(Video by the always-awesome Turbozone.)

Start time: 7:00 PM ET
Channel: TSN
Probable starting lineups
Toronto: Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields, Andrea Bargnani, Jonas Valanciunas
Indiana: George Hill, Paul George, Gerald Green, David West, Roy Hibbert

Injury report

Toronto: No reported injuries.

Indiana: Danny Granger is out indefinitely with knee soreness, while George Hill is probable for tonight.

Random thoughts

  • These game threads didn’t get a lot of traffic last year, so we’re going to keep these quick and dirty so they don’t take up a lot of our time. We’d love to see more of you hang out in the comments during the game, though!
  • The Raptors are 9-8 in season openers, and 6-5 in season openers at home.
  • Jonas Valanciunas will face a big test — literally — guarding seven-foot-two Roy Hibbert in Jonas’ first NBA game. This looks like one of those matchups where Jonas’ could get into foul trouble early.
  • The Pacers went 3-0 against the Raptors last season. In their most recent matchup, the Pacers won 103-98, but they had Granger in their lineup while Bargnani sat the game out for the Raptors.
  • Nice shoes, Amir.

Comments (16)

  1. John Hollinger is such a tool

  2. That new guy might be kinda good

  3. BENCH MOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Carefoot is back!

    Unfortunately, they just locked up Demar so we’re going to sink or swim with this core.

  5. How good did Kyle Lowry look in the first half? 13 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals in 18 minutes. I’ll take it.

  6. This team is very fun to watch. Leaps and bounds better than last year.

  7. This is the 13 game Bargnani

  8. Nice meltdown.


  9. wow. 1 for 9 to finish the game. clutch.

  10. So apparently Derozan’s getting a 4-year 38 million extension. I’m hoping that this isn’t true but if it is…why??

    What has he proven thus far to deserve almost 10 million/year?? He hasn’t even shown the “potential” to become anything more then what he is.

  11. So, between Derozan and Fields we got a grand total of 10 points, 1 blocked shot, 2 assists, 7 rebounds, no made threes and no free throw attempts in a combined 51 plus minutes of playing time. Those stats would be crap for one player let alone both wings combined. Great way to spend over 16 million of the salary cap Brian!
    This is coming from a hardcore fan since season 1 who us utterly disgusted by the stupid moves Colango has made. Why would you draft Ross if your were going to sign Derozan to an extension and sign Fields to a ridiculous contract. That is total overlap. All i see is a General Manager who is winging it and has no solid plan for the future. Thank god the Nash deal did not work out or we would be completly screwed if we are not already. No wonder Charles Barkely considers this franchise as one that “don’t count”
    I’m done defending this team. Rant over.

    • At least DeRozan celebrated his new extension with a typical DeRozan night, very happy to have 4 more years of offensive fouls and awkward ill timed jumpshots that clank off the rim. 3+ years in and the guy still has no idea how to play basketball.

  12. Great 3rd quarter. 4th quater, not so much.

  13. Couldn’t close out the game, but it’s only game 1.

    Derozan couldn’t get a call to save his life, but he wasn’t taking great shots either (latter goes for Amir Johnson as well). I thought Fields was just unlucky. There were parts of the game I thought Casey could have made a sub or two when it looked like they were struggling. No Kleiza?

    Lowry looked great! JV looked pretty good as well.

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