If you regularly frequent The Basketball Jones blog (and why wouldn’t you?), you might have found some interesting potential NBA uniform news today. And no, it has nothing to do with advertisements on jerseys.

The news seems to have originated from the mother of all sports uniform sites, uni-watch.com. Paul Lukas of uni-watch quoted a guy named Chris Blackstone who says that the Spring 2013 Adidas NBA Catalog features “Hardwood Classics” jerseys for a number of teams, including your Toronto Raptors.

The jerseys mentioned for the Raptors are “late 90′s home.” If the Raptors were to use vintage jerseys from the 90′s, most of us would hope and assume it would be these classic, cartoonish threads. But I will remind you that technically, these home uniforms were worn for the last two months of the 1990′s.

Now obviously, a lot of this is us basketball fans making giddy assumptions based on an NBA catalog, and for what it’s worth, the Raptors maintain that the team will not be wearing throwbacks “this season.”

That could mean it’s not happening at all, or it could mean that it’s just not happening yet (remember that the issue in question is a reported 2013 catalog).

If you ask me, these original Raptors jerseys should be worn for one home game each season, along with Toronto Huskies jerseys.

I’d rather see those than played out St. Patrick’s Day uniforms or tacky camouflage unis (MLSE can make a large donation to Canadian Military families or use ticket/concession sales from that game to donate instead of the camouflage jersey sales).

Either way, we’ll try to keep an eye on things and keep you posted along the way.

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  1. Cool I can order my Oakley jersey now!

  2. Still the most ridiculous nickname in major league sports, and equally bad uniforms.

  3. It took 12-13 years to ditch the purple, hopefully we can ditch the name itself in another few years and completely forget any of that ever happened.

    I like the Huskies idea, in fact, I’d go one step further and just rename the team that.

  4. You guys are crazy. Raptors is a really cool and unique name for a team. The purple unis were pretty awesome too. Even if they ditched the color scheme I wish they kept the Raptor at the front.

  5. Can they bring back Reggie Slater, too?

  6. People only diss the name because it’s a relatively newish team. There are one or two exceptions but pretty much every team in the NBA has a corny name. The only reason people let them slide only because time has passed for them to fall into common usage.

    I mean come on, the New York Knickerbockers? The LA Lakers because there where they are originally from before they got moved had a lake? The Heat because it’s hot in Miami? Raptors is corny, for sure, but it’s not like the others aren’t or that huskies would be any less corny.

  7. I HOPE TO GOD NOT!!! Those uniforms were so fucking ugly. I mean the white with purple and black pinstripes was bad enough, but they had to add that ugly Raptor cartoon right in the middle. In fact it did not even look like a raptor, but more like a miniature sized T-Rex. That unifrom should either be buried or burned in effigy.

  8. Raptor also means “bird of prey” (cf., hawk, eagle, falcon). It isn’t locked in to that movie or the dinosaur, necessarily. Let’s let the dinosaur go. It’s a fine name.


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