The talented and wickedly funny TurboZone just posted this to his Twitter account. I just… I just can’t. Click here for the full-sized image.

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  1. This is how I felt when we drafted TRoss instead of Drummond

  2. Yeah, but what about work ethic? Flawed analysis, IMO.

    Poor DeMar. It’s up to him to try and make his GM look semi-competent. You would probably have to pay me around $10M/year to want that job.

  3. Found this on youtube.
    Demar doing what he does “best” at Canada’s Wonderland 3 point shot!
    Trust me you will be more “excited” about the “awesome” contract after watching this gem.

  4. The best part is the kid’s comments who is filming it. Even a young kid saw what Brian Colangelo was too blind to see. It’s not even NBA three point range.

    • stop it … the basketballs and the rim are rigged, he aint even trying his pants were sagging to his knees he aint jumping he’s simply jus dashing it up lol jus simmer down wit the hate, u try doin that 3 pt thing at Canada’s Wonderland in shorts and a jersey you prob wouldn’t even hit 1 get outta here

  5. This picture and post is stupid. Give the kid a break. He’s young and has been on a terrible team. Just cuz you guys aren’t pulling in $10 mil, don’t hate. We could have Kris Humphries instead.

    • I’d rather have Kris…guy is a monster

      • Is this a joke? The same ‘beast’ that helped the Nets to one of the worst records in the NBA the last few years??

        FYI (from last night’s game):

        DeRozan- 25 pts on 8-13
        Humphries- 5 pts on 1-5

        Don’t get me wrong, DeMar definitely deserves criticism. He needs to pick it up his defense and become a bit more consistent on offence..but there’s another player right now that deserves way more criticism and that’s bargnani. He’s completely gone back to his old self so far this season.

        Not to mention that DeMar wasn’t the one that drafted his own contract. So like I said, don’t hate and give the kid a chance.


    Lowest WARP value of the top 30 picks=worst contract value

  7. Uuuuggghhhhh… I have to admit that there is an element of truth in the graphic.

    I was bloody well against signing DD at any price. I really wanted the market to decide what he was worth, and then let BC decide to match or not. I don’t see DD ever being worth this contract.

    That said, what the hell do I know. I wanted to trade DD for Tyreke Evans, and people laughed. I wanted to trade JV for Cousins, and people laughed.

    After watching the Kings play tonight, I’m pretty sure the Kings would jump at both trades right now. Even with DD’s extra high contract.

    Right now, I probably wouldn’t do either of those trades. A couple of head cases for a decent, but over paid piece and a center with a ton of potential. I’d rather keep our players. But I’d still like to see DD moved at some point. Possibly even for Evans++. It would depend on what Evans gets in his next contract. I just see Evans as a better fit here. Well, on second thought, his D is a better fit, but we already have a better Evans in Lowry, so I’d pass on that as well.

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