On Wednesday, we heard Bryan Colangelo say that Jose Calderon wasn’t thrilled about the Raptors’ acquisition of Kyle Lowry. Tonight, ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that Calderon’s representatives have told the Raptors “that Calderon welcomes their attempts to trade him.”

Stein also reports that the Raptors’ preference is to find a trade partner that is willing to simply absorb Calderon’s large expiring contract, which would give Toronto a $10.6 million trade exception. The only potential trade partner mentioned by name in the report is Dallas, with Stein writing that the Raptors and Mavericks “have discussed various Calderon trade scenarios this week.”

This shouldn’t be taken as any sort of guarantee that Calderon will be traded – after all, he’s been traded before and still found his way back without ever leaving (thanks, MJ) – but you would have to think that if Colangelo can find that team willing to absorb Jose’s contract or a team willing to give up an equal value piece, that this might finally be the end for Numero Ocho in Toronto.

One thing I find ironic about all of this is that many of the die-hard Calderon supporters often reference his positive attitude and willingness to do anything the team asks of him, like when he repeatedly stated he would be willing to come off the bench (whether behind T.J. Ford, Jarrett Jack or Jerryd Bayless) in years past. I guess at this stage of his career, the 30-year-old figures he’d rather start somewhere else than play back-up in the city he’s grown to love.

I’ve probably been one of Jose’s biggest critics at times, but I was actually looking forward to a point guard combination of Lowry and Calderon, feeling that Jose would be a great maestro for the Raptors reserves, a nice compliment to Lowry’s bulldog-like style, and would then be a valuable trade asset mid-season. Heck, given his penchant for sticking around, I was already considering what kind of deal the Raptors might lock him up for as a bench floor general next summer.

Instead, my anxiety over the possibility of Jerryd Bayless’ exit haunting us is now intensifying, especially considering Bayless was signed to a very reasonable deal worth only $3 million (roughly) per year.

As for that backup point guard spot, here’s hoping Mr. Triple-Double himself, Ben Uzoh, shines in Summer League I guess?