Lowry Era Set To Begin

If Jonas Valanciunas’ debut was the main event of this pre-season for Raptors fans, Kyle Lowry’s debut is a formidable undercard headliner, and barring any setbacks, we’ll get to see it on Wednesday night against the Wizards.

Lowry had missed the first week (three games) of the pre-season nursing a strained adductor muscle, but is reportedly ready to get on the court and take the reins of Toronto’s offence (and defence, for that matter). Jose Calderon, on the other hand, who left Friday’s game against the Pistons with hamstring tightness, has not had his status for Wednesday determined yet.

While positional battles and depth chart questions are always interesting, the pre-season is usually one highly anticipated game to start the exhibition schedule, followed by another six or seven games of eye rolling and waiting for the regular season to finally begin. Raptors fans have been spoiled with a few extra games to look forward to this pre-season, however, as every game so far has had an intriguing underlying storyline, from the opener at home, to Valanciunas’ debut and then home debut, which will now be followed by Lowry’s debut (at home) and a matchup with the Knicks in Montreal.

By the time we’re through with that game, only a couple of likely snoozefests against the Bucks and Grizzlies will separate us from the regular season.

As long as Valanciunas’ calf and Lowry’s adductor don’t cause any problems later on this season, their initial absence might have simply given us more to look forward to in this usually dry period of meaningless basketball.

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  1. I can’t believe we have to wait until Wednesday… Need moar basketball!!!

  2. Seeing Lowry should be a nice change for the team. But I hope that he doesn’t get too many minutes. As you said, the last thing they need is the same recurring injury.

    • Tagging on to this comment. For all those who are ready to trade Jose because we now have Lowry and Lucas, my reply is this… both Lowry and Calderon have been injury-prone in most of their seasons. It might be prudent to keep a deep point guard line up.

      • Definitely. I think the Raptors should and will head into the season with all three, but if a deal that benefits Toronto presents itself at any point this season regarding moving Calderon’s expiring contract, I think it will be made.


  3. Haha, I hope you don’t run the word “era” into the ground before the season even starts.

    We’re already heading into the second era of the preseason, the Quincy Acy era can’t be too far now.

    • I could have used it for the headline when Valanciunas made his debut, but was saving it for the “Chris Wright Era.”

  4. John Lucas III should wear the number 3, but have it written in roman numerals on his jersey.

  5. October 16, 2012—The Toronto Raptors are woefully thin on talent, and may have to scour the D-leagues where the help can be found. The Maine Red Claws made a lot of progress at the end of last year. Kenny Hayes had a 50-point game; Anthony Kent is a pretty good center at that level; Morris Almond is a clutch player; Silas; and Brownlee–but especially Silas are good players to watch in that organization that works with Boston and the 76ers. If Toronto could pull some of those kids away from Maine and see what Hayes, Almond, and Kent can do, I think Toronto might even find some exciting player help in that bunch. I think that Silas is owned by Philadelphia, and I like that basketball player. Good luck Wednesday night. I lived in Portland, Maine last year, but I live close to Buffalo now. Good luck, Tiger-Cats. V. Stark

    • …um, what? Did you come here from an alternate dimension or something?

    • So, the Raptors are thin on talent, but you think that they will find it in the D-League? Interesting…

    • In other news, Kenny Patterson scored 75 points in the Southridge men’s rec-league at Grandview YMCA last night. Kenny’s a real hustler who shows great effort on both ends of the court. His latest scoring outburst follows a five game stretch of averaging 43.4 ppg. Kenny worked on his 3-point shot during the summer, and so far it’s paying real dividends as he’s been averaging six 3PM/game this season. The Raptors are real thin on the wing and if they could pull Kenny away from team Dads with Kids in the Southridge league, that’d be some steal.

      All the best.

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