

If Bryan Colangelo does the seal the deal, there will also be plenty of room for discussion on how Nash could impact the current edition of the Raptors, as well as the franchise as a whole.

But as of right now (or at least as I write this), all we know is that Steve Nash is an unrestricted free agent, and that the Raptors are one of the teams pursuing his services.

So if you wake up on Canada Day and want to know what you might have missed re: Nash through the night, here’s a quick list to get you up to speed:

- The Raptors, Knicks, Heat, Pacers and possibly still the Suns will make their big pitches to Nash some time today, while Nash is in New York. Also, the loser of the Deron Williams (plus Jason Kidd) sweepstakes between the Nets and Mavericks is expected to be in on Nash as well.

- The Raptors will probably offer the most lucrative contract of any of the bidding teams, with most reports pegging the offer between $10-12 million per year for two-to-three years.

- Bryan Colangelo, Dwane Casey and Larry Tanenbaum are reportedly the main components of what was once rumoured to be a five-man team that flew to New York on Tanenbaum’s private jet to woo Nash. The Raptors reportedly have an elaborate package and presentation for Nash that includes a taped video plea from Wayne Gretzky, as well as the option to bring The Great One in via speed dial if they so choose.

We will discuss this all more in-depth over the next little while, but whether you agree with the chasing of Nash or not, one thing is certain: If this whole production works and Colangelo returns to Toronto with an unofficial agreement between Nash and the Raptors, this whole crazy night, from an assistant coach’s wedding, to the private jet, to Wayne Gretzky pitching in, is going to live on forever in Canadian basketball lore.

UPDATE: A reported two-hour meeting between the Raptors and Nash on Sunday resulted in a three-year offer worth $36 million. Meanwhile, Doug Smith writes that his “educated guess” is that we’ll know Nash’s decision “by dinnertime Wednesday, maybe before.”