The photo you see above began to surface on twitter on Saturday evening and was first tweeted by someone with the handle @msharbaf.

It appears to be Jonas Valanciunas walking the streets of Toronto with a walking boot protecting his left leg. Given the amount of hype surrounding Valanciunas’ arrival in Toronto and how excited fans are to see the big Lithuanian in action, this is obviously concerning.

Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun has the closest thing to an update we’ll probably get tonight:

While I have no medical background whatsoever, I do know from just playing various sports throughout my youth, especially soccer where leg injuries are common, that crutches or crutches+walking boot often indicate a more severe injury because it would mean that the injured athlete isn’t supposed to put any weight on the affected leg/area (think Reggie Evans’ injury a few years back). So if nothing else, I’m holding out hope that the lack of crutches and the fact that Valanciunas is otherwise walking on his own power is a small consolation here.

Wolstat seems to have heard the same thing:

For the love of God, here’s hoping that’s the case.

We can’t assume it’s related at all, but for context, Valanciunas did seem to injure his ankle in Lithuania’s quarterfinal loss to Russia at the Olympics last month, though he returned to the game and actually enjoyed his best performance of the tournament. In general, he hasn’t had any significant time to rest his body over the last couple of years between the various competitions Lietuvos Rytas was involved in and the junior and senior national team commitments he’s been a part of.

Until we find out more, a nation or two holds its collective breath…

UPDATE: Okay, probably last update of the night, courtesy of the National Post’s Eric Koreen:

It’s going to be a long, sleepless night for a lot of Raptors fans.