Some Canadians dreamed of a scenario where Steve Nash would agree to join the Raptors on Canada Day. Now the fear is that he’ll agree to join the Knicks on the Fourth of July.

Two heavy-hitting NBA reporters, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports and Marc Stein of ESPN, are reporting that the Knicks and Suns are discussing sign-and-trade possibilities that would see New York acquire Nash and keep him around on a three-year deal worth anywhere from $25-30 million (Woj says $27-30 million, Stein says $25 million range).

Whatever happens, Nash has played his cards beautifully from a business perspective throughout this whole deal. He created extra interest from non-contending teams (or maybe just Toronto) by admitting money was still a big factor. He got the Raptors to set a very expensive market for him, and waited until after Deron Williams re-signed with the Nets, when everyone knew teams looking for a star point guard would become increasingly desperate.

One way or another, I would hope that Bryan Colangelo is in the know about what’s going on and what Toronto’s chances are of still landing Nash. If he’s led to believe the Raps are still very much in it, the so be it. But if it’s becoming increasingly clear to Colangelo and co. that Nash will be a Knick, they better be shifting their attention to Plan B.

Reports still speculate that the Knicks would still at least try to match any offer for Jeremy Lin, and the Rockets are set to offer Lin a four-year deal worth around $30 million, so if Nash signs with the Knicks and Lin is the backup plan, the Raps better be ready to shell out some serious long-term cash for Lin and hope he wasn’t just a flash in the pan.

If the Raptors miss on Nash and either can’t acquire Lin or just don’t feel he’s worth it, I’ll remind you that my preference would be to then hope you can get something for Jose Calderon’s expiring contract and give Jerryd Bayless a chance to prove that he can be this team’s point guard of the future. As I wrote on Tuesday, why overpay or sell the farm for guys like Goran Dragic or Kyle Lowry when Bayless has produced at a similar clip with starters’ minutes, is two years younger than both Dragic and Lowry, and will likely be much cheaper than both, at least for this season?

UPDATE: If, like me, the thought of overpaying Goran Dragic scares the hell out of you, at least you can find some small consolation in this tweet from Stein on Wednesday afternoon:

While I still believe giving Bayless a chance is worth a shot, acquiring Lowry, who is set to earn around $12 million total over the next two years, would make me a heck of a lot happier than being the team that gives Dragic $8-10 million per year.

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  1. How are Landry Fields’ passing skills????

  2. Assuming Nash does go to NY:

    1) This is probably, and better be, the end of BC. He may not be fired immediately, but he sure as hell should not be renewed. For those of us who think he’s been an awful GM, this is actually good news. Whether MLSE can hire a better GM (Stefanski doesn’t excite me) will remain to be seen but uncertainty about alternatives is no reason to continue with repeated failure. What a nosedive after winning Exec of the Year in his 1st year.

    2) If you’re BC, and the Knicks just stared you down like that, might you be tempted to throw a really insane number at Lin and force them to match? I hope someone is restraining him, but MLSE would probably love it because Lin will make them huge $$.

    3) The idea that the Knicks could get Nash, match any offer for Lin, and still pay Amare, Melo, and Chandler makes a complete mockery of the lockout. Same situation in Brooklyn, especially if Dwight lands there.

    • Couldn’t have said your third point any better…And this leaves the league with at least 15-20 also ran’s with little to no hope of competing. WHAT LOCK OUT?

      • The NBA is the worst pro sports league in the world. Don’t get me wrong, basketball is the best sport (in my opinion) in the world, and the NBA has hands-down the best basketball players in the world. But the NBA, the actual league, is a joke. 5 teams have a chance to win a title each year, the other 25 play the role of the Washington Generals. Players don’t honour contracts and dictate their own teams and terms, and the league does nothing. The employees run the employers… Terrible loopholes in salary rules which are exploited year after year… Best sport. Best players. Worst league.

    • “This is probably, and better be, the end of BC.”

      true! because……because……. why?

      • @Renato and anyone else defending BC: Give me a break. The only metric that should matter is wins and losses. I simply do not understand how people who care about this team continue to defend BC. He had a good first year with the Parker, Garbo and TJ signings, but that’s it. The luck and/or good decision making ran out. The team has sucked since then. BC has not been able to land one all-star, but managed to lose one for practically nothing.

        What is the argument here? How do people who defend him measure success? Does success even matter?

      • Even I, who have been a pretty consistent defender of Colangelo, has lost faith in him and would like to see him replaced. Even if you still like him, you can’t deny that there are a laundry list of reasons to fire him.

    • Totally agree with point 3….

      Point 1)…Colangelo not being renewed…It’s a toss up,

      cuz if Valuncunias is as good as everyone says and works out to be a complete “stud” then that might be Colangelo’s saviour.

      Yes, Fields did suck last year. But not many guys flourish when Carmello constantly has the ball, secondly, a lot players don’t do as well during there second season, since the NBA players learns how to defend them.

      And Fields might be better and more effective in the Raps free flowing offense (Doug Smith, TorStar words). But I do agree.

      Terrence Ross might be great for us and Acy is a beast.

      So Colangelo does have some upside but he does need a good Plan B for not getting Nash and he needs to amnesty Calderon.

  3. Steve Nash just used the Raptors to drive up his price. He wanted New York. If he ends up a Knick, he’s no Canadian hero. Guy can’t wait 3 years to retire to NY fulltime??? If he was honest, he would’ve just said “thanks but no thanks” on Sunday. By toying with the fans, i’m expecting he gets a new reception next visit at the ACC: for the first time ever, Steve Nash will be booed in Canada. Crazy.

    • Yeah, that’s the only thing I could think about coming out of this whole situation.

      The GM of Team Canada will be mercilessly booed in the only games he plays in his home country during the NBA season and the amount of booing might put the reaction towards Stoudemire, McGrady, Carter and Bosh to shame.

      Absolutely mindblowing.

    • Huh? He should get booed because he didn’t want to play for a sad-sack team in TO during the last few seasons of his career? He NEVER said he wanted to play here. In fact, when asked, he specifically referenced “winning” first on his priority list. BC just pretended not to hear that and deluded himself like usual.

      And how was Nash going to reject TO’s offer before he got another fair offer? I swear, some fans of this team are on crack.

      BC knew damn well that NY was his preference. He fucking lives there and there are family issues that BC probably knows about. That’s why he made that offer to Fields to try and handicap them. People call that genius, and he probably just pissed off Nash because NY was clearly his first option from the get-go.

      Good riddance, BC.

      • I don’t think he deserves to get booed. Free agents can choose where they want to go, it’s all fair. But knowing T.O. sports fans – he will get booed, deserved or not.

      • I didn’t say he should get booed, I just know that he will which is going to make those Raptors home games vs, the Knicks into bizarro world.

      • It may have pissed off Nash but a lot of fans will look at it and think Nash is an asshole since BC “showed his committment to Nash” with the Fields move. In the end, it was just a gamble by BC and there were no guarantees. If it backfires, NYC will lose fields and I’d have to think Suns would demand Shumpert. They’re not all-stars or anything but important parts of the Knicks team. Other options still remain

      • read this and is all anybody (including bc) needed to figure out that nash was always going to new jack if he had chance

        • Exactly. It’s not about “winning”. It’s about New York City. If the Knicks and Raptors swapped rosters, and Toronto had Amare/Chandler/Carmelo, and the Knicks had Bargnani/DeRozan etc…, he would still want to sign with the Knicks.

    • Steve Nash is doing what is best for him. He’s made no promises, given no indication that Toronto was his first choice, and is choosing winning over money (well, a little more money).

      If Raptor fans boo him for wanting to win, instead of choosing mediocrity, then they deserve everything they get.

      • Knicks aren’t gonna win anything. Even with Nash, the Heat, or even a Bulls with a healthy Derrick Rose, would DEMOLISH the knicks in a series. I’d love to watch the Heat put Wade at the point and make Nash guard him… That would actually be painful to watch, for Nash’s sake. Amare and Carmelo probably give up 2 points for every 1 they score. Nash is not choosing Knicks for a title. He’s choosing Knicks for New York City, and no other reason. Knicks are one of the worst organizations in recent history, they just happen to play in one of the most desirable cities in North America. If that exact same roster/staff was based in Milwaukee, or Sacramento, Steve Nash would not be going there. It’s not the “Knicks” he wants. It’s NYC, plain and simple.

        • @Rick – The Knicks will win more than the Raps, but regardless, it is also absolutely about NYC. He LIVES there. Bruce Arthur tweeted something about an arrangement with his ex-wife to have his kids live there. Forget everything else, he may prefer NYC for that reason alone, and who would boo him for that? (answer: deranged Raps fans)

          Again, BC had to know TO was not his 1st choice, hence the Fields offer. So why try and force it? He could have made the initial offer, and let it be. He just raised the stakes because he has no restraint, or because MLSE was trying to force this.

          Hopefully the Knicks will match the Fields offer, since money is clearly no issue for them, and we can focus our efforts elsewhere.

        • Well, the Knicks have a MUCH better chance of doing anything than the Raptors. And if he chooses New York because it’s New York, so be it. That’s his choice.

          I hope no other good Canadian player ever becomes a free agent and has to put up with these Raptor fans who will feel spited if they don’t choose the Raptors. It’s ridiculous.

    • That’s a pretty wacky point of view – why would anyone, let alone Nash want to come to the Raptors? Nash played the market perfectly, as any player in his position would try to do. What does coming to the Raps offer Nash? NOTHING. So he plays in Canada, big deal. He’s done enough for Canada basketball. Why waste the last few years of his career playing for a team that can’t compete?? I’m a Toronto fan through and through, but our city/team offers nothing in the way of potential success in the near future. I’d go to NY if I was him too. To say he’s no Canadian hero if he doesn’t come here is beyond crazy…

  4. Forget about firing BC, this would only prove that Toronto is a pile of sh*t city that even Canadian NBAers want no part of. The team should definitely be moved to Winnipeg.

    • Then they would be so awesome……not

    • I’m usually not this mean but…. That is the most retarded suggestion I’ve ever heard. Winnipeg has never ever had an NBA team and moving the team from city with a population of 4-7 million to a city with 600 000 makes absolutely no sense. Looking at the economy of Winnipeg and how manitoba has had one of the highest unemployment rates since the economic downfall. If any Canadian city is going to be getting a team it would be Vancouver and that’s not happening anytime soon. I am of course a Winnipegger at heart born and raised. It is most definately a hockey city. As bad as Toronto’s attendance is its still in the upper third of the league. If Nash doesn’t want to come here that is ok we don’t need him. We should however try to grab Lin so we at least get something. Then have Jose shipped off or have him serve as a mentor to Lin for the next year.

      • I’ll concede your point and propose moving the team to Regina in response. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Regina Raptors!

      • shut up winnipeg is a shit whole! could never support the raptors! hillbillies at the raptors game lmao GOOD LUCK TRYING TO GET FREE AGENTS TO WINNIPEG WHEN THEY WONT EVEN COME TO TORONTO THE BEST SPORTS CITY IN THE WORLD!

  5. As sad as it sounds, but Steve Nash toying with, then dissing, the Raptors (if the Knick rumours are true) means Steve Nash might just indirectly kill pro basketball in his home country… If the lone Canadian NBA team cannot even land Steve Nash, Captain Canada/The Canadian Kid for more money and more offcourt financial opportunities than anybody else is offering, what does that say? Fanfare is at an alltime low. Attendance is sagging. The product on the court is weak. So what it says it’s just a matter of time, and the Raps will go like the Grizzlies before them, find a new home in Las Vegas or Seattle, and basketball in Canada will be dead. Not such a great move by the GENERAL MANAGER OF THE CANADIAN NATIONAL BASKETBALL TEAM!!! Guy could’ve saved the sport nationwide, instead he’ll indirectly kill it just so he can enjoy living in NYC fulltime a coupe years earlier. Knicks are not a contender with or with him. No team with Amare and Carmelo together will ever win anything… Justice would be the cRaptors find some miraculous way to actually finish ahead of NY in the standings…

    • “Steve Nash might just indirectly kill pro basketball in his home country”

      Wow, overreact much?

      Pro basketball is as healthy as can be in Canada, Steve Nash or not. They have one of the biggest markets in the NBA, one of the strongest fanbases, and are also one of the most profitable teams.

      I was not a backer of Nash coming to the Raptors, anyway. I’m a huge Nash fan, but I think him not coming is better for the franchise, in the long term.

      • Agree with Tim. Even if Nash and the Raptors didn’t exist, I would still love basketball. I’m pretty sure Andrew Wiggins would have taken up b-ball regardless of Nash and the Raps. Basketball has grown in this country with a terrible Raps franchise and a pretty much non-existent national team. Everyone will survive this. It’s just too bad BC had to stupidly risk so much national pride.

        The idea that TO can’t attract any good players has very little to do with the city/country and much more to do with the fact that the team has been so poorly managed for most of its existence. OKC is not some fantastic city. If they sucked, nobody would want to play there. Minnesota is now attracting FA interest because they have talent.

        Get a good GM here, get some legit talent, and players will come.

        • Andrew Wiggins’ father was a former NBAer, an American. He just happened to meet and marry a Canadian. So of course he would’ve taken up b-ball. Maybe not the best example.

          Actually I’ve often read stories connecting the increased number of Canadian players going to NCAA div 1, and now even getting drafted, partly due to both The Raptors and Steve Nash. An NBA team in the country, and an MVP/Allstar from the country both helped for sure.

      • The fanfare surrounding Nash in Toronto would be unreal. It’s probably equally a business move as a basketball move. Having said that, I’d kinda rather have Lowry

    • I agree, interest in the Raptors is probably at an alltime low, and Nash would instantly change that. A few years back, at the height of “vincesanity”, if a game was on, and i called 30 friends, literally 20+ were watching. Last season, if a game was on, and i called 30 friends, no more than 3 or 4 were watching. If Steve Nash signed, 20+ would be watching again, win or lose. And arena attendance is indeed down, it’s terrible energy in the building. I see the posters point about how it would really help the future of basketball in canada. Professional basketball at least. And that would improve the player pool for the national program as well, which Nash has a vested interest in.

      • Building an actually winning team with good long term prospects will also drive up fan interest. I’d rather go that route than try some gimmicky “wtch the former MVP finish his career with the Raptors!”.

        • We’re in a tough spot to build a winner. Unfortunately the rumour that many American NBA players don’t want to come here is true. Even moreso for “star” players. They come here when we offer the most money. I work in an industry where i’ve met many pro-ballers, Raptors as well as visitors. The truth is 90% of them ABSOLUTELY LOVE Toronto once they’ve been here a while. The problem is getting them to sign here in the first place. I’ve heard it from the mouths of many guys directly, players. Whether it’s ignorance or whatever, they would rather be in the USA. I hate it, but it’s true, so it’s hard to attract or keep the studs that are needed to be a good team in this unbalanced league.

    • A little harsh I would say considering he just took on the job of GM of Canada’s National Team in order to make the game stronger in Canada, not kill it. As many people have said, NASH NEVER SAID “TORONTO IS MY FIRST CHOICE” or he would have signed the bigger contract right away. I’m pretty sure that it’s been common knowledge that the Knicks were his 1st choice ever since D’Antoni was the coach, and just cuz he’s gone, doesn’t mean he changed his mind. THE ISSUE IS HIS KIDS AND FAMILY. His ex-wife lives in NY for, I believe, most of the year and Steve has a place there too that he stays in for much of the offseason when not travelling. Pretty sure it has alot to do with not needing to relocate his kids or have them change schools, sports teams (if involved), and everything else. EVERYONE NEEDS TO RELAX WHEN IT COMES TO FREE AGENCY IN ANY LEAGUE. Try being forced to decide on 10 different offers,while trying to consider what it means to your family and personal life, and do it in a day or two. People seem to forget that the whole family has to deal with any players decision to change teams and cities and there’s a lot more to it than just saying “Hmm, ya that team has good players and want to pay me alot so I’ll just go there”.
      @TheSp0rtsking (with a “0″)

  6. Another interesting subplot, who will BC blame for this if Nash does end up with the Knicks? Chris Bosh? I can’t see him bad mouthing Nash that much.

  7. The saddest part of this is that Toronto fans want Nash soooooooo badly, just to watch and cheer for him, even regardless if the team wins or not. However, after browsing online all day today, i’d say 75% of Knick fans are irate at the thought of trading Shumpert for Nash, looooooove Shumpert, feel they need his youth and D, and don’t really want Nash as their PG at his age and defensive abilities, and don’t even think he can help them be any better than they are. Yet he’s still trying to find anyway possible to go there. Strange. I’d rather go where i’m wanted. Especially if i get more $$$ with all that love.

    • I noticed that too. Knick fans, at least a serious majority of them, DO NOT want Nash for Shumpert. Obviously it’s up to the GM, not the fans. But i find that interesting.

  8. steve nash is a bitch & has bin since he stopped playing for canada & became an american piece of shit! i dont even want him anymore bun steve naah, you wanna go to the knicks to play with amare when you couldnt win with him on the suns & your never gonna win with carmelo on your team period hes a ball hog who needs the ball way to much to co exsist with nash! he just dosent fit there scheme so if he chooses the knicks where he wont win a championship hes a bitch & dosent desrve to be canadas general manager period! plain & simple if your gonna go somewhere you wont win a title then your better off coming to the country your from! what ever happend to loyalty?


    • Jesus, the guy just made a choice (or will). And some of you guys are acting like he slept with your girlfriends/wives. The fact that Nash wants to play in New York to be closer to his kids makes the decision that much more understandable.

      Nash played plenty for Team Canada, as well. More than more others, and even played when it wasn’t in his best interests to play- bad back.

      This entitlement that some fans seem to have with Nash is disgusting and embarrassing.

      And speaking of loyalty, doesn’t it go both ways? Wouldn’t you be loyal to Nash and support him in his decisions? Or does loyalty just work when you get what you want?

      • nope why be loyal to him? he was never loyal to toronto! get ur facts up tim

        • That’s my point. Why should Nash be loyal to a city he’s never lived or played for?

        • And Steve Nash played for Team Canada for 11 years. Many of those years he was struggling with injuries and ignored many calls to stop playing for Team Canada in order to rest during the offseason.

          So how many years have you volunteered for Canada?

    • Most ridiculous response of the day! Congrats

  9. I have to say that whether or not we get Nash this has been an exciting free agency so far. It has me and obviously others checking this blog every half hour. I would also liek to point out the increase in the amount of comments per blog posting has increased tremendously since I joined 3 years ago. It doesn’t matter what other people say Raptors are relevant or there wouldn’t even be a discussion about any of this. Really amazing to see how people including me get absolutely livid when discussing the possibility of a player who may or may not want to play here.

  10. I’m amazed at how ridiculous some of these responses have been. Killing pro-basketball in Canada?? What the hell is going on with fans in Toronto? It’s a lack of knowledge of the sport that creates reactions like this. Steve Nash owes nothing to Canada basketball. He’s done more that enough for this country to put us on the map. The Raps management are the reason basketball is suffering in Canada, not Steve Nash’s decision on where to play. We’ve fumbled our picks, gambled on players and for the most part lost those gambles. The Raps have zero potential to win in the NBA in the near future, with or without Steve Nash. I wouldn’t play for TO if I were him either. He deserves another shot at success in the league, he doesn’t deserve to be booed by any Canadian basketball fan. Those who boo aren’t true fans. That’s just ignorant! Wake up Toronto

    • I agree with you, except for one thing – as General Manager of the Canadian National Basketball Team, Steve Nash actually owes everything to Canada Basketball, at least right now. When he steps down as GM, then 100%, he owes nobody nothing. If he doesn’t think being a Raptor for a couple of non or near playoff seasons will help basketball in Canada, then i understand where he’s coming from, totally. But i’d have to assume that he’s at least thinking about that aspect.

  11. what a bunch of sissies. Le’s pretend you have dismantelled a chempionship team to have cap space, there is a guy from your HOMETOWN who just so happens to be a perfect fit and an UFA. You can throw at him max money and with him you would be ready to compete for championship and .. he decides to sign somewhere else…. what would you do? Do you think there are plenty of people now asking for Mark Cuban head?
    Grow up and stop crying BC failed. True, but the only way to fail is to try, which is more that can be said for lot’s of you.

    • Mavs fans are pissed. They really wanted Deron, as much or even more than Toronto fans want Nash. But yes, they aren’t blaming the Mavs owner/gm. Colangelo deserves ZERO blame if Nash doesn’t sign in Toronto, he went all in and tried hard. If Colangelo was GM of the New York Knicks, he would’ve signed Nash days ago. As many have pointed out – Nash wants New York City. Nobody should take it pesonally if it doesn’t work out, and nobody should blame Colangelo for anything Nash does.

      • @ Jeff W. – Mavs fans celebrated a championship 2 seasons ago and have been a perennial playoff contender. Not a good analogy. Also, a lot of Raps fans didn’t want Nash here in the first place, even fans like me who absolutely love Nash.

        Apart from not agreeing with the offer to Nash in the first place, I’m pissed off that BC gave that ridiculous offer to Fields knowing that TO was not Nash’s preferred destination. It was a reckless gamble.

        Can people stop pretending that fans are upset at BC just because of this? I wanted him gone before, and I want him gone now. There is no good case to be made for keeping him, unless you don’t give a crap about winning.

      • No, but Colangelo better have another plan ready to go. If he goes all-in on Nash and comes out with nothing but Landry Fields, then people are right to call for Colangelo’s head.

  12. nash aint gonna make us win a title just gonna waste our money!
    kyle lowry upppppp or bayless even

  13. raptors will never everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr win a championship period but i still love them till i die!
    Raptors 4 life! nash cant help toronto or canada hes an american dick ryder now, he only took gm job to make it look like he cares about toronto! jamal magloire came here knowing he aint gonna win a title cuz hes loyal to toronto & canada!

  14. This is a win-win situation for BC. If he scores on Nash, then good for the raps. If he misses, he makes it much harder for the Knicks to keep Lin once he throws out the poison pill contract. Meanwhile, he gets a solid sg/sf in Fields. Good job BC.

    Don’t forget guys, the goal for the raps is rebuild and Nash doesn’t really fit that role to begin with. Lin and Fields on the other hand does.

  15. If anyone thinks Nash is about anything other than money they’re dreaming.

    Nash never planned on playing for the Raps. He used BC’s generous offer as leverage to get more money out of New York.

  16. I think people should cool down on the “Nash sold out Canada”. That one seems to get tossed out there at the drop of a hat. Let’s get serious here, the raptors are a sad sack of a franchise and it’s not Steve Nash’s job to bail them out.

    What does this move really get us? Steve Nash for a couple years and realistically contention for a lower playoff seed in the east, nothing else.

    If the raptors are serious about winning, they should be tanking, getting a high pick in the draft and combining that with valanciunas and a big time free agent. Then we’d be getting somewhere.

  17. Let’s put a twist on this. We should respect Steve Nash for his decision, because he see’s it in the best interest of the Raptors future for him not to play there for the last three years of his career. How about that?

    And because this will (or at least SHOULD) spell the end of BC as the GM of Toronto.

  18. Doesn’t matter he’s a laker now

  19. Nash now a Laker!!

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