With the highly anticipated release of NBA 2K13 tomorrow, basketball fans and gamers alike are buzzing about Dream Teams, game modes and player ratings (we’ll get to those ratings).

Well it turns out that one of theScore’s social media gurus (and the man responsible for this hilarious montage) already got a taste of the game, and provided us with the following gem.

Here’s the closest thing to your first look at Jonas Valanciunas in action for the Raptors (You’ll notice that 2K didn’t exactly nail Valanciunas’ facial features or how to get Kevin Harlan to properly pronounce his last name, but they did capture the trippy 3D logo on the ACC baselines), dominating none other than Anthony Davis in the first meeting between the two highly touted big men:

courtesy of Scott Johnson and 2K Sports

In addition to botching his face and name, 2k also low-balled Jonas on his NBA readiness, giving the big Lithuanian a disappointing rating of just 59. For comparison’s sake, fellow rookie Terrence Ross received a generous 71 rating.

Here are 12 available ratings for the Raptors:

Kyle Lowry-83

Andrea Bargnani-75 (Bargs should have been rated higher than Calderon and DeRozan)

Jose Calderon-75

DeMar DeRozan-75

Landry Fields-71

Terrence Ross-71 (I like Ross’ upside and think he can contribute, but really, already in the 70′s? Too high.)

Amir Johnson-69 (I wasn’t thrilled with Amir last season, but having him behind Ross is an insult)

Ed Davis-67

Linas Kleiza-63 (Another Raptor ranked too low for my liking)

John Lucas III-63

Jonas Valanciunas-59 (2K Sports obviously isn’t aware that JV isn’t in danger, he IS the danger)

Aaron Gray-58


On a side note, as was pointed out to me by @VarandK on twitter, Valanciunas is now listed at seven-feet, 257 pounds, according to the Raptors’ training camp release. What’s so significant about that? He was previously listed at 6-11, 231 pounds on the team website and has never been listed above 240 pounds as far as I can find. So somewhere along the line recently, Jonas has added some significant weight, and unless he’s unhealthily binged himself up to 257, I think we can all agree that the extra bulk should only help him in his quest to assert himself in the NBA, where we’re still not expecting him to light the world on fire in Year One.

In other news, media day is today at the Air Canada Centre, training camp begins tomorrow in Halifax, the calendar has flipped over to October, and it’s officially too cold to get drunk on a patio…ladies and gentlemen, basketball season in Toronto is here!

Oh, and one more time in case you’re new to RaptorBlog and haven’t seen it yet, courtesy of Toby Fowlow, also of theScore’s awesome social media team:

I am not ashamed to admit that this is my phone’s background wallpaper right now.