UPDATE: Bargnani didn’t practice on Thursday, but the injury is not believed to be serious, and he might even play on Friday night in Montreal if he recovers in time.


Just minutes after posting my thoughts on Wednesday’s narrow pre-season victory over the Wizards, which included me voicing my concern over Andrea Bargnani’s suffering shot, I must also post about the fact that Bargnani left the game after suffering what the team is calling a left calf contusion.

Given that this is the same calf that interrupted an impressive start to the season for Bargnani last year and later caused him to miss more than half the season, it’s obviously understandable for fans to be concerned right now. But if there’s any bit of good news, it’s that this is supposedly not in any way related to his calf strain from last year, so there’s that.

If Andrea can get back into the lineup sooner, rather than later, then we can just get back to being concerned about his poor shooting of late, which is a lot less worrisome than that damn target of a left calf of his.

On a sidenote, the Raptors picked up the fourth year (2013-14) option on Ed Davis’ rookie scale contract on Wednesday.

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  1. I don’t think Bargnani offense is something to be concerned about. He’s always streaky and will continue to be. Thats what happens to any player that relies so heavily on their jumpshot.

    Its that return to stand around defense and watch while others rebound the ball play that is the greatest concern.

  2. I’m not worried about a friggin’ contusion that’s for sure. I am worried about his general softness.

  3. Yea this guys lackadaisical approach to being in the most fortunate and esteemed basketball professional league in the world makes me want to hurl. If he doesn’t start acting like this sport matters to him and not simply learning how to answer the media’s questions, then I’m afraid management should take a strong look at moving my favourite current Raptor. Natural abilities can be a gift and a curse – in this case, it seems like he’s assuming the position of basketball player due to his gifts and not because of inner drive to be the best.

  4. But I’m waiting until opening night until I pass my final verdict and switch allegiance to Lowry/Fields(true professionals and two guys that don’t have trouble lighting that fire under their own butts)

  5. Well, it’s a nice change from his usual mooncalf confusion.

  6. Fuck, I saw this from the Ed Davis ESPN accolade entry and thought B-Nanny had another injury to keep him out even longer.

    Sorely disappointed.

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