Today not only marks the start of a new season for the Raptors, but also the deadline day for the team and DeMar DeRozan to come to terms on an extension before next off-season. If no deal is struck by the end of the day, the Raptors can’t negotiate with DeMar again until after the season, at which point DeRozan can become a free agent (The Raptors could still make him a restricted free agent and match any offer for him next summer by simply tendering him a qualifying offer before free agency).

It was widely expected that the Raptors would let the deadline pass, see what DeRozan had to offer in his fourth NBA season, and then would make a decision regarding the 23-year-old’s future later.

But alas, the always on the ball Adrian Wojnarowski broke this just minutes ago:

We obviously have no idea what the Raptors are offering or what DeRozan’s camp is looking for from a financial standpoint right now, but I have to admit, I’m not thrilled about this development.

As I’ve stated before, DeRozan seems to have the work ethic and genuine love for Toronto that makes him incredibly easy to root for as a Raptors fan, and I really do want to see him take his game to the next level and establish himself as a future star in T.O.

But other than what I’ll admit was an impressive pre-season where he took advantage of his strength in the post, DeRozan is still an incomplete player. His offence hasn’t been efficient since his rookie year, he still doesn’t rebound well for his position, defend well for his athleticism, or pass the ball when he should. In short, DeMar should prove himself and prove his worth this season before the franchise makes a decision that will hinder some of their financial flexibility in the future.

Maybe Bryan Colangelo and co. can get DeRozan at a discounted price, have him break out this season, and then look like geniuses for locking him up before his stock skyrocketed (Remember, with so few young stars at shooting guard ready to take the torch from the older stars, a breakout season from a young free agent SG could get said player PAID). But there’s just as likely a possibility that DeRozan is overpaid and then struggles to justify his new contract.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that these contract talks are nothing more than just that – talks – and that both parties will go into the season still without an agreement.

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  1. Wolstat is saying chances are 3-to-1 that something gets done which is slightly disappointing.

  2. its the chance a GM has to take or not take and whether he does or doen’t the critism will come either way. Give Colangelo credit when he makes a mistake he usually finds a way out of it. Saay what you may about Bargs or the Calderon contracts there are a lot worst out there and the fact that no one has been amnestied means he hasn’t done that bad.

    • I don’t know if the fact that there are worse contracts out there is really the best defense. DeRozan simply hasn’t shown enough to warrant anything close to that kind of money.

    • Well… Either that or raps are too cheap to amnesty a contract

  3. Let’s put it this way, BC will stop needlessly overpaying players when Jose Calderon becomes a defensive stalwart and Bargnani starts average 8rpg

  4. And DD celebrates his new deal by starting the game 0-5…

  5. This is just a really hard team to root for with BC running the helm. He makes a good decision here and there and then he just does moronic shit like this.

    Nothing personal against DD, but by any objective measure, he’s been a below average player in the league, and they’re going to pay him $10M or more a year? They overpay Fields who’s best suited as a 2, they draft Ross who’s best suited as a 2, and then they bid against themselves (yet again) for a guy who has proven NOTHING so far. Cap flex? Who cares, I guess.

    Why not wait? If he busts out this season, which is unlikely (he may score more efficiently but I can’t see anything else), you can match offers or if you don’t want to spend that money, package him in a deal before the deadline.

    BC is an ass. That is all.

  6. I have always thought BC was better than a random, faceless alternative so I’ve never been on the “Fire BC” train. After this contract, I heartily welcome whatever alternative is available and willing to take over this mess.

  7. Fuck, I just can’t let it go. $10M a year to a guy the coach doesn’t trust to put in the game in crunch time in the 4th Q in hi 4th bloody year in the league, and when he does come in he contributes absolutely nothing. I mean, that’s either literally nothing or less than nothing if you count the missed shots, forced drives, inability to rebound, etc. etc. And what about this interest in ADVANCED STATS? WTF??? You’re investing in work ethic now? MOTHERFUCKER!!! My caps lock can’t get angry enough.

    Poor DeMar. Not his fault his GM is a clown.

    On the positive side, and no this doesn’t excuse BC, I love Lowry (who is only here because they couldn’t get Nash) and JV. JV’s defensive awareness excites me more than it should. Lowry is going to make some dumb plays here and there but he beasts.

    Two legit pieces. That’s something.

  8. I have been a huge BC supporter for a long time, but after the crazy contract he gave Derozan it’s time to part ways with BC.

  9. 4 years / $38M appears to be the final value. I can’t help but think… meh. In truth, I don’t think it’s a terrible deal. There’s some upside if Derozan makes major strides this year (definitely possible), but it’s not inspirational. Looking at contracts in the same neighbourhood (below from DX) it’s not outlandish, but it’s definitely an old-world NBA move. In part, it represents something I like about Colangelo. He’s pretty straight up, and seems to genuinely want to reward players at fair market value. Still, Derozan’s advanced stats are poor, he doesn’t have the same value as Taj Gibson, who signed an identical deal with the Bulls.

    I think the deal is defensible, with some potential to be good, but it’s easy to infer from it that Colangelo’s team building philosophy is still muddled. Put another way, Alex Rucker had pretty high praise (not that he’s unbiased) for the offseason moves, but I suspect he’s going to bed scratching his head about this one.

    Ray Allen $10,500,000
    Corey Maggette $10,262,069
    DeAndre Jordan $10,079,404
    Rajon Rondo $10,045,455
    David West $10,000,000
    David West $10,000,000
    Jose Calderon $9,780,991
    Gerald Wallace $9,500,000
    Richard Jefferson $9,282,000
    Stephen Jackson $9,256,500
    Andrea Bargnani $9,250,000
    Devin Harris $9,205,000
    Andris Biedrins $9,000,000
    Boris Diaw $9,000,000
    Lamar Odom $8,900,000
    Luis Scola $8,591,793
    Jason Kidd $8,500,000
    Carl Landry $8,500,000
    John Salmons $8,500,000
    Rodney Stuckey $8,500,000
    Maurice Williams $8,500,000

    • Yes, there are a number of bad contract, but that’s not a good defense upon just giving someone who is a poor defender, poor rebounder, poor passer, poor ball handler and only a decent scorer, a $10 million per year contract.

      You stick DeRozan on a good team and he might not play 20 mpg. No matter how you look at it, Colangelo made a horrible decision. Pointing out that other GMs have also made horrible decisions only says that Colangelo is not alone in needing to be fired.

      • I’m not going to defend the deal, beyond what can be considered a defense of it in my post above.

        Your point about Colangelo getting fired is a good one. Part of what I tried to say is that the deal is just very Colangelo-y – it’s the kind of deal we’ll see as long as he’s the GM. The dollars are high, the priorities aren’t quite right, but there’s a certain logic to it.

    • I would be pissed if I was Rondo.

  10. I guess i will never understand GM’s evaluation on players

  11. Soooo pissed. This contract is inexcusable. They could have had max cap space this summer to improve the team. BC should lose his job over this. My only reason for this is BC thought he would not be able to get anybody better to come to Toronto so he resigned derozan as a way of saying thank you for wanting to stay here. OR BC wanted to show the league players will stay here (If you vastly overpay). Either way, this team is completely fucked and Ive never wanted BC to lose his job as much as I do now. He might not even be here past this year and hes saddling the team with his stupid decisions.

  12. I’m absolutely dumb-founded by this move. BC overpaid Fields in an attempt to get Nash, fine I understand that because it could also be some insurance at the 2-spot in case DeMar flamed out this season. Then he drafts Ross as more SG insurance (though he’s totally unproven as a rookie) and then he extends DeMar…why?

    I know they’re not the same position but Lawson just signed 4 yrs at $48 mil. Even if DeMar improves substantially, I doubt it would to an all-star level or even to have as much impact on this team as Lawson has on Denver. I would think that even a great year would net a contract for DeMar that wouldn’t be more than $12-$13/year so why lock him up now for 4 YEARS when he hasn’t shown anything. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

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