The acquisition of Kyle Lowry became official on Wednesday, and with that, the Raptors have filled their “point guard of the future” role…for the next two seasons at least.

Lowry’s arrival, which probably makes him the best player on this team for the time being, most likely pushes Jose Calderon to the bench. President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo addressed this all today in a conference call, and in reference to Calderon, did state: “I’m not going to tell you that he was thrilled about the trade.”

Colangelo also went on to discuss the fact that teams have inquired about Calderon and added, “We’ve said it very clearly, nobody on the team right now is untradeable.”

I’ll have more coming over the next couple of days on what Toronto’s financial situation might look like as presently constructed, but for now I’ll just say that if Calderon’s large expiring contract (and the fact that the guy can run an efficient offence) can fetch something valuable on the trade market, the Raptors should explore that avenue. If not, Calderon will have to swallow his pride, come off the bench, and form a very formidable point guard combination between himself and Lowry. If he gets off to a good start, perhaps even better trade opportunities will arise during the season.

For now, here’s some more of Colangelo’s statement:

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  1. Ford, Jack, Bayless and now Lowry.
    Not that I expect Jose to be anything but professional.

    And with Jose as the back up, you know our PG situation is fine.

  2. Colangelo is a fucking tool. He also said fields addresses their need at SF. Either hes lying or he thinks most fans are complete idiots. He better not be done because as the roster stands currently they have no chance at even 8th place.

    • Why exactly does BC saying fields fills a void at SF be lying or thinks we are idiots.all people keep talking bout is how overpaid he is. Fields is a solid player who is probably the best defender on the team. What’s not to like
      Fields is abetter signing then say Lin or Asik from the bulls. Seems there are a lot of haters. Don’t matter what the raptors do. Seems people in toronto bitch way to much. Guess its a leaf thing

      • Fields is mediocre player. BC continually goes out and blows valuable cap space on medicocrity. An upgrade would be someone in the mold of iggy, granger, gay etc.Thats what this team needs. They already have enough mediocre options. They need stars or borderline stars like lowry. Those are the players which will make a difference. BTW, fans have a right to bitch about this team. Just look at the performance of this team since its inception. Even the BC era. They have essentially done nothing.

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