Amid the flurry of activity that went down on the day the NBA’s moratorium lifted was Landry Fields officially signing his offer sheet with the Raptors on Wednesday. The Knicks now have until Saturday to match the offer.

Between how much the offer sheet is actually worth and whether or not the Knicks will match, there are still a lot of questions surrounding this deal.

We know it’s a three-year offer, but I’ve seen some reports that peg the deal at $20 million, some that say the offer “approaches” $20 million, others that write “roughly” $20 million, a few originally had $19 million, and then there’s Al Iannazzone of New York Newsday, who tweeted on Wednesday that the three-year offer sheet is worth $18.7 million.

Based on the fact that 18.7 is the most precise number we’ve seen and more importantly, is the cheapest figure we’ve seen, from a Raptors fan’s perspective, I’m going to go ahead and hopelessly assume it’s correct.

The other question is whether or not the Knicks will match the offer. When Steve Nash first spurned both the Raptors and Knicks to head to the Lakers, everyone assumed the Knicks would throw the “poison pill” offer back in the Raptors faces by not matching it. Then there was Chris Sheridan’s tweet that stated Toronto’s offer to Fields would be the only offer sheet handed out this summer to not be matched.

Basically, it had become almost comical that the Raptors had overpaid for Fields and were definitely “stuck” with him.

But later on Wednesday, there were rumblings from some reputable NBA media people on twitter that the Knicks matching the offer should not be ruled out just yet, while Bryan Colangelo pegs the chances of New York matching at “50/50.”

At the end of the day, I still doubt the Knicks match, and while I won’t doubt that Fields will be overpaid, I’ll also point out that it doesn’t mean he won’t fit in well here or won’t produce on the court. After all, there’s a difference between being overpaid and being a waste of space.

Fields will serve a purpose and fill a need in Toronto. In the next three days, we’ll find out if he’s going to get a chance to prove that.

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  1. That has to be the weirdest action shot of DeRozan. Is he hailing a taxi? Is he a poorly animated 8-bit video game character’s jump animation?

    • thanks for point that out, it is really weird, nearly like he was photoshopped in.

    • Great catch…I’ve actually noticed a lot of awkward photos of DeMar over the last few years. Even his dunk contest photos seem to capture him in awkward poses.

  2. Playoffs??!!

    We can’t even win a god damn game!!

  3. Knicks are looking pretty thin at the backup SG and SF right now. Shumpert is going to miss a good chunk of the regular season. JR Smith looks like he’s going to start. I could see them signing Fields, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t just go after someone like Delfino or Danny Green that could presumably be had for much cheaper.

    I guess BC will wait until the Knicks make a decision before he makes his next move.

    • I agree. But after you account for the Knicks matching Lin’s offer, giving Novak his 4 year 15 million contract, sign/trade for Marcus Camby, and recently signing J.R. Smith, I’d say it’s HIGHLY unlikely that the Knicks match for Fields.

      Probably a 95% chance he stays with the Raptors.

  4. Erm, any ideas why Toronto seems to be taking so long to announce their summer league roster?

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised, and I think it might be in the Knicks best interests, to match the offer. Yes, they would be overpaying him, and yes, they are already paying out a ton in contracts, but there are two very good reasons. One is that, as has been mentioned, the Knicks are pretty thin at the wing position and two is that once over the luxury tax threshold, they won’t be able to do sign and trades, which will limit their ability to improve their roster. They’ll need as many assets as they can get before paying the tax.

    Plus, as we all know, the Knicks, even paying what they do in salaries, are still vey profitable.

    • You could also say that the Knicks should match it just so that the Raptors can’t have him, as he would probably be a key piece to their lineup. Try and screw the Raptors over just as the Raptors tried to do to them with the signing in the first place in order to get Nash.

      I still say New York doesn’t, though.

  6. What the hell is “over-payed”??? I think you’re looking for the perfectly useful “overpaid.” Try it. It feels good, and everyone else is doing it.

    • Comment of the day for sure. Not sure how I ended up typing “over-payed” in that third-last line, but it’s been corrected.

  7. The Knicks are loading up to make a run over the next three years, I think they’ll match.

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