If you’re like me, you thought the Raptors didn’t have any more player transactions up their sleeves before the 2012-13 season began, but lo and behold, the all-seeing, all-knowing Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Raptors have signed 26-year-old utility player Dominic McGuire.

Wojnarowski can’t confirm the terms of the contract, but what I can confirm is that this signing is further evidence of the culture change on this team since Dwane Casey came on board. I refer to McGuire as a “utility player” in reference to the baseball description of an end-of-the-bench type of guy who can’t hit much but can effectively play multiple positions in the field. He’s fairly worthless on the offensive end and therefore probably won’t see a lot of playing time when the roster is healthy, but his true value lies in situational substitutions where Casey needs somebody on the floor who can rebound well for his size and guard the opposing team’s best scorer at the end of the quarter. He’s a long, tenacious defender who has been used in key situations to stop opposition guards and forwards at all four positions.

If that isn’t enough to elicit more than a shoulder shrug from this news, he might fill the Reggie Evans role of resident cheap shot artist — although McGuire appears to be more of the “random backhand to the face” type instead of the “marblebag assault” type.

As unimpressive as his offensive stats look (his career shooting percentages are under 42 percent overall and under 20 percent from beyond the arc), McGuire has been reportedly well-liked by coaches and fans wherever he’s played. Unfortunately, his offensive deficiencies mean he’s probably doomed to never be more than a role player at this level. Still, he might be the kind of player who secures a couple of victories over the course of a season by playing lockdown D against the opposing team’s “closer” in clutch situations. I see a lot more value in a player like that at the end of the bench than I see in John Lucas III, but I’ll elaborate on that when we get to Lucas’ player profile.

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  1. Great signing. McGuire will never be a good offensive player but he is a defensive stud. If he could develop the corner 3 the raps could have a Bruce Bowen

    • Not quite sure if he is a defensive stud – honestly never heard of him prior to yesterday.

      • Word is that – since last year – coach Jackson is trying to instill in Golden State the same defensive culture we are speaking about here.
        Of course, according to the blogger, he does so getting rid of one of the best (if not THE best) player on his roster.
        There must be something wrong, here.

  2. But am encouraged by the addition, judging from the reviews given by the websights. And equally pleased that the team seems to have a direction.

  3. Interesting signing.

    He kind of seems like the player Casey was trying to mold James Johnson into, at least on the defensive end of the floor.

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