I’ll keep this short. WalkingBootGate comes to an end with the announcement that Jonas Valanciunas suffered a calf strain while taking part in a voluntary team workout, and that while a timetable for his return isn’t known, the injury is not believed to be serious.

Nothing foot-related or ankle-related, so I suppose that’s always good news, but let’s remember that it was a calf strain that kept another seven-footer, Andrea Bargnani, out for half the season last year, so I say give Jonas all the rest he needs and then some. We’ve waited this long to see him take the floor in Toronto, I can wait a little longer if it means his debut is at 100 per cent.

Okay, now everybody breathe…

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  1. not serious? isnt this what kept Bargni out for almost the entire season? are they just downplaying this or is it really not serious….

    Lets hope there are different doctors taking care of this than the ones that “took care” of Bargni….

    I was hoping JV would be slammin Larry Johnson and his Grand Ma Ma….

  2. At least we have a good excuse for if/when Val struggles over the course of his rookie season, we are still using Davis’ training camp injury from 2010 as an excuse as to why he hasn’t developed like we thought he would.

    • and the lockout – not excuses but fact is he is starting his third season and hasn’t had a preseason yet

  3. “He heard something pop…”

  4. Am I the only one not quite caught up in this mythical ‘Jonas fever’ you guys are espousing? Happy to have him, expecting very little this season.

    That being said I am more excited for this season than I have been in a long time. Might even watch some games :)

    • In my post on realistic statistical expectations for Valanciunas’ rookie season, I’m on record as saying I think Jonas putting up 8,6, and 1 is reasonable, though even those numbers might be a bit high, so I don’t think any of us are expecting a world beater in Year 1. But we’re talking about a 20-year-old true centre who can be a special talent here, and it’s not just people in Toronto or fans that believe that.

      As for your excitement heading into the season, I’m with you. The last two seasons have been writeoffs during the summer and have been more about tanking and draft picks than actual basketball, so we should be excited for a season where the basketball itself matters, and a season that I think could be a nice setup year for a brighter future.

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