It’s been a busy week in Raptor Land, from Landry Fields’ offer-sheet, to Steve Nash spurning the Raptors and joining the Lakers (for obvious reasons), to the big acquisition of Kyle Lowry, and then the latest news, Jerryd Bayless becoming an unrestricted free agent after Toronto pulled their qualifying offer.

Scott, Oliver Macklem and I discussed it all and much, much more in this latest edition of RaptorBlog Radio. To start it off, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle joins us to provide some excellent insight on what kind of player and person the Raptors are getting in Lowry.

Have a listen, and enjoy:

Download the mp3 here.

Check in with us from time to time over the weekend to keep up with any Raptors-related news that may emerge. For what it’s worth, Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun tweeted this on Friday evening:

Definitely something to keep an eye on…

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  1. Why would James Johnson be the odd man out? He plays hard, good defender, rebounds and blocks shots and has some offensive potential.

    • Well there was that mid-season issue that saw Johnson warm the bench for a few games, but we still don’t know what exactly that was about.

  2. I think I heard you say that bay less might be a borderline allstar.You must be on drugs and forgot that in the 3or4years that he’s been in the league he’s been through 3 teams.why do you think that is?I can guarantee you that it’s not because they all expect him to be an all star by the age of 26.

  3. It is unclear what is happening with Bayless. Wolstat said that the Raptors did not rescind their QO. What they Raptors did do is said they were not going to pay that much to sign him. It appears they are willing to pay his QO of about $4.1 million but not much if any more

  4. LOVE the Landry Fields signing!!! Hes an advanced statistics machine! He could be a bargain he’s very young and has room to grow. Last year he had a sophmore slump and was still solid. He will be even better without carmelo and getting to play in his natural sf position. He should be our starting sf next year no doubt! Raps fans should check out you might get excited!

  5. Love what you guys said about Nash (who doesn’t even have any ties to the city of Toronto) and Fields (not his fault people throw money at him, he’s still a decent player border lining good). The Bayless part does bug me though. Anyone can say Jerryd will be an All-Star before DeRozan because neither guy will ever be one. It’s kind of like claiming Vince Carter will be in the Hall Of Fame before Tracy McGrady. Not going to happen to either of them

    • vince carter should be in the hall of fame way before t mac..sorry how far has t mac ever gone in the playoffs?..coldnt get passed the first round in his entire career vc was one last second shit away from taking the raps to the eastern confrence finals, not to mention what he did with new jersey

  6. Great podcast.

    I was expecting Feigen to be critical of Lowry’s behaviour and his game considering he saw him play pretty much every night of his Rockets’ career but I was blown away by how complementary he was. He also made it sound like McHale is way in over his head as a coach so that certainly eases any of the doubts surrounding Lowry’s coachability.

    As for the whole Nash/booing thing, I don’t have a problem with Steve Nash being booed. It certainly makes less sense than Stoudemire, McGrady and Carter being booed nearly a decade after they left the team but you can’t expect a fan base that was teased with the carrot of Nash (and league wide relevancy/a couple of very entertaining years) and then having that suddenly taken away (for whatever reason) to act rationally. You guys made it seem like booing him would be some sort of crime when it would just be a pretty normal and expected reaction from this fan base.

  7. Good luck bayless will never be an all star this guy is a poor mans Mike James. Puts up stats against bad teams but 0 effect on winning.

  8. I have no problem with Terrence Ross, Landry Fields or Kyle Lowry. In fact, individually, I quite like each player. But if Colangelo acquired them in the hopes of patterning themselves after the Dallas Mavericks with Bargnani as the centrepiece, then things are FAR worse than I thought.

    As for Bayless, I think he’s definitely got a good chance to be better than DeRozan. He’s got the skills right now to be an All Star, but I haven’t seen an ability to actually run an offense and until he does, he’ll never be anything more than a deep bench player.

    I don’t understand Joseph’s criticism of Calderon. He might very well have been the best Raptor over the last three years. He’s not a good defender, sure, but he’s one of the best passers among PGs and is one of only a handful that actually makes his teammates better.

    Plus, apparently you forget that Calderon HAS come off the bench, In the 2010 season he came off the bench in nearly half the games, with Jarrett Jack starting the other half. And then in 2011, he started the season on the bench, again, but replaced Jack after 13 games. And he didn’t complain once during that time.

    • LOL you’re definitely making a fool out of yourself. Bayless has 0 skills that translate to being an all star. The guy has T-rex arms, and as a result the guy is a horrible finisher around the basket. His ball handling is crap too, you put ball pressure on him like Goran Dragic did when we were playing Houston and this guy will turn it over no doubt.

      • I never said I thought Bayless would become an All-Star. I don’t. But like a lot of guys in the league, the main thing preventing him from becoming a very good player in the league is himself. I don’t think it’s likely he’ll ever “get it”, though.

  9. You guys are grossly overrating Jerryd Bayless. Honestly…do you honestly believe you know and see more than the Trailblazers, Hornets and Raptors organizations after these last 4 years?!? Bayless has upside…don’t get me wrong…but he also has limitations that will keep him from being a starting guard, let alone a PG. To start…Bayless has issues with durability. It started in Portland and it reared its ugly head this past season. In transition, he has tunnel vision and more often would rather drive the ball on 3 defenders rather than kick it out or slow it down…a horrible trait for any PG. He looks for his shot a bit too much. It’s a basketball IQ and instinct issue, not a talent issue. If Bayless reaches his potential…he could be Lou Williams-type spark plug off the bench. Maybe that should be his comparison.

    • totally agreed, he might be only 23 years old but has been 5 years in the league already and has averaged 2.8 apg… it’s just not good enough for a point guard in the NBA. He’s too small to play SG, at this point it’s hard to find a spot on this team.

  10. Good podcast, first one I’ve listened to. I enjoyed it.

    I get that Lowry is a good defender and you want to throw out stats to back that up, but suggesting that his 0.3 blocks per game will help compensate for the Raptors lack of rim protection was pretty funny.

    Also, Lowry in his 3rd year was playing on a pretty talented Rockets team, whereas Bayless was given many more minutes and apparently a perpetual green light.

    Any All-Star discussion that includes either (and especially both) Bayless and DeRozan is silly in my opinion. I still hope for big leaps, but it’s past the point of being expected for either of them.

    Also, I don’t think you can talk about Bayless being 100% gone quite yet.

    As we all learned with the Fields offer sheet, if a team, like for example the Knicks, were to sign Bayless to an offer sheet and the Raps matched it, he then could not be traded for 3 months. I think they rescinded the Qualifying Offer simply to ensure there’s no risk of that happening. He can be included in a sign and trade and the Raptors can still re-sign him as well.

    Because really, have you heard about ANY TEAM being interested in signing Bayless? I would be fine with him playing the Barbosa role this year. He’s closer to Mike James than he is to a real PG. And no one wants another Mike James for a starting PG.

  11. This is how I felt when the Raptors left Chauncey Billups get away.

  12. Sorry for the lateness of this comment – listened to the podcast on the weekend and really enjoyed it. I’ve enjoyed many of the Raptorblog podcasts this year – would love to see you guys do more of them. Cheers!

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