This week’s “Story Time with Jalen Rose” animated short story on Grantland is must-watch material for Raptors fans, as Rose tells the story of the night Vince Carter slammed Sam Mitchell…literally.

As Jalen tells it, Sam Mitchell made a wisecrack about Vince always being on the trainer’s table, Vince and Sam exchange nudges, and eventually, VC delivers his variation of Brock Lesnar’s F-5 or John Cena’s F-U.

Did Mitchell detonate a ticking time bomb by bringing up Carter’s various injury problems and haphazardly questioning his toughness? Probably, but the legendary tale that it wrought was well worth it in my books, and at the time, most frustrated Raptors fans would have probably sided with Smitch.

If only we had known these details before we caught up with Vince earlier this year.