RaptorBlog Radio producer Oliver Macklem and I joined host Drew Fairservice to preview the 2012-13 Raptors season ahead of the team’s opener Wednesday night against the Pacers.

Included is an interview with Dwane Casey to set the table for what we’re all hoping is an exciting season in Toronto.

Download the MP3 here, or have a listen on the player below:

Once the season tips off, we’ll be looking to record a weekly podcast. In the meantime, enjoy this episode of RaptorBlog Radio as you wait for my official game by game prediction for the season, coming later today.

If you’re wondering, the intro music is a sample from a song by E.O.S. made for the Raptors’ opener back in 2008

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  1. RSS feed/iTunes?

  2. Nice job on the podcast, again. Was nice hearing what Dwane had to say. Interesting take on those “role cards”.

    Just a couple things I noticed though.

    The point on Andrea Bargnani with a work ethic to improve and to be elite? I don’t think that’s true, he came into training camp out of shape this year, which is arguably the most important season for him to prove himself. I think that says a lot. Also, I think his scoring numbers have gone up because he’s been taking more shots and has been a bigger part of the offense with Bosh gone, not necessarily because he’s working to get better.

    Another point about having better rebounders on the team- Valanciunas, Lowry, Fields, etc… If anything, I think that will bring Andrea’s rebounding numbers down even more.

    • Good point on his rebounding numbers possibly going down. That might not mean he is hitting the glass with less authority.

      Not all players can produce at the same efficiency when given a greater opportunity. A guy like Trevor Ariza comes instantly to mind. But Bargs’ field goal % actually increased for 3 straight years as his ppg went up. I don’t think he was capable of these numbers early on in his career. Remember how much difficulty he used to have finishing around the rim? And remember how teams would put an undersized big on him in early years and he couldn’t post up? Those parts of his game have definitely improved.

  3. Free Scott Carefoot.

  4. JV was a great pick by the Raps. Better player than Bargnani and probably Derozan.

  5. The raps are leading with 1:45 left and take 2 outside jump shots and miss rather than drive in and lose story of the franchise

  6. Kinda crazy looking back on this.

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