The Raptors are reportedly approaching a deal with 29-year-old free agent point guard John Lucas III, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein.

Stein writes that the Raptors are in “advanced discussions” with Lucas to finalize a “multiyear deal.”

For now, it appears as though the Raptors will add Lucas to serve as a third string point guard behind Kyle Lowry and Jose Calderon, but Stein also points out that the Raps are targeting Lucas “to potentially serve as Lowry’s primary backup when Calderon — who wants a fresh start — moves on.”

Adding Lucas likely spells the end of any hopes for a third string job for Ben Uzoh or Bobby Brown. I liked Uzoh’s game last season and thought he did everything and then some for a 10-day player, but if we’re talking about point guard insurance in a season that actually means something, I’ll take Lucas.

If you weren’t aware, Lucas stepped up for the Bulls last season during Derrick Rose’s various injury layoffs, putting up some solid stat lines and a 16.41 PER in a career-high 49 games.

I was already convinced that a combination of Lowry and Calderon could mold into one of the more formidable point guard duos in the NBA. Adding Lucas to that mix as a third string would only solidify the position further.

As long as the Raptors don’t overpay for him (I haven’t seen financial terms of the deal anywhere yet), adding John Lucas III is a nice, quiet move.

Scott, on the other hand, isn’t sold.

I will admit it might be tough to swallow if Lucas becomes the primary backup while Jerryd Bayless makes only $3 million in Memphis.

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  1. I think they should keep Uzoh, regardless if they get Lucas or not. Put him in the D-League until you can move Calderon if you have to. I think he’s worth keeping, even as a 3rd string player.

  2. hmmm… Everyone seems hung up on Bayless… I’ll say this much: we weren’t really winning before when we did have players like Bayless, James Johnson and even Calderon… so I can’t really be mad at this move.

  3. haha knowing BC, he’s probably gonna throw money at this PG’s face & overpay him.. damn millionaires & billionaires lol

  4. What will be worse is if Jerryd Bayless starts tearing it up in Memphis which I will expect he will do once the season starts up again. Raptors fans will be sucking on a lot of crow as they devalued such a good player. The same goes for james Johnson.

    • The problem is not whether Bayless is better than Lucas III (he is), nor whether he’s on a better contract (he is). The issue is that Bayless was never happy with a backup role; you could tell as much from every interview he did and from the fact that he called himself a pure PG.

      I don’t know if he’ll get to someday start in this league (at Memphis or elsewhere), but he’ll have to embrace a bench role sooner than later, if he wants to stick in the NBA.

      So yes, I’d rather have JL3 being happy with his role, than have JB unhappy with his.

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