As we inch closer to the season, we’ll begin to see the faces and hear the voices of Raptors players, coaches and management more often, and on Tuesday morning, President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo was on TSN Radio in Toronto.

There was the usual banter about the improved roster, Dwane Casey, Jonas Valanciunas, Jose Calderon and more, but the juicy tidbit to come out of Mike Richards’ interview was Colangelo’s admission that the Raptors “had a chance to jump in” on Andre Iguodala talks this summer.

Here’s the quote from Bryan:

We passed on a few deals this summer, because we felt that the assets that were going out were too much to risk, especially for a short term contract. And you might read into that a guy named Andre Iguodala. Had a chance to jump in there, but it wasn’t the right fit for our team given the circumstances and the pieces that needed to go in and out. And in terms of his contract, with one year of permanency and then one year where he could opt out, it was too much risk given that we were unloading several current and future assets.”

Iguodala was one of a few small forwards linked to the Raptors in minor rumours this off-season, but no one was really sure just how serious any of those discussions were.

It will be interesting to see how Raptors fans react to this bit of news. Some will probably be temporarily infuriated that Colangelo and co. let a chance to grab a star pass them by, while others, especially those who have asked for management to take a patient approach in this rebuild, might see Colangelo’s decision to not make a risky trade for Iguodala as a good sign that the Raptors aren’t prepared to mortgage the future for some short-term gains.

In reality, we can’t truly begin to have a solid discussion or debate about this unless we know what was on the table (and we likely never will). If all it took was Calderon’s expiring contract this season and DeMar DeRozan, I’d make that deal in a heartbeat, since Iggy might represent DeRozan’s ceiling, at best. If all it took was Calderon plus one of DeRozan, Amir Johnson or Ed Davis (unlikely), or if a straight Andrea Bargnani one-for-one deal was possible, then I say Colangelo should have pulled the trigger.

But assuming Colangelo isn’t exaggerating the “several current and future assets” part and given the fact that the 76ers likely wanted a pretty hefty package if they were going to trade their All Star to a division rival (this all had to have transpired before Philadelphia’s Bynum acquisition, so I would imagine Jonas Valanciunas’ name came up), passing on the chance to acquire Iguodala might have been a wise long-term decision, despite how tantalizing the addition of such a versatile wing talent would have been.

I consider Iguodala to be one of the more underrated players in the game, and would have been happy to acquire him for any player on this roster not named Valanciunas, Lowry, or maybe Ross, but once you start talking about packages that involve trading multiple young assets and taking on other less desirable players all for a guy who isn’t locked up long term, it gets dicey.

Heck, there were enough people that thought trading a lottery pick for two years of Kyle Lowry wasn’t worth it, so I can’t imagine too many people would have been okay with trading multiple prospects/assets for one-to-two years of Andre Iguodala.


UPDATE: Citing “an NBA source,” TSN’s James Cybulski says the Sixers were looking at Jose Calderon, Ed Davis, Toronto’s 2012 first round pick (which turned into Terrence Ross) and another first round pick (which was later used by the Raps to acquire Kyle Lowry). Obviously, this is merely one report from one NBA source, but if we assume for a moment that Cybulski’s source is correct, then Colangelo did well to walk away. The Raptors have Kyle Lowry for at least two years, still have Calderon’s expiring contract to dangle, still have Ed Davis and drafted an intriguing wing player in Terrence Ross. Had this speculative deal gone through, the Raptors would have had Iguodala for 1-2 years and none of the above assets. The team still wouldn’t have been good enough in the short term, and would have been devoid of any young assets outside of Jonas Valanciunas and DeMar DeRozan.

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  1. Too much to give up? I don’t really buy that. For the Raptors to have had talks in the Iguodala trade, it must mean that they would have played the role of the Nuggets in this trade scenario. All they had to give up was Afflalo and Harrington, two TERRIBLE contracts.

    Of course, I can only speculate like everyone else. But, looking at the Raptors roster and salaries for comparison, could mean just Calderon and DeRozan, maybe a future first round pick. Seems like a no brainer to make that trade if I’m BC.

    • I don’t consider Afflalo and Harrington to be overpaid for what they contribute, and you’re assuming that the Sixers would be willing to trade Iguodala to a team within their division without asking for a king’s ransom.

      • I’d assume ultimately that’s what it came down to. Philly wouldn’t agree to the deal unless Toronto gave up more. But realistically, I think we’re still looking at moving DeRozan, Calderon, Davis at the most.

        Again, I can only speculate but maybe Iguodala’s agent flat out told them he wouldn’t resign in Toronto.

    • As I said, if the Raptors could have acquired Andre Iguodala for just Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan, I would have made that deal in a heartbeat. But again, from Philly’s perspective, I think there’s a difference between letting Iggy go to Denver while acquiring Bynum and trading Iggy within the division. I think it would have taken more than that from the Raptors.

      • Yes, I do think that’s what it came down to, the divisional thing. But Calderon + DeRozan + Davis still intrigues me. I think that’s what it would have came down to.

    • I never thought iggy was that good until the olympic

  2. To trade for Iggy, the Raptors probably would’ve had to give up Calderon, DeRozan, Davis/Amir or Valancuinas as well as a few draft picks in the future.
    As much as I love what Iggy brings to the game, or how well he will mesh with another underrated versatile player (Lowry), I would have to question whether or not we could be able to rebuild around the new core or not given Igoudala’s 1yr+option.
    Either way, we can’t judge until we know what Ross or DeRozan develop into.
    But the thought of Lowry, Fields, Igoudala, Bargnani, Valanciunas starting for the Raptors is mouth watering for us playoff deprived fans.

  3. Strange comments from Colangelo considering he made a similar deal for Lowry where he traded future assets (A pick that could be much more valuable than anything on the current Raptors roster outside of Val) for a player they only have for two years just like they would with Iguodala.

    There’s no doubt that the Raptors needed a player like Iguodala much more than they needed someone like Lowry, as they could have easily made do with Calderon/Bayless for a year but I’m willing to buy that the Sixers weren’t really big on trading him within division.

    • Funny side note: PBI has been a reader of this blog since around 2004. His initials “PBI” stand for “Picked Before Iguodala”, in reference to the disastrous Araujo pick in the 2004 draft. I couldn’t help but wonder how PBI would react if Colangelo actually did trade for Iggy, but it was not to be.

  4. Why bring this up.

    • You’re right. I prefer the long absences between articles and the great read of the Player Profiles than an interesting/speculative/creative discussion between Raptor fans

  5. All so Iguodala could show us the end of his wash out in a Raps uniform, while DeRozan, Davis, or god forbid Bargnani tears it up in Philly? I think there is considerable undervaluation of Raptor assets going on in this discussion. AI #2 is not a player I would really go out of my way to trade for at this point. And definitely not for talented young core players.

  6. im so glad this trade didnt go through!..thats why bc is the gm and you clowns arent, the whole point of a rebuild is to REBUILD why on earth are we going to trade half our prospects for a player who is out of his prime and most likely going to leave after a season or two with the raps organization..if derozen commits to an extension for the next 3 – 5 years than you keep and and develop him into the player we hope for, now if he tells BC he doesn’t want to sign an extension than by all means make a trade, acquiring iggy doesnt make us better than miami, boston brooklyn, new york, indiana or chicago. at best we make it to the 2nd rnd and than what?…dont get me wrong i love iggys game he played on team usa for a reason but trading prospects to a divisional rival is also not a great idea

    • “why on earth are we going to trade half our prospects for a player who is out of his prime and most likely going to leave after a season or two with the raps organization”

      Because our prospects aren’t really the high potential guys that you build a new core around. Some will have NBA careers, no doubt, but beyond that they are mythical creatures who are creations of the MLSE marketing department.

      I just don’t get how people fall in love with the “potential” of our roster. These guys are really not developing into anything exceptional, and they have a great platform with the raptors (a weak team) to put up big numbers.

      • so we trade our prospects for a rental player who will leave in 2 years possibly one?…get real dude if your gonna trade young prospects with upside make sure you don’t trade them to a team in the same division so they don’t scorch us for the next 5 years long after iggy is gone…the only way this raptor team is going to get better and compete is to draft and develop we cant go out in free agency and try to compete with teams like miami boston both LA’s etc if you cant get over the fact that this team is in its 3rd year of rebuilding than go cheer for one of the teams i just mentioned above

  7. AI is not a franchise player. He’s a very good complimentary player. Doesn’t score much. Would have been nice to have him thru the draft

  8. Not sure why people are so attached to our “prospects.” Other than JV, Lowry, and Ross I woulda traded anyone else from the roster. The excuse of not trading in the division is also not always valid. There is no guarantee that Iggy woulda resigned but there’s also no guarantee that we can get a big name free agent (HIGHLY DOUBT IT), or that our “prospects” will develop into studs. On the other hand, I think Iggy woulda made us competitive in the east and would have increased our chances of signing another free agent in the summer. At this point, I just don’t see why you wouldn’t bet the house on a guy like him. It’s not like the house is worth much…

  9. Methinks there was a very private phone call from Iggy to BC that went like:

    Iggy: Yo BC
    BC: Yes Iggy
    Iggy: Dont trade for me. I hate the Raptors. I’m too cool for them.
    BC: Gotcha

  10. Over rated player, and not the go-to scorer we need on the wing. He’s a complementary star at best, and we don’t need another of those.

  11. Another one?

    We don’t have one of those.

  12. I think it was too much to give up. I never wanted Iggy. I do want his production though. And if Denver is willing to trade either of their other SFs (Gallo/Chandler) I’d gladly throw Jose/DD into a trade for them. Either would be much cheaper than Iggy, and a better fit for this young team than Iggy would have been.

  13. Thanks!
    Randolf Ng

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