On Monday, Scott, Oliver and I got together to discuss WalkingBootGate and to catch up with new Raptor Landry Fields.

Fields joined us for a quick discussion about Jonas Valanciunas, Landry’s role on this Raptors team, his durability (he’s one of only six NBA players to suit up for every game in each of the last two seasons) his off-season work, and Scott even got to the bottom of “Wrestle Wednesdays.”

Here’s a special pre-camp edition of RaptorBlog Radio:

Download the mp3 here.

Given his down to earth nature and humour, we hope to have Fields back on the show at some point this season.

And if you’re wondering, we’ll definitely have some sort of season preview podcast for your listening pleasure closer to the start of the regular season.

Until then, you know where to come for anything and everything Raptors, like a Player Profile of Aaron Gray, which should be coming soon…

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  1. Great job getting Fields for the podcast.

    I would have loved to see Drummond on the Raptors. I think Jonas can be moved to play PF, which allows Drummond to play center.

    I do like Ross, and I think he’s a much better pick than Lamb and Rivers. But the Raptors needed franchise talent and Drummond had that potential. I think he will eventually be another one that got away.

    Looking forward to seeing Fields though, I think he will be well worth the contract.

    • You’re definitely not alone in your future outlook for Drummnd, and I’ll concede that Bynum wasn’t much further along at the same age, but the way I see it, Ross has a pretty high ceiling himself. He’s a very athletic wing player who can play effectively on both sides of the ball and is already pretty sound in his fundamentals and basketball IQ. I think a lot of people overestimated how high DeMar DeRozan’s ceiling was when he was drafted, and now I think people are underestimating how high Ross’ is. Also, I just don’t see Valanciunas as a PF. I think he’s a “true centre” in the truest sense (pardon the pun), and it would have been ridiculously hard to try to develop two very young big men at the same time. I’m not asking sarcastically, but can you think of a team that developed two raw, young big men simultaneously?

      • Ya, I was glad they picked Ross, because I like him him a lot better than who they were rumoured to pick (Lamb, Rivers). I definitely think he has a pretty high ceiling. But IF Drummond ends up being anything close to Howard or Bynum, it’ll be hard to get past, seeing how Drummond was projected as a top pick almost all year until Davis took that spot shortly after the season started.

        As far as teams developing two raw young big man, here’s some examples I found.

        Utah with Kanter/Favors
        Cleveland with Zeller/Thompson
        Houstin with Motiejunas/White, Patterson, Morris
        Boston with Melo/Sullinger
        Detroit with Drummond/Monroe (if Monroe still counts)
        New Jersey with Lopez/Favors and also Lopez/Yi Jianlian
        LA with Jordan/Griffin
        Portland tried to with Oden/Aldridge
        Chicago with Noah/Thomas
        Boston with Perkins/Jefferson

  2. Nice podcast. They can be hard to get right, but I could see you guys getting a nice flow going with a few more episodes.

    (Er, not intended as a back-handed compliment).

    • Thanks. The plan is to do a bigger season preview podcast in late October, and then do a weekly podcast throughout the season.

  3. Nice hearing from Landry Fields, though I wish there were some more “hard-hitting” questions. But than again you don’t want to scare him away I suppose and he’ll just give the usual “professional” responses. I think one nice thing that is always interesting is (if possible) asking NBA players for funny stories.

    Overall, great podcast. Keep up the great work guys.

    • Thanks for the listen and the feedback. Usually, we’d like to get more questions in there in general, including more basketball-specific questions (though we do want to be unique), but Landry had to get to the airport, which is obviously understandable, and so Scott, Oliver and I each cut down on our lists of questions. Hopefully, Landry enjoyed his brief chat with us (he retweeted theScore’s link to the pod, so that’s a good sign) and will feel comfortable coming back on the show during the season. He definitely seems like the type of guy who gives better and deeper answers than most pro athletes, so it would be nice to have him on during the season when there is more ball to talk about.

      • O no, I do understand. Like PBI mentioned, you did throw in that Wrestling Wednesday Question, which is funny and different. To be honest, the fact that you were able to secure interviews with players like Fields and Carter is interesting enough for me.

  4. Good stuff, the “Wrestling Wednesday” question was awesome just for the response it got out of him. Glad you guys are trying to take some different lines of questioning in the interviews you do.

    I’m really looking forward to this podcast becoming more of a regular occurrence during the season even if it’s you three just sitting around and talking shit about that particular week of the season.

    • Given that we want to do a weekly podcast during the season, and that it will be tough to schedule a guest every single week, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of weeks where it’s just the three of us “sitting around and talking shit about that particular week,” and we’ll enjoy doing it.

  5. I think Jonas and Bargs games cam work very well together. Bargs likes to operate mainly in the high post and is a finesse big while Jonas is more of a low post banger. When you have two players that like to play in the same area ala Bosh and O’Neal it’s hard to get it to work. Especially when you have two all star caliber (or former all star caliber in O’Neal’s case) players and ego’s are involved. Duncan and Robinson worked so well because Robinson put his ego aside, knew what he had in Duncan and ajusted his role accordingly. Plus Duncan has always been a team first guy who never lets his ego get in the way of winning. They were a perfect match.

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