Quincy Acy

We’re going to handle preseason player profiles differently this year on RaptorBlog. For each player on the 2012-13 Raptors’ active roster, Joseph Casciaro and I are going to email our thoughts back and forth and then post the resulting conversation on the blog. It’s an edgy new form of journalism! Or something…

Qunincy Acy, PF, 6’7″, 224 lbs.
2011-12 NCAA stats: 38 games, 29.7 MPG, 12.0 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 1.0 APG, 1.8 BPG, 0.9 SPG, 57.7 FG%, 60.0 3P%, 78.2 FT%, 23.5 PER

Scott: This first player discussion post might be a short one because the only time I’ve watched Quincy Acy play is in YouTube highlight clips. I know he looks like a skinnier Reggie Evans, but I have to assume he has a better offensive game than Reggie because he doesn’t appear to be wearing oven mitts when he plays basketball.

Quincy’s nickname is supposedly “The Beast”, but if he doesn’t add some muscle on to the 224-pound frame he displayed at the draft combine, he’s going to be the one getting beasted by opposing big men in this league. More importantly, when is he even going to see the court? I mean, isn’t he something like the fourth-string power forward on this squad?

Joseph: A lot of fans have made the Reggie Evans comparison, but it really boils down to the facial hair and energy. In terms of basketball, Acy is miles ahead of Reggie’s skill set. He’s a great finisher around the rim and will throw down some absolutely nasty dunks. No oven mitts for him – he shot 53.5 per cent or better from the field in all four seasons at Baylor.

Then there’s the defence, where unlike Reggie, Quincy can actually stop his man without needing to grab anyone’s nuts, so that’s a positive.

I’ve seen him listed as 235 pounds before, and I guess I never really considered that he’ll be undersized because I’m used to watching him get after it and simply outwork everyone around him. If he brings that work ethic to the Raptors and to the Association, I think he’ll be fine and will push Ed Davis and Amir Johnson for minutes. The guy embodies what Dwane Casey preaches.

Lastly, I’m not sure why everyone’s hung up on him only getting minutes at the four. He can play some three, too, and is usually listed as a “forward” in general, not necessarily an isolated power forward or small forward. Just a forward.

Oh, and he’s going to immediately rival James Harden for best/worst facial hair in the NBA, right?

Scott: OK, so he had a solid field goal percentage and he might be quick enough to play the three, but does he have a jump shot? The highlights I’ve seen simply show him throwing down nasty dunks. I’m not fooled by the 60 percent success rate on three-pointers last season because that was on three-for-five shooting and he was oh-for-two from that range for the previous three years of his college career.

One area where he might have some potential in the NBA is shot-blocking — not just because he averaged 1.8 blocks per game last season but because of his 37-inch vertical leap and eight-foot-10 standing reach. The Raptors finished 19th in the league in blocks last season, so he might have some impact there if he can see some court time.

On to a more pressing issue: What is his real nickname? I’ve heard him referred to as “The Beast” but there’s a Facebook group called “Quincy Acy is the better cookie monster” that requires explanation. Does he talk like Dikembe Mutombo? Does he frequently binge on Chips Ahoy? I demand answers!

Joseph: I would assume it has something to do with a possible cookie binge at Baylor that we don’t know about but must investigate… but seriously, “The Cookie Monster” would instantly surpass “The Black Mamba” for best nickname in the NBA. It’s also the most intimidating, since the ol’ Monster has been known to do some pretty unspeakable things for a piece of cookie.

Oooh, was that too subliminal? Maybe we should just move on to Alan Anderson now…