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Kyle Lowry and Landry Fields were officially introduced to Toronto and to the media on Tuesday afternoon, and theScore’s cameras were there to take it all in.

Considering that the Raptors were rumoured to be eying Lowry around Draft night, despite being heavily interested in Steve Nash, I actually believe Bryan Colangelo when he says acquiring Lowry is something they wanted to do regardless of the Nash sweepstakes. Obviously though, nabbing Kyle became more of a pressing issue once it became clear that Nash wasn’t coming.

It was also interesting to hear Colangelo talk about how there will be competition within the team, especially at the point guard spot if Jose Calderon returns. Like most Raptors fans, I’m hoping and expecting Lowry to take the starting job and run with it, but if we’ve learned anything from Dwane Casey, it’s that he wants his players to earn their roles, so don’t expect anything to be written in stone. Also, as I’ve said before, if Calderon sticks around, the Raptors should boast one of the NBA’s best point guard combinations this season.

Meanwhile, Fields shows us his sense of humour, talks a little “Linsanity” and discusses his confidence in a once dependable shot that abandoned him last season.

Landry Fields isn’t worth six-plus million dollars per season, at least not yet. But if you’ve watched him in the past, know his game and know Dwane Casey’s coaching style, you should realize that Fields will fit right in with the Raptors and definitely has the potential for a bounce back season on the offensive end. And that’s exactly what I’m expecting of him.

Plus, who doesn’t want more evidence and another reason to blame Carmelo Anthony for ruining everything?

Seriously though, both guys seem to be taking to Toronto quite well. As for Fields, while I doubt anyone sees his contract as a good one right now, try to remember that he didn’t pay himself, and at least give him a chance to play a game in a Raptors uniform before assuming he’s going to be the most overpaid player in NBA history.

I believe Scott nailed it on the head earlier today when he wrote that he’s “willing to wait and see how this season plays out before I make any bold proclamations about (Colangelo’s) supposed incompetence.”

We can’t know for certain if Colangelo and company are satisfied with their work already this off-season, but here’s what we do know: Replacing Bayless, Forbes, Johnson, Magloire and Alabi with Lowry, Ross, Fields, Valanciunas and Acy should noticeably improve this team, and if you can’t admit that, perhaps you’re as blind and biased as you claim Colangelo and his supporters to be.

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  1. Haha! “Might go 1-5″ – Fields

  2. “I believe Scott nailed it on the head earlier today when he wrote that he’s “willing to wait and see how this season plays out before I make any bold proclamations about (Colangelo’s) supposed incompetence.”

    I think the last 5+ years have shown us that Colangelo’s incompetence is anything but “supposed”. You can’t give him a clean slate every year without looking at the big picture of what he’s done here, pretty ridiculous thing for Scott to say and just as ridiculous for you to agree with him.

    • Ridiculous? Really? Anyone who looks at Colangelo’s record must conclude that he’s incompetent?

      Okay: I look at his record and I see a competent NBA GM. I guess that means I’m ridiculous too! Yay!

    • July is the time for optimism.
      We are adding two players who have shown they can play in Lowry and Fields. We are adding two rookies that should be able to contribute immediately in Valanciunas and Ross. Ed Davis is participating in his first training camp and should be motivated in a contract year.
      You could argue our PG situation is strong, keeping in mind Calderon won’t finish the season with us. But we should get a decent pice back in whatever deal transpires.
      And who knows, maybe one of either Bargnani or Derozan gives us a full effort for the complete season.
      And throw in Coach Casey, with players more of his ilk. Full training camp.
      Must be July.

    • According to fan blogs, only 2 or 3 GMs in the entire league are not incompetent morons.

      It’s a tough job. These guys do not operate in a vacuum. I don’t like all the moves BC has made in his time here, but “incompetence” claims only make the accuser look like a hyperbolic juvenile. Get some perspective.

  3. I wish someone would have asked Fields about why his FT percentage crashed so badly last season. No way Carmelo Anthony should have affected that.

    I actually like his game, but I wish the Toronto media would at least try to be a little rigorous.

  4. Look at all the FA signings this offseason and suddenly the Fields deal does not seem that bad, if looking at value on the dollar.
    Max deals were thrown at Lopez, Hibbert and Gordon, all not worth it. PG’s Lin and Dragic, both with less history than Fields, struck it rich.
    Free agents get overpaid – nothings change. Sometimes they take the Championship discount a la Nash and Allan but Raps are not in last position.

    I’ll actually credit Colangelo for his restraint this offseason. And I think the pickups improve our team.

  5. Every Toronto-bound free-agent pick-up is the most overpaid free agent ever. Anyone who is familiar with Raptor fans knows that.

    At least this year, our most overpaid free agent ever is only overpaid to the tune of 6 million, rather than Turkoglu’s 10 million dollar albatross. (And he might easily achieve mediocrity, putting him well ahead of Hedo during his stay here…)

    • Sorry, I don’t by into that Toronto is the only team that overpays – all FA agents get their coin. And the majority get way more than what their worth.

      Make a list of all the FA signings this offseason – the Fields deal actually looks like one of the more sensible ones.

      • I’m pretty sure The Waterboy is actually just pointing out that a lot of Raptors fans exaggerate Colangelo’s foibles. I wouldn’t put him in the top half of NBA GMs during his tenure, but he’s not close to being the worst.

  6. StMikes31 can’t decide who he likes to fellate more, Fields or Colangelo.

  7. first of all i appreciate fields deadpan humor, unseen in raptorland since the mike james days…

    colangelo though, is so damn full of himself… going on and on about nash still, and the whole ‘competition at every position’ bit, give me a break! what dumb things to say during player intros (neither of whom were nash btw).

    all he has done this summer is overpay for two role players and let two, almost equal in age and talent role players go for nothing at all. don’t get me wrong, i’m cautiously optomistic about our new players, but, the raptors offseason so far hasn’t been anything groundbreaking (ANY gm could have made those moves), and all colangelo can do is blabber away with his whole ‘i’m the mastermind behind it all’ shtick, sounding like a used car salesman.

    and joseph i dunno how you can say that scott ‘nailed it on the head’ by reserving judgement until the regular season… he’s not, saying anything, so what exactly is being nailed in the head there?

    • “ANY gm could have made those moves”

      its so true.

      but give Colangelo credit. He may just have sacrificied just enough of the Raptors future to get his new contract

    • If you’re referring to Kyle Lowry as a “role player,” you must have stopped watching basketball a couple of years ago. Also don’t know who the second guy the Raptors overpaid for is. If the pick ends up being a top-3 or top-5 pick in the Lowry trade, then it would be tough to swallow. But I’d say for the most part, a top-10 NBA point guard is better on average then most players drafted outside of the top-5, maybe top-7. If the Raptors improve this season and miss the playoffs after being in the thick of the race, Houston could get a late lottery pick and Gary Forbes for a guy most consider a top-10 point guard making around $6 million per season.

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