The Raptors and restricted free agent Landry Fields have agreed to a three-year offer sheet, as first reported on twitter by ESPN’s Marc Stein, that “approaches $20 million.”

Stein also tweeted that the third year of the deal would likely see a spike in salary, similar to the offer sheet Omer Asik agreed to with the Rockets.

Nothing can be signed until July 11, but once the paperwork is complete next Wednesday, the Knicks will have three days to match Toronto’s offer.

Fields just turned 24-years-old last week and has had a solid yet unspectacular start to his career in two seasons with the Knicks as a “glue-guy” kind of wing player. He was an eye-opening player and looked like a steal as a rookie, but was disappointing for New York this past season.

He’s yet to miss a game in his two-year career and adjusted to 36 minutes, has averaged 11.2 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.3 steals in 148 games. He’s averaged 9.3 points and 5.4 rebounds in 30 minutes per game. The Stanford product has shot 48 per cent from the field, but struggles from three-point range (34.4 %) and struggles mightily at the free throw line (66.9%), though he doesn’t get there much (2.3 attempts per 36 minutes).

Obviously, signing Fields would have nothing to do with offence and everything to do with defence and rebounding, where Fields excels for a wing player. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him so far in his short NBA stay, but I also think James Johnson gives you virtually the same productivity on the court for much less of a financial commitment.

What’s most interesting about this offer is that Fields was one of the Knicks players brought up in sign-and-trade rumours with the Suns for Steve Nash. If those rumours had truth to them, Bryan Colangelo may have just dented New York’s chances of landing Kid Canada for now, unless Nash is cool with simply signing with the Knicks for the $3.09 million mid-level exception.

Alex Kennedy puts it nicely:

If the Raps swing and miss on Nash, you’d have to assume the Knicks won’t match this “poison pill” offer-sheet anyway, and perhaps acquiring Fields helps Toronto’s slim chances of nabbing Jeremy Lin, you know, now that they might have his couch-supplying saviour and all.

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  1. 20 million to knock knicks out of nash contention? Money well spent.

  2. That’s a good move from the raptors good

  3. I get the strategic aspect of it but it’s still insane.

    I’m praying that the Knicks decide to match for some reason.

    • Agreed. From a strategic perspective, this is brilliant. It’s like a chess game and I love how creative this approach is.

      But from a basketball perspective…really??? Damn it, I don’t know what the hell BC is doing. What happens if somehow Nash doesn’t sign? Then you’re stuck with Landry and his oversized contract for 3-years. Even if he does sign, you have all this money tied in to a 38-year old, a 6th man (at best), and a 7 footer who, other than 13 games, is best suited as a bench scorer.

      I just hope I’m completely wrong and it all just happens to work out. Nash keeps chugging along until his 3rd year, Landry somehow explodes, and Bargs extrapolates on those 13 games. At least we’ll get to the playoffs at least once in those 3 years! Though I guess it would add excitement for next season, something that’s been lacking for a while.

  4. Where’d those numbers come from on Fields? Why are you trying to make him seem better than he is?

    30 Mins per game, 9.3 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 2.2 APG, and 1.1 SPG.

    • You must have been temporarily blinded before finishing the sentence: “per 36 minutes”

  5. I like the player – do not want him for 3 years/20 mil., though. Way too much.

  6. At least he’s better than DeRozan in practically every way, that’s probably the main subplot outside of the obvious Nash implications.

  7. Im cheaper than Fields, and stickier too! I will play for food.

  8. I’m glad this new CBA is preventing owners from handing out absurd contracts to marginal players…

  9. It’s going to be a nightmare if Nash signs elsewhere and the Raptors are stuck with that Fields contract. SMH

    • The contract is far too rich, but “stuck with the contract” is clearly an outdated perspective. See: Lewis, Rashard.

      In other news, Joe Johnson’s “untradeable” contract was just traded today w/ 4(!) years remaining.

      Anyway, agreed it’s far too much, but eating up cap space is the real problem.

  10. This is a good signing… But it’s also another reason to be frustrated with the Ross pick for not taking Drummond. Why take Ross if you knew you were going after Fields in free agency?

    • Because you didn’t know you were going after Fields?

      I’m assuming that once BC saw that Nash is leaning towards New York he wanted some type of upper hand and found this creative approach.

      • Because you didn’t know you were going after Fields? Well, maybe, but I highly doubt you decide to try and sign someone overnight.

        I personally think Fields would have been targetted by the Raptors the entire off season. Which means they probably drafted Ross knowing that they would also sign Fields.

  11. Just the latest round of Colangelo throwing a bunch of shit at a wall and hoping something sticks. What a clown. It wasn’t Nash’s job to make basketball relevant again in TO, or Canada. It was BC’s job. What a spectacle to see a man moving so desperately to basically just give up.

    • It appears that Mr. Colangelo is attempting to hire Mr. Nash to make the Toronto Raptors relevant again, and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring that plan to fruition. Even if he fails, he’s upgraded the small forward position for slightly more that the average salary. Ergo, Mr. Dribbles, I believe that it is you who is the clown.

  12. I’m not a huge Fields fan, but his defense would be pretty welcome on this team. I bet Casey will like it, too.

  13. I like Fields, but it was another “safe” move for Colangelo, who are setting the Raptors up to be an Atlanta Hawks wannabe. He’s adding more and more role players to a team with very little high ceiling talent.

    Raptor fans will be ecstatic, at first, to make the playoffs, but my prediction is that after 2 or three years of not getting past the first round, fans will start grumbling. Was just making the playoffs fine when they went with Bosh?

    • Completely agree. Dont get how so many fans and bloggers are so excited about fields. Hes a young anthony parker essentially. I would be very upset if this is BC’s idea of upgrading the SF position by just throwing another mediocre player in the mix. Maybe it means they can trade derozan for a an iggy or gay. I would do it. Adding fields and nash wont do anything for this shit team. Even in the east.

  14. Colangelo is pretty much a disaster…. james johnson is the same player essentially (as the article pointed out)… sigh… does BC really believe his evaluations of players like kapono, turk, kleiza and now fields are based on reality? the $$ way exceed the talent. it’s just mind boggling that anyone could possible get behind BC at this point… i mean, even two years ago it was painfully obvious that this franchise was slowly disintegrating under plain terrible choices, or godawful timing for the right choices (hiring triano example a; firing triano example b)… moves like o’neal for hibbert…. insisting on re-molding roles to try to fit bargnani in where he just didn’t fit…

    the raptors are now at a point where they’re simply ridiculous. Nash or no Nash; it doesn’t even matter… until and unless management changes it’s very hard to conceive of this team moving in a consistent forward direction for the foreseeable future.

    i realize there are some out there who have pinned a great deal of hope to JVal… to them i can only sadly shake my head…

  15. Knowbody can really judge what BC is doing until the season starts. This is just one of many moves he will make. I think its come down to whatever BC does people are gonna bitch and complain. Guess thats the hockey factor coming into play. Defence is what wins championships. Relax people

  16. Complete overpay as well. Fields is the type of role player you add for $3-4 M when you have a solid foundation already in place. The raptors do not.

  17. You know I wonder if some of you people actually pay attention to the NBA landscape.. Have you looked at the wing that are playing the game right now? Let alone this year’s free agents? Honest to go I think most Toronto sports fans think GMs can just make star players appear out of thin air!

  18. Landry Fields, the worlds tallest Mon Chee Chee.
    bc is a clown.

  19. FYI, Fields got more $ than jason terry. Terry is 10x better. Great job, BC.

    • I swear half of you talk like you are hockey fans who know absolutely nothing about the current economics of the NBA. Not to mention several of you are missing the point of this being an offer sheet that is just meant to screw the Knicks out of Nash and not about getting Fields. Read the whole article and not the headline before you comment.

    • Are you posting this Jason Terry comparison EVERYWHERE on the internet? I just read the same thing on RaptorsHQ.

      It’s an absolutely ridiculous comparison. First off, Terry is 10 years older than Fields. And Terry does one thing well: Score. And his only role is that of a 3rd guard off the bench. In Dallas he fit in perfectly, because Dallas needed another scorer off the bench. And you also have to assume we will see the continued decline that we’ve seen the last couple of years.

      Landry isn’t the scorer that Terry is, but he’s a much better rebounder and defender, and he’s only 24 years old. If you need bench scoring from a veteran who is on the decline, you go with Terry. But that doesn’t mean Terry is worth more.

  20. I’m in a bit of disbelief. Why not just offer Nash 45 mil instead of $36? it would only be $10 more million instead of 20, and there would be no chance of getting stuck with Fields.

    This makes no sense to me, at all. Heck, I think Forbes is just as good, but 1/10th the price.

  21. Don’t know what you guys are complaining about. Fields was one of the leaders at his position in rebounding and fg% AS A ROOKIE and still was tops per 36 at his position as a second year man. His numbers were solid until Knicks signed JR Smith, gave Melo free rein, and increased the usage of Novak. The numbers you see from Fields are lower than his ability. BC Increases his chances of signing Nash and if Knicks match Fields’ offer and get Nash, the Raptors greatly increase their shot at Linsanity since the Knicks would have nabbed Nash and thus make Lin more expendable.

    Great move BC!

    • And Mike James once averaged 20 ppg. So? D’antoni’s system is well known for inflating stats, so I’m skeptical that he will end up living up to those rookie numbers that he put up on a loosing team with a stat inflating coach.

      He will be a decent rebounder, but I’m not sure if our starting SG outrebounding our PF does anything except make me want to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon. And on that FG%, I look at the 3-pt fg%, which is what we need, and see it plummit from a very respectable 39% in his rookie year to a DD-like 25% this past year. How’s that not raise a red flag.

      I’m not saying he’s a bad player, but is he really better than DD or forbes? And if the answer is no, then there are 20 million capspace reasons not to sign him.

  22. I do not like this signing one bit.
    The Raptors do not need to overpay for average talent. We have plenty of that right now.

    It’s time to use the cap space to get elite talent with upside.

    If Nash wants to come to Toronto, great. But if he doesn’t, then blocking another team won’t act as an incentive.

    More pieces may fall, but I think it’s time to start looking for a new GM for next off-season.

    • Uhhh it’s just so frustrating!
      klinas at 6M, amir at 8, calderon at 10 and this years award for nice-guy-turned-overpaid-slob goes to landry fields!

      but yeah Ryan, this is a great article! Keep it up man and you will get there.

  23. Is this even a signing? Can the Raptors rescind their offer before July 11? Dunno how it all actually works.

  24. I do not like this deal one bit. Nash is now a Laker, so this has turned out to be a loosing gamble by BC.
    Not to mention, but one of the best small forwards on the market this offseason, Michael Beasley, who would have made a MUCH better addition then fields, was signed by the Suns, 3 years $18million….
    There is no way in hell that Fields is worth $2million more than Beasley, Colangelo really fucked up

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