Bye Bye Triano?

As most of you were aware, Jay Triano remained on the Raptors’ staff in a scouting capacity after the team relieved him of his head coaching duties last off-season. If you were at the Air Canada Centre for a Raptors game in 2011-2012, you might have even spotted Triano lurking in and around the same area as Bryan Colangelo in the players’ tunnel.

But according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Triano’s days with the Raptors may be numbered after a decade of service.

It sounds like Triano, who was reportedly also coveted by the Mavericks, will serve as an assistant under new Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts.

More importantly for Canadian basketball fans, though, was Stein’s follow-up tweet:

I think it’s safe to say that most of us assumed this was coming when Nash took over as Canadian team General Manager.

I was probably one of Triano’s biggest critics within the Raptors’ blogosphere during his tenure as head coach, but you can’t deny that he seems to be well respected in NBA circles, particularly when it comes to his knowledge of the international game.

He might have been in over his head as a lead man in the Association, but he never should have been replaced as head coach of Team Canada, and the extra NBA experience he’s racked up since then should prove valuable to the national team.

With a bevy of promising youngsters, which includes one of the best high school prospects since LeBron James, ready to make the NBA leap over the next few years and some additional players alrady drafted, we seem to be entering what could be a Golden Age for Canadian basketball.

Given his once highly touted presence within Canada Basketball and his eventual fall from grace with the Raptors, perhaps it would be fitting for Triano to now play a part in a Canadian resurrection of sorts.

Jay Triano and Canada…back from the basketball dead?

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  1. Ship his ass out….

  2. Joseph Casciaro is FURIOUS.

    Glad that sad chapter in Raptors history is over, it is stunning how long he managed to stick around considering the level of turnover we’ve had on the sidelines and in the front office of this organization. Like you mentioned, he seems to be very respected by a whole bunch of people who know a lot more about coaching ability than we ever will and obviously don’t put a lot of credence into a couple of years of coaching a shitty roster in Toronto.

  3. Congrats Jay. Good Luck with the Mavs! Will be good for him to get a run on another NBA bench. And he’ll do great back with tema Canada and working with Nash.

  4. I never understood the hatred a lot of Raptor fans had towards Triano. It didn’t seem reasonable and I think had more to do with just his coaching performance. I will be the first to admit he wasn’t a great coach, but he wasn’t nearly as bad as he has been portrayed. He never once had enough talent to do anything with, and he got within a couple of games of leading a team with four poor defenders and and one decent one as the starters of the playoffs.

    While he may not be best suited for an NBA head coaching position, the respect he garners around the league tells me that he’s probably a better basketball mind that he’s being given credit for.

    I think it’s too bad the Raptors will lose him.

    And just to add, Triano is also the quickest former Raptor coach to get another NBA job.


    • Tim, he had enough talent in the 2009-2010 season to at least get to the playoffs. Heading into that season, plenty of people were expecting the Raptors to contend for a top-5 spot in the East. Turkoglu shit the bed, but Triano also horribly mismanaged him. In addition, Jay couldn’t get a group of NBA players to play even a lick of defence. He either didn’t know what he was doing on the defensive end, or the players simply chose to ignore him, but either way, that’s a death blow for a head coach. And even though Bosh got hurt down the stretch, there were just too many nights that season (and in the two other seasons Jay coached) that the team clearly quit on the floor.

      Finishing with a poor record with a poor roster is one thing, but having your teams consistently quit on you and building some of the worst defences in NBA history (literally) is a pretty good indication of what kind of head coach Triano was.

      To be honest, if anything, I think the Toronto media was wayyy too easy on Jay during his head coaching tenure because half of them seemed to be his buddies and nobody wanted to throw the proud Canadian under the bus.

      • As I said, I never said Triano was a great or even good coach, but he wasn’t nearly as bad as a lot of fans accused him of being. I agree the media mostly gave him a pass, but there was a lot of hate from fans, and a lot of it was unwarranted.

        You think the team with Turkoglu was good enough to at least make the playoffs? 4 out of the 5 starters were below average defenders and Bosh was the best one. I think that speaks volumes right there. You’re surprised the defense was horrible? Now, I think a better coach might have got them to the playoffs, but that team was horribly built and I think Triano had them playing pretty well for a lot of the season. When Bosh went down, they were one of the better teams in the East.

        Is it fair to blame Triano for letting them give up? Possibly, but lots of teams have quit on way better coaches than Triano.

  5. I have no problem with Triano being favoured to return to his role as Head Coach of Canada’s men’s team.

    But it does worry me if Canada Basketball doesn’t do its due diligence in interviewing other candidates. There must be other experienced coaches interested in taking over a program that has the influx of talent (Wiggins, Pangos, Kabongo, Thompson etc.) that Canada will be experiencing.

    That said, Triano is probably the only one willing to do it at a discounted rate.

  6. I think the issue is we had a coach of the year in Sam Michell and he started off a season badly and ended up canned… Jay was no Sam Michell and Sam Michell was no Phil Jackson but Sam got the team to win


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