I feel like whenever Charles Barkley mentions the Raptors, he’s either trying to troll the hell out of our fanbase by exaggerating how awful he thinks that year’s version of the team will be, or he spends the time exaggerating how special the city of Toronto is to him, endearing him to fans long enough to make them forget about his jokes that the Raptors “don’t count” because they’re not based in the U.S..

Case in point, when asked to give his thoughts on the Raptors last month as part of team previews for NBA.com, Barkley spent a minute trying to figure out how many teams were in the Atlantic Division while proving how little he actually knew about the 2012-13 edition of the team. All we really learned is that Raptors fans should expect absolutely nothing from this season (Sidenote, if you’re up for a laugh and want to see what it looks like when an on air personality tries to wing it with his analysis because he doesn’t actually know what to say, this video is well worth your time. The look on Barkley’s face when Cellini even mentions the word ‘Toronto’ just screams “Ahh shit, I have absolutely NO clue here”).

Fast forward to last night’s edition of “Inside the NBA”  though, and Barkley suddenly takes a completely different stance, picking the Raptors as his “sleeper” team before professing his love for Toronto, even calling it his favourite city in the world for the umpteenth time on national television South of the border.

Don’t get me wrong, Chuck, we appreciate the face time on TNT, the shoutout and the all around love for Toronto, but how about just a little consistency with your analysis and predictions from month to month?