Is this the greatest in-game photo of Valanciunas you've ever seen?

With the first of the two Olympic teams we’re focused on getting things under way at 6am ET this morning, you might understand why I don’t have an Olympic thoughts post for this evening.

But if the comments section is any indication, you guys have been wanting another installment of RaptorBlog Radio for a while, and here at RaptorBlog, your wish is our command.

In this edition, we touch on the Raptors (specifically Jonas Valanciunas) performances in London, the current makeup of Toronto’s roster, the outrage over Landry Fields’ contract, some late thoughts on Summer League, as well as the Atlantic Division as a whole. We even answer some questions that Scott solicited over twitter earlier on Tuesday.

And don’t worry, RaptorBlog Radio wouldn’t be complete without someone pissing Scott off about Amir Johnson.

So without further ado, here’s the newest episode of RaptorBlog Radio:

Download the mp3 here or have a listen on the player below.

You might have noticed a new intro. It’s a sample of a Raptors-specific anthem made by E.O.S. for the season opener a few years back. Love it and want us to stick with it? Let us know. Hate it and want us to pretend like we never used it? Let us know anyway.

Enjoy the podcast.

Comments (13)

  1. Great listen, though I don’t get the Ed Davis summer league love. He had one good game and the rest he mostly looked over matched when he should be the guy a step ahead. The first half against New York … ouch, totally shut down by New York bigs, (Jordan and Nivins I think were their names). Stick to within 4 ft. of the hoop, Ed.

  2. Great podcast, once again.

    Since the rosters are basically set, I would probably have my Atlantic division look like this:

    Boston 49-33
    New York 45-37
    Philadelphia 41-41
    Toronto 40-42
    Brooklyn 38-44

    Agree with Joseph on the Nets, I don’t think their players will mesh well and could definitely see them not doing well. But it’s pretty safe to say that all five of these teams will at least be competing for the playoffs.

  3. The Raptors will be .500 in a best case scenario. This is still going to be a “rebuilding” year in that Ross and Jonas are going to need a lot of development time. I don’t see either of them having that much impact yet. They pay off will come, but not this season.

  4. The Jonas discussion off the top was fantastic, nice to see his game/potential impact as a rookie discussed without the same old fawning that we usually get. I’d be happy if he gives us what Aaron Gray gave us last year with subsequent improvement over the course of the year and I hope people temper their short-term expectations of him as we get closer to the season.

    Anyways, another solid podcast, but please get the ITunes feed up already. I understand that RaptorBlog is the ugly stepchild of the Score but how does a network that focuses so much of its content output on podcasting not help you guys get it up already?

    • Both the blog and the podcast are “unofficial”, meaning it’s not what any of us are paid to do here. But we have complete freedom (since we’re not paid for it) and we have fun with it. I have to assume we’ll get an iTunes feed up in time for the next season, assuming they want us to do this regularly.

  5. Give me 7-10 more wins than last season…a very late lottery pick to pay back Houston and I’d consider that progress.

  6. Couldn’t have said it better myself on the Landry Fields acquisition and what he brings to this team.

    Now I’m not saying that Landry will be better or is a better player then Andre Iquadala but remember Iggy averages 13pts and 6reb a game with great D and is getting paid 15 mil per year. If Landry can come in and give us 10-11pts with 6-7 rebounds with solid D, I don’t see how 6.3 mil for him is bad. For me, I would look at it as great value. He just has to go out and show it next year which I’m pretty confident he will with no Carmelo on this team.

    People complaining about this signing are morons because BC didn’t get the so called ‘home run trade or signing’. Guys wanted Rudy Gay/Granger/Iggy. Give me a break, those guys weren’t available and even if they were, we woulda had to give up young players like Demar and Ed. Doesn’t make sense especially if those guys leave after their contracts and then we are back into tanking/rebuilding.

    • No, the people complaining about it were not necessarily looking for a home-run trade or signing.

      Many didnt like it because the Raps are overpaying for a role player.

      A role player whose numbers dropped considerably from his rookie year.

      • Fields numbers have dropped considerably because of Melo. He tends to have that effect on his teammates.

      • @really… if you read my post you’d understand where the Raps were going with this signing.

        Whether they overpaid or not, it’s too early to say. If he goes back to his rookie numbers, it’s a steal. All things point to him getting back to it (no Carmelo, more minutes, more uptempo offense).

        Pro scouting is one of BC’s strengths. His PHX days he brought guys in who were no bodys and flourished (Joe Johnson, Boris Diaw, Raja Bell).

        I hope all you guys who constantly criticize BC eat your words this year.

  7. Spain’s game against Great Britain shows just how much you guys exaggerated Jose’s lack of minutes in the tourny. He didn’t play big minutes in a game that was clearly in Spain’s favor, but was relied heavily upon in their close game against GB. I know it’s not easy to see Jose still in a Raptor uniform, but the guy should still have a key role that he can play well. Stop sipping the haterade!

    • It’s not about Jose still being able to play a key role. He just wants to be traded because he doesn’t want to play behind Lowry. He still feels as though he can be a starter on another team, or at the very least, a backup on a contending team.

      • For all we know, Jose “want[ing] to be traded” isn’t close to as serious as the media is making it out to be. For whatever reason, it was BC/Casey who leaked that info. For all we know, Jose will be a professional and back-up the point for at least this year. If he does that, we will be a better team and probably have a decent shot at dealing him by the deadline (if he still really wants out). Honestly, where would he happily accept a trade? LA and Memphis are probably the only two places he’d happily play back-up. Not too many other playoff teams are going to start him, so what makes everyone think he’d want a trade just about anywhere?

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