Raptors Headed to Halifax

It’s being widely reported that members of the Raptors organization are going to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Thursday to announce that the Raptors will hold their 2012 training camp there.

The early October camp will reportedly be held at the Canada Games Centre, with a scrimmage held at the Metro Centre on October 6.

Besides Toronto, the Raps have held training camps in Europe, Ottawa and Vancouver over the last five years, as well as playing a pre-season game in Montreal against the Knicks, which they will do again on October 19 of this year. They will also play an intra-squad scrimmage at Casino Rama on October 28.

Hopefully this cross Canada presence continues in the future.

I’m fully aware that there are plenty of basketball fans in Canada (outside of Toronto) that cheer for other NBA teams, and that’s perfectly fine. But basketball is booming in this country like never before (as evidenced by the growing level of young Canadian talent), and if the Raptors play their cards right as an organization from coast to coast, they really can make this “Canada’s Team” going forward, especially among younger and newer fans.

Update: As expected, the Raptors officially announced on Thursday that training camp will be held in Halifax from October 1-6, concluding with an intra-squad scrimmage on October 6.