Lithuania took on Iceland (yes, apparently they play basketball there) in a pre-Olympic tuneup game on Tuesday, but not even the mighty Eyjafjallajökull could stop the above events from happening.

Forget results or stats for a moment (they were playing Iceland for God’s sake). Let’s just admire this one singular highlight for the time being. First of all, the setup pass from Kalnietis was both spectacular and ballsy, but the finish was absolutely thunderous.

Valanciunas shows off his highly touted athleticism and explosiveness on this alley-oop jam, coming out of nowhere (check out where he took off from) to forcefully bang the pass home over a poor, helpless Icelandic fellow.

To finish, there’s nothing like girating on an opponent’s back and getting the crowd amped up. But what else would you expect from a guy who was once compared to Rambo?

Now wipe your mouth, you’re drooling.

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  1. I’m not going to say no regard for human life, but very little

  2. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  3. Practically jumping from the free throw line for the slam. I likey.

    Get that boy a cape!

  4. I dunno if it was that close to the free throw line, but still a sick dunk regardless. The fact it is versus Iceland also tempers my excitement a bit. While I wish Jonas was with the Raptors right now, and had enjoyed a Vegas Summer League, I am really excited to see how he plays in the Olympics. A great story line for Raptor fans while we wait on the season.

    Anywhere to get box scores for these “friendlies”. Even the US games are tough to find info on until a while after the game.

    • The US vs Spain boxscore is available on the office nba website…. Jose had a decent game to start off with. He ended up shooting 2/6 fg with 0/4 from 3pt. He had 8 Asts and 4 turnovers.

      As for the Lithuanian games I have been scouring the net so I to would be curious as well to know the boxscore. I believe someone else stated that teh score was 101-51, but they didn’t know any of the indivudual stats.

      In any case it is slow interms of NBA Basketball news but I am excited to hear a podcast from this blogs crew. I am also excited to see this young roster grow over the next year. If we happen to make a trade of Jose + Amir for a decent SF I’d be happy but other than that I think we actually have a solid direction with this group going forward and I am excited to see the Olympics.

  5. Lithuania won the game 101-51. Jonas had 12 points off (3-for-6 shooting) and 7 rebounds in about 17 minutes of action. He also went 6-for-10 from the free throw line. However, I should point out that he had 4 turnovers. As for Kleiza, he had a quiet night with just 5 points off 2-for-6 shooting in 14 minutes. Both Raptors started the game for Lithuania.

  6. Iceland still hasn’t recovered from their Junior Goodwill Games failure.

  7. Not that it matters but…can he jump off 1 foot?

  8. this guy can run the floor as good as any big man in the nba…that was all we need is barngani to run that fast..Dirk..Howard..are the fastest if you ask me

  9. He is one of the most entertaining guys in the national team at the moment. They have to spend quite some time with fans for different national team sponsors and he’s always the best fun with fans and journalists. Has great sense of humor.

    For some of this fun (and some great dunks from 1:30) check this vid from the all star game:

  10. you won’t believe this but I’m actually in Keflavik airport in Iceland reading this after a holiday. I seem to have coincidences like this all the time. considering there’s only a population of about 300k here it’s surprising they have a team at all… anyway, what a dunK!

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