On Wednesday, we heard Bryan Colangelo say that Jose Calderon wasn’t thrilled about the Raptors’ acquisition of Kyle Lowry. Tonight, ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that Calderon’s representatives have told the Raptors “that Calderon welcomes their attempts to trade him.”

Stein also reports that the Raptors’ preference is to find a trade partner that is willing to simply absorb Calderon’s large expiring contract, which would give Toronto a $10.6 million trade exception. The only potential trade partner mentioned by name in the report is Dallas, with Stein writing that the Raptors and Mavericks “have discussed various Calderon trade scenarios this week.”

This shouldn’t be taken as any sort of guarantee that Calderon will be traded – after all, he’s been traded before and still found his way back without ever leaving (thanks, MJ) – but you would have to think that if Colangelo can find that team willing to absorb Jose’s contract or a team willing to give up an equal value piece, that this might finally be the end for Numero Ocho in Toronto.

One thing I find ironic about all of this is that many of the die-hard Calderon supporters often reference his positive attitude and willingness to do anything the team asks of him, like when he repeatedly stated he would be willing to come off the bench (whether behind T.J. Ford, Jarrett Jack or Jerryd Bayless) in years past. I guess at this stage of his career, the 30-year-old figures he’d rather start somewhere else than play back-up in the city he’s grown to love.

I’ve probably been one of Jose’s biggest critics at times, but I was actually looking forward to a point guard combination of Lowry and Calderon, feeling that Jose would be a great maestro for the Raptors reserves, a nice compliment to Lowry’s bulldog-like style, and would then be a valuable trade asset mid-season. Heck, given his penchant for sticking around, I was already considering what kind of deal the Raptors might lock him up for as a bench floor general next summer.

Instead, my anxiety over the possibility of Jerryd Bayless’ exit haunting us is now intensifying, especially considering Bayless was signed to a very reasonable deal worth only $3 million (roughly) per year.

As for that backup point guard spot, here’s hoping Mr. Triple-Double himself, Ben Uzoh, shines in Summer League I guess?

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  1. It’s hard to blame him. How many PGs does he have to beat out for the starting gig? It’s almost comical.

  2. Dont get why the raps are so insistent on getting back a trade exception. Its not like they ever use them. Would a trade exception in return also open up $10M in cap room (Calderon’s salary)?

    • It would free up cap space and give the raps a Trdae excemption. Allowing them to add about 21 million more in salary.

  3. Don’t even mention the possibility of Uzoh being the Raptors’ 2nd PG. Just don’t. Please.

  4. Surprised as to why we deal both PG’s. At the rate Colangelo’s going it doesn’t seem that he would be fine with Lowry and Uzoh, maybe the rumour of James Johnson for Luke Ridnour is true lol

    • The Raps also have rookie PG Tu Holloway from Xavier on their summer league team who could be a possible back up to Lowry if they sign him

  5. No kidding … seems like he may have had enough … lets see

  6. As much as I was looking forward to seeing him & Kyle together, I really can’t blame Jose. How long should he continue to take the mess from raptors management. The dude has been humble all this time in the raptors uniform. I hope he get traded & make it to the playoffs, bcuz I know the raptors won’t be doing nothing too great as long as Colangelo is the GM. He is the absolute worst ever

    • Oh poor calderon making millions of dollars to play basketball. How is this raptors managements fault. There are plenty of things the raptors can do to get a b ackup pg. Seems lately whatever the raptors do people seem to put a negative spin on things.

  7. At this stage in his career, I’d think that Calderon would want other teams to see him so he can start thinking about the next contract he is going to sign, because it was never going to be with Toronto!

    • I think this is exactly right. Calderon’s in a contract year, and it’s clear he doesn’t have a future as a starter in TO. I think he’s been a pretty solid teammate & accomodating of the many changes in his role. Obviously he’s well paid – I’m not going to cry for him – but this just looks like a player making his desires known in a year where he has something tangible to lose from a big cut in playing time.

  8. TU HOLLOWAY!!!!!!!!!!

    See my post on the Aaron Gray signing article; in short, trade Jose Calderon for swingman or trade exemption, cast Bayless out into space, and please sign Tu Holloway immediately.

  9. Man. Jose is like the perfect backup point guard and I would love him in this role with / behind Lowry – with heavy minutes, mind you. However, I would bear him absolutely no ill will if he moves somewhere else. The guy has been all class,, and all professionalism not to mention all-top-5 in assists-to-turnovers in his time here.

    /me throws up a ‘three’ to numero ocho

  10. Jose needs to go this off-season. His value is high right now for a trade and the Raptors needs to move forward. Lowry and Bayless are a great new direction that can also provide some defense.

  11. Is it just me or should the Raptors try to get a hand in on Luis Scola? He would add some grit and toughness to our frontline and we could do much worse…nobody has even mentioned his name but the Rockets are letting him go and he’s up for grabs to the highest bidder

    • The Raptors currently have 96 minutes to split between 5 players. Try and divvy that up fairly, so players get enough minutes to develop and not get disgruntled. Now add another player who will demand 30 more minutes. Then maybe you’ll see why adding Scola isn’t a good idea.

    • Would you trade/amnesty Davis and Johnson for Scola?

  12. trade Calderon for Marion.

  13. Why would we let Bayless walk and still try to trade Calderon? This makes no sense to me.

    • I’m guessing the plan was Lowry and Calderon, and that after dumping Bayless Colangelo was surprised by the trade demand. Could be wrong.

  14. It doesn’t make sense to you because none of this makes sense, period. It only makes sense in an Alice in Wonderland world. Your Raptor central planner seems to be so attention deficit he couldn’t plan a 2 car funeral.
    Of course, I’m no better. It takes one to know one I suppose. The difference is I’m not making the big bucks.
    Hire me please and I’ll do a similar job for half the price :)

  15. Maybe if Jose learned to play some defence they wouldn’t keep trying to get rid of him. Time to move on!

  16. Jose is a good pg but at the end of the day the raps are clearly going in a different direction in the acc and thats a DEFENSIVE minded team. Now granted all the raps are not the best defenders but it looks like they are bringing in people that will at least make an attempt to defend. If you go on youtube and watch night after night of Jose on the floor he is constantly beaten off the dribble till it looks like he’s just like “hey just go around me already”. The raps should have talked to him first though before letting go of Bayless though and if I had the option I would have made a trade with someone, given up Jose and kept Bayless. Appreciate your time and effort Jose but either play back up, help the team and don’t complain or have your wishes met and get traded. It’s really that simple. Oh and above all people remember this is the NBA which no longer stands for national basketball association it’s now national business association!!!

  17. Hasn’t BC been trying to trade Jose for 3 years? This news doesn’t mean BC will trade him any faster.

    Jose knows at the ends of this year that he won’t be getting another substantial contract offer from the Raptors and it will hurt his market value if he only gets backup PG minutes this season. So he wants the opportunity to show he can be productive as a starter somewhere else.

    • he’s been trying to trade him ever since he gave jose $10 mil a year lol. No one wants that contract for a backup pg

  18. People will realize Calderon’s skills once he leaves, especially if he signs with a good team and gets to play in the playoffs. He averages close to 10 assists per game – that’s a minimum of 20 points. He’s also a good shooter and has a high ball IQ. He may not be the greatest defender but it’s very difficult to find a player that plays both sides of the floor equally well. That’s why guys like Chris Paul are franchise PGs.

    • No offense, but I find that kind of approach to stats (look! 10 assists a game!) to be so wrong. While Jose has some good points, it’s been three years since he had his “breakout” season, and since then his shooting has regressed quite a bit. He rarely gets to the free throw line anymore, doesn’t push tempo, and in general is incredibly conservative on offense.

      • I think you and Omega are both right in a sense. It’s true, Calderon’s numbers haven’t touched what he did in 2007-8, but he’s still an above average point guard, and it seems unlikely that we’ll find someone of the same skill level to back up Lowry if Calderon does get dealt.

        I hope he doesn’t get traded, not because I think he’s amazing, but because it’s still a net negative for a team that I *really* want to see take a step forward.

        • I guess it depends on who/what he gets traded for. I wouldn’t want him to be simply dumped. But if he is a piece of a larger trade, to get us something we need (and we need so very much), then I would be much happier.

  19. Too bad … I think Jose is a very good backup. But a lousy starter (especially for a team like the Raptors).

    Anyhow, he seems like a classy guy. I wish him well. But I won’t be sad to see him go.

    • How is he a lousy starter? He’s consistently been one of the most productive Raptors and had one of the most positive impacts on the court among all Raptor players, in the last few years. I’m not saying the guy is an All Star, but I don’t think he’s been the problem for the Raptors. I think the problem is he’s had very little talent around him.

  20. I think the worst part of this is that they probably could have just traded Calderon (and maybe a couple second round picks) for Lowry at this point, which then may have been able to save the first round pick they gave up since Houston needs a PG anyways.

    Maybe they could still deal for Kevin Martin in a 1-for-1.

  21. I can play the 1 too.

    BC: Calderon for Collsion. Straig Up. Geter done.

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