Fresh off of their heartbreaking, season opening loss at the hands of the Pacers, the task doesn’t get any easier for the Raptors. I mentioned in my season prediction post that 15 of Toronto’s first 22 games will come on the road, with six back-to-backs (more than one-third of their back-to-backs all season) crammed into a 25-day stretch in November, and that all begins Saturday night in Brooklyn.

Only it gets worse.

With the devastation wrought to the New York area by Hurricane Sandy, the Nets’ home opener against the Knicks, which was supposed to go on Thursday, was postponed until November 26. In turn, that now means that when the Raptors play the Nets at Barclays Center on Saturday, it will not only be an opposing team’s home opener, it will be the launching pad for an entirely new era in New York basketball and for a new swarm of rabid Brooklyn fans.

Believe me, I understand that there are much greater things than sports to worry about right now, and in no way do I intend to minimize the aforementioned devastation and tragedies in New York, but it does seem like a foregone conclusion that this game just got a whole lot more intimidating for the Raptors as the team who will “help” the Nets open the Brooklyn Era.

Apparently, NBA 2K13 agrees with me, because the game projects an absolute rout in favour of the hyped up Nets. Have a look for yourselves:

I had already predicted a loss in this game anyway, and a video simulation wouldn’t have changed any of that thinking, but if things go as expected and the Raptors drop to 0-2, Sunday’s home game against the banged up Timberwolves will be the closest thing to “must win” as you can get three games into an 82-game season, as after that, the Raps will head to Oklahoma City and Dallas before following up with games against the 76ers, Jazz, Celtics and Pacers. Eeek.

While I don’t expect a W in Brooklyn, I will say, it would be pretty damn awesome if the Raptors stopped this Nets hype train on opening night in the borough. It would surely sweeten any of the bitter taste still left over from Wednesday night.

In addition, you can expect there to be a lot more eyeballs on this game South of the border than there normally would be for a Raptors/Nets matchup, so a good showing could go a long way in establishing some of the respect the Raptors are looking for.

BIG thanks to theScore’s Scott Johnson for running the simulation and cutting it for us

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  1. If the SIM was done using 2K13s default player ratings, then a total waste of time.
    I have the PC game. The ratings are just awful. When i got it I sim’d a game vs the ny knicks using fully realistic simulation settings with the default ratings, just to see how it would play out, and raptors lost 148-82. Realistic? I think not.
    Jonas is a whopping 59, one of the lower ranked players i’ve seen in the game. Strangely, Quincy Acy is a 62. Another rookie center, Tyler Zeller, is a 65.
    Bargnani’s ratings are also pretty weak considering his real-life skillset and after comparing to other players in the game, he should be higher in many categories. I find almost every Raptor is under-ranked. But Jonas at 59 alone is enough to ignore any simulations. I think his shot-blocking is in the 60s, and his inside scoring and rebounding is low 70s. Way too low compared to others in the game. And his “potential” rating is 70. Ha. Should be more like 99…

    Here is Jonas overall rank vs some other (lesser) big men in the game:
    Jonas Valanciunas = 59
    Quincy Acy = 62
    Kyle O’Quinn = 59
    Greg Stiemsma = 60
    Kwame Brown = 60
    Andris Biedrins = 61
    Nazr Mohammed = 61
    Mike Scott = 61
    Jared Jeffeis = 62
    Ronny Turiaf = 63
    Jon Leuer = 63
    Samardo Samuels = 63
    Trey Thompkins = 63
    Darko Milicic = 64
    Lou Amundson = 65
    Charlie Villanueva = 69
    Brandon Wright = 69
    Jordan Hill = 70
    Jajuan Johnson = 70
    Ian Mahinmi = 71
    Jermaine O’neal = 71
    Anthony Randolph = 71
    Tyler Hansborough = 71
    Andray Blatche = 73

    • I love Jermaine O’Neal at 71. Andray Blatche at 73. If Bargnani ever actually rebounds in traffic and dunks like he did in the sim, I think the team will be a-ok.

  2. What do you think Val’s ranking should be?

    • I don’t play the game, but a decent bit higher than Acy, to be sure. 68? With better potential.

  3. I totally predict a rout of the Raptors. Not because the Raptors can’t take the Nets, but because the league will want the Nets to win, and the Raptors just can’t overcome the Nets plus the refs.

    Just look what happened last game. If we get the same biased bunch o’bitches, it will be another 8 vs 5 game and we will lose again.

    Sorry. Just sad but true.

  4. don’t forget – the barclay’s is going to be insaaaane. i was going to go to the game when the nets were still opening their season against the knicks, but now that this is the first match-up, even nosebleeds are going for $150

  5. Jeez, weirdo season going on in the NBA, lakers are 0 and 3 celtics 0 and 2 and we almost beat the pacers! Hopefully more breaks come for the raps

  6. We should have beat the Pacers! It was taken from us.

    Couldn’t let the Raptors win the opening tip off, so blow that dead and re-do it. Raps start running away with the game? Well, we’ll be so biased that people will make youtube vids of our shameful reffing performance, but we’ll damn well give this game to the pacers. :( At least that is how I saw the opener. I’m hoping Stern saw it that way too and does what he does to even the score – fat chance right? Naw, we’ll see another repeat performance just so another NY team can give the suffering populace something to cheer about. Much the same way Miami threw the game last night (intentional or by the hands of the refs – I know not as I didn’t watch it – but it will be the only game Miami loses to the Knicks this season).

  7. @goutham12 yes you will find Nba 2k13 Mod everywhere but lot of dls are fake, I donwloaded it from and it’s working as It should.

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