By the looks of it, most of you are enjoying our most recent episode of RaptorBlog Radio with Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

I mentioned that we’d have you covered if any Raptors-related news emerged over the weekend, and while none has, there were a few things floating around the web that caught my eye, so I thought I’d share.

First, newest Raptor (once everything can be made official on Wednesday) Kyle Lowry recently starred in his own commercial for Chinese shoe company “PEAK Sneakers.” Here it is:

You’ll notice that the focus of the commercial, other than “messing around,” is the hard work, dedication and focus it takes to record a triple-double. This inspired me to the realization that while Toronto’s two most recent triple-doubles (Alvin Williams in 2001 and Ben Uzoh in 2012) were separated by a ridiculous 11 years, Kyle Lowry has recorded two triple-doubles in his last 56 games. Think about that for a few seconds.

Lowry is also one of only five NBA players that has recorded a triple-double in each of the last two regular seasons.

Sticking with Lowry, has everyone seen the awesome tweet sent out by the Raptors’ official twitter feed when the trade went down on Thursday? They urged fans to “caption this photo,” while sending out a picture of Lowry blowing by Steve Nash in a game between the Rockets and Suns. It caught people’s attention and was refreshingly bold compared to what is usually tweeted from official team accounts in North America. These are the kinds of tweets that made the Los Angeles Kings’ twitter feed so entertaining during the team’s run to the Stanley Cup this Spring.

We all had a friendly laugh over the Mo Pete tweet on Draft night, but give credit where it’s due, this was a great call by whoever made it. Forget the fact that Nash is a Hall-of-Famer and Lowry has never even been an All Star for a moment, these are the kinds of attention-grabbing yet subtle jabs I wish all team twitter feeds engaged in.

Lastly, while many of us feel the three-year offer sheet worth nearly $20 million handed out to Landry Fields was a gross over-payment, a recent ESPN column listed Fields as one of six “breakout free agents for 2012-2013.” Other than Fields, the list includes Jeremy Lin, Nicolas Batum, JaVale McGee, Danny Green and O.J. Mayo.

Neil Paine of, who wrote the column for ESPN, had this to say about Fields:

“…much better than his lifetime 12.9 PER would have you believe. No, he’s never going to be a scorer, but his 3-point and free throw shooting numbers should bounce back to more resemble his 2011 form, his defense is above-average (particularly against SFs), and his rebounding does add some value. Plus, like Mayo, he’s durable, never having missed a game in his career thus far. At 24, he should continue to improve and peak as an above-average all-around player in the next few years.

Here’s hoping Paine is spot on in his assessment, and if he is, that the Knicks aren’t reading.

Alright, now back to your weekend.

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  1. Is the Lowry trade still unofficial or something? The Raptors have zero mentions about it on their main website and Facebook page. The only mention on the team’s Twitter is the one mentioned above. Lowry’s Twitter feed doesn’t mention him going to Toronto.

    • Dave, the NBA’s “new year,” or the start of the new season under the CBA, doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday, July 11. Free agents and teams can begin negotiations and virtually agree on deals and offer-sheets, but any trades/signings/offer-sheets that go down between July1-10 are technically unofficial until July 11.

      That’s also why even though the Knicks only have three days to match the Fields offer-sheet, they actually have until July 14, because the offer-sheet can’t be signed and official until July 11.

      • Great, thanks for the clarification. I had thought the the July 11 date was only for free agent signings and didn’t apply to trades.

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  2. Well I hear the Rockets rescinded their offer for Aaron Brooks! Send him Bayless’ offer BC!!!

  3. Lowry is a way better addition than Nash. But Landry Fields will still likely be a dud. It’s wishful thinking to think he’ll return to his rookie season form. Check it out here:

    • Fields is going to do fine as the starting 2-guard. I actually think he will do quite well, and should be back to his rookie year type numbers, if not better. The addition of Melo to the Knicks hurt Fields a lot, because the ball stopped moving and the pace of the game slowed down.

      I’m not going to act like he’s not overpaid, because he is overpaid, but it doesn’t take away from what Fields does on the court. It’s an addition that will help the defense and rebounding of the team. One of Casey’s new “horses” for sure.

      • DeMar will likely start at the 2.
        I think Fields might start at the 3, seeing as James Johnson is likely on his way out (according to Wolstat and Chisholm). At the very least, DeMar, Fields and Ross are the Raps swingmen rotation.
        I think all of this is a little premature given that it is July 8th. I expect at least one more move, excluding the massive Aaron Gray signing

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  4. Lets get JaVale!!

    • JaVale McGee? Uh, no thanks. McGee is not the type of player you want on your team.

      • While I agree somewhat, there were far too many knuckleheads on Washington. Nice deal by Denver to get McGee for Nene.
        He has lots of talent, but he needs a good lockerroom and coach to keep him in line to maximize his tskills

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