Photo credit to @Raptors on twitter

Us diehard Raptors fans have issues, so while it may seem pathetic and juvenile, we’ve been waiting on the official arrival of Jonas Valanciunas to Toronto with bated breath for over a year now. Sure, he showed up after the Draft last year to hold up a Raptors jersey with his name and number on it and to meet the media, and he took some awesome photos in Raptors threads last month in New York, but we were still waiting for his permanent landing and official move to Toronto.

Alas, late Saturday night, the Raptors’ official twitter feed sent out the following tweet:

How you choose to enjoy this photo is up to you – I won’t judge.

I mentioned earlier in the off-season that I was interested in seeing how the Raptors handled Valanciunas’ arrival and the anticipation around his debut, because I thought they had a golden opportunity to get fans excited and engaged, but had to walk a thin line between getting people excited and over-hyping Jonas or setting fans up for disappointment.

I guess how the team is handling that situation and walking that line depends on your own personal interpretation, but if you’ve been a Raptors fan for 17 mostly futile years, and have stuck with it through the last two years of meaningless basketball, then it’s virtually impossible to have seen that tweet on Saturday night without going from 6-to-12, or whatever the female equivalent of that is.

As hard it is to believe though, the Raptors will not be a one man team led by a rookie big man this season, and Valanciunas isn’t the only Raptor getting settled in Toronto a couple of weeks before camp opens.









Landry’s not the only member of his entourage enjoying Toronto, by the way.

These tweets mean we’re getting closer to tip-off for the 2012-13 season, and closer to the part of the year when we get to talk more about basketball than about tweets.