The Raptors have lacked a lot of things in recent years — talent, playoff appearances, respect from around the league — but since Chris Bosh left for Miami a couple of years ago, they’ve also been short on players who were legitimately funny and entertaining. (I’m not aware of Leandro Barbosa doing anything this weird while he was a Raptor.) New Raptor Landry Fields brings some off-the-court intangibles that may not justify his contract in the minds of most Raptors fans, but will almost certainly make this team more fun to follow:

Why do I get the feeling that the last point will be a bigger selling point for fans than the other ones combined? Regardless, while we don’t know how much better Fields will make this team, he’s definitely going to make the Raptors more interesting.

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  1. Right, because there are no attractive women in Toronto whatsoever. Let’s overpay an average player because he is funny and his girlfriend is hot. Obviously you don’t have much to write about.

  2. Obviously you don’t have much to write about, Mark.

  3. I have to agree with Mark and Andrew, none of us have anything to write about

  4. The Modell’s skit was hilarious. The dude plays World of Warcraft?

  5. If we’re going to be average at best, might as well have a little entertainment along the way. Welcome to TDOT Landry!

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