Is this the greatest in-game photo of Valanciunas you've ever seen?

With the first of the two Olympic teams we’re focused on getting things under way at 6am ET this morning, you might understand why I don’t have an Olympic thoughts post for this evening.

But if the comments section is any indication, you guys have been wanting another installment of RaptorBlog Radio for a while, and here at RaptorBlog, your wish is our command.

In this edition, we touch on the Raptors (specifically Jonas Valanciunas) performances in London, the current makeup of Toronto’s roster, the outrage over Landry Fields’ contract, some late thoughts on Summer League, as well as the Atlantic Division as a whole. We even answer some questions that Scott solicited over twitter earlier on Tuesday.

And don’t worry, RaptorBlog Radio wouldn’t be complete without someone pissing Scott off about Amir Johnson.

So without further ado, here’s the newest episode of RaptorBlog Radio:

Download the mp3 here or have a listen on the player below.

You might have noticed a new intro. It’s a sample of a Raptors-specific anthem made by E.O.S. for the season opener a few years back. Love it and want us to stick with it? Let us know. Hate it and want us to pretend like we never used it? Let us know anyway.

Enjoy the podcast.